The Street

The Street

A trendy and popular bar with friendly staff

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A trendy and popular mixed bar with friendly staff. By day the glass front makes it an ideal place to relax with a coffee and people watch, whilst at night it attracts a livelier crowd with a buzzing atmosphere.

The Street is a venue over two floors, for eating, drinking and dancing with outdoor heated smoking areas on both levels. We are open until 1am daily. Full menu is served until 9pm and snacks are available until midnight Sunday to Thursday. We serve a premium selection of beers, wines and spirits, plus an extensive cocktail list with special offers on all day every day!



The Street
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22:19 06 Apr 24
Had problems with the doorman two nights in a row. He gave my friend a hard time last night and said he looked like trouble, but let him in, and then again tonight with another friend ( but didn't let him in) We're a group of well dressed men in our 40's out for a drink, and that p**** has given us a hard time 2 nights in a row. We're visiting Edinburgh for thr first time. And this was a an awful experience
Todd Bird
21:53 06 Apr 24
What a horrible place. The “bouncer” decided one member of our group couldn’t enter…. Wouldn’t give a reason. Just said no, he can’t come in. He was “of age” , well dressed , not impaired in any way. We honestly thought he was kidding… but nope… just refused entry for no reason. Felt very targeted …. So much for welcoming , safe spaces.
Eddie McGlone
09:54 23 Feb 24
First time in the street, friendly atmosphere and clientele, great drinks and very friendly staff especially Andromeda who served us great banter and made us feel extremely welcome, looking forward to going back.
Prof. Cunningham DSc
00:08 15 Feb 24
You can chat to anyone here. Nice vibe, chilled, lovely staff and friendly clientele. Everyone is welcoming. Love the art works on the walls.
Jeferson Kozenieski Couto
19:54 11 Jan 24
It’s an interesting bar for you to come with friends and talk to. Maybe even a date is good here. Ambient music is very interesting. The beers are a little expensive, but there are a lot of drinks. There are several different environments for you to enjoy your moment.
cheryl conway
08:57 11 Jan 24
Very hospitable. We turned up on quiz night. Funny games and great people. What started as a quick drink ended after midnight
Mr F
21:51 08 Jan 24
Had an excellent couple of nights here over the New Year weekend. Bar staff were welcoming, particularly Kerry, whose customer service brought us back for the second time. Busy venue, good music and such a friendly atmosphere. Full of a wide range of non-judgemental clientele who clearly enjoyed dancing the night away.Drink prices were cheap compared to venues we are used to. Definitely recommend this space to visitors of Edinburgh. Thanks for a great weekend!
Paul Fitzpatrick-Lowrie
07:07 20 Dec 23
This place used to have such a great vibe. Hadn't been for quite a while. Not much has changed, except the prices. I couldn't believe the cost of drinks now, and that money isn't being put back into the bar, which doesn't appear to have been updated in the past 15 years
Niamh Mc Mahon
00:36 18 Dec 23
This place is amazing had the best bar staff Felix and Wren you guys were beyond helpful to an irish girl just landing on her own to a city I've never been to before you guys gave me the best tourist advice aswell as the best drinks and I cannot thank you enough I've been to all the gay bars in the city and this is beyond the best did not feel welcome in any other bar than the street they make you feel so welcome and not like an outsider thank you so much for the best night.!!!!!!
Rose Henderson
23:50 17 Dec 23
Do not go here. A Sunday night after 1 drink elsewhere and 4 girls weren’t let in. My girlfriend and I were told we wouldn’t be sold a drink, very rudely. I asked why and I was escalated to the manager. The manager said it was due to us being too drunk. As I said, we had one drink previous to heading to The Street. I find this very unacceptable as I questioned the manager, who could not give us a valid reason for why, we could not enter the venue. Unbelievably bad service and hospitality. AVOID, happened 20 minutely previous to writing this post. In disbelief at the rude behaviour from staff.
00:01 26 Nov 23
Amazing Place. Excellent service. Will definitely be back. Absolutely loved the toilets and the fact they all have toilet paper!!! Definite plus!
Betty Hotpot
01:04 22 Oct 23
Not great. Bar maid had serious attitude problem. She refused to serve a couple and when they asked why she told them she wasn't going to tell them why. They were older so I guess they didn't fit into her idea of the clientele she wanted in her establishment. We finished our drinks and left.
First Last
20:28 11 Oct 23
You can chat to anyone here. Nice vibe, chilled, masculine clientele. Everyone is welcoming.
Christopher B.
10:31 07 Aug 23
Don't bother unless you want to be discriminated again particularly if you are gay and/or straight.
בת-חן גנד אלימלך
20:39 01 Aug 23
Good drinks, nice people and place. we had good time
James Gilmour
20:00 02 Jul 23
Visited Saturday 1st July 23. Pleasant bar staff and good vibe and music. Reasonably priced too. Would recommend 🍸🏳️‍🌈
Samuel Bonett
18:29 09 Jun 23
Thank you so much to the team at the street. You have made these two gay aussies feel so great in an Edinburgh. Your hospitality and charm is the best. May you continue to be fruitful
calum robertson
16:10 05 May 23
Went in with my fiancé for a quick drink before a dinner reservation nearby, elderly bartender (male with glasses and grey hair) checked our id’s (fair enough we are 21) after bending my fiancés new passport and after looking at my drivers license and stating I was “just old enough” despite being 21 years of age, he then proceeded to fondle strangely my fiancés straw in her drink to the extent we had to get a new drink and then poured a very poor pint. Would not recommend to anyone visiting the city.
Graeme Steel
20:15 01 May 23
Such a cool bar. Had many a great afternoon & evening there. This is one with my cousin & Trendy Wendy. She’s a great host & DJ.Dancing highly recommended.
davie herd
09:51 01 May 23
AVOID!!Was allowed in wearing a white dress and was in for 20 minutes, one bouncer allowed me in whilst another female bouncer asked me specially to leave because I was in a group with a hen party. I would understand if we caused a riot or wearing in appropriate wear, but I was in white whilst 5 others in black. To single me out and put me out whilst I was allowed in to begin with was very rude. Putting a single girl out on her own isn’t very wise and you would think another woman would understand this. I was standing with a drink not doing anything, female bouncer is on a power trip and needs to come down off her high horse. Will encourage everyone to avoid. Wish I read the reviews does seem to be a regular club. DO NOT GO!
Peter Davey
22:29 25 Mar 23
Great bartenders but the most pretentious, unfriendly clientele I have experienced in a long time. People in tweed suits and designer jackets looked us up and down the moment we walked in over their semi-lunar glasses. Really uncomfortable and unpleasant. Downstairs is a bit more fun.
Angel Zamudio
23:45 06 Feb 23
Colin and Theo are absolutely fantastic whether it’s busy or not they’ll make you feel like you’re at home. Great drinks at great prices!!! Honestly for all my gays this is a slay 🫡
Pop Culture People
20:55 12 Jan 23
Beware! At a certain time of night The Street is run like an exclusive club for regulars and friends of the bar only. Unknown faces can be abruptly asked to leave when it gets busy. The female bouncer in particular has a disturbing code of conduct and is known to single out "new faces". I've seen this mentioned in a few other reviews here and felt I had to share my own experience as well.
Emily D.
17:20 08 Oct 22
Homophobic and transphobic. 0 stars. In the gay district, told people in drag that they could not enter at 1am on Saturday night 10/9/2022. Other people...
07:05 24 Sep 22
Friendly bartenders, full bar capabilities, good location.
Melissa Loughran
21:14 24 Aug 22
Super friendly, great drinks, dogs welcome. We had a blast - thank you! 🥰
Bex Hamill
16:47 12 Aug 22
Used to love this place but was recently refused entry because half my group didn't look 'gay enough' we were out with a few straight friends....are we supposed to ditch them?! So much for being inclusive!
Claire Coyle
20:42 08 Aug 22
I’ve frequented this bar over many years, music was always great and always had a great night l, but I witnessed a female bouncer on Saturday evening use awful language to a group of girls wanting to get into the bar. This female bouncer with glasses was a power trip and called the girls stupid then proceeded to mock and make fun of them. For this reason I will not be going back as I was disgusted with this behaviour. This person needs to sacked ASAP before she ruins The Street. No need for this behaviour at all… management get it sorted
13:02 31 Jul 22
This was a decent bar at one point. Not anymore. After a certain time they start to openly discriminate, if your face does not fit they stop serving you for any obscure reason they can come up with. This has sadly become a place to avoid if you don’t fit their profiling policy you will be treated in a negative manner. This is what they want Edinburgh to be a lovely safe shortbread tin for tourists to spend their money.
Ada Olesin
22:56 22 Jul 22
The securyty lady is very harrasment for pepole not form UK and they are kinda racist, not Ukraine friendly, pro Russia. Be carefull with that place. There are many other better place. Especialy be carefull if you are from Ukraine 😐 #staywithUkraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 #proudtobefromUkraine 💪
Rebecca Stewart
00:40 03 Jul 22
Been to The Street so many times, including multiple Hogmanays with my partner. After heading to the Street and realising it was closed, decided to head to the nightclub round the corner (not realising this was an extension of the bar) was asked by the doorman ‘do you even know what this is’ my reply was ‘what do you mean’ to which I received ‘no thank you’What answer do you actually expect from that question? Literally what does it mean?? I do understand the safeguarding but genuinely what do you expect peoples answers to be to that question? Absolutely ridiculous. Bouncer is a Grade A helmet.
Janet Raith
07:56 29 May 22
Brilliant place for a much needed boogie. Wendy is the best 🙌🙌 always have an absolute ball here dancing my socks off to some awesome sounds, so well mixed. Percussion lady also great fun 😄 Everyone really friendly/great vibe & staff are 👌 what’s not to like? Get urself down there!! 💃 🕺 🥰😁
Shay Press
01:57 08 May 22
Awful bar service and very pretentious and prejudice atmosphere . Will avoid at all costs . Definitely not a gay friendly environment. Shameful establishment
Tom Davey
00:37 08 May 22
DJ Wendy House is amazing, but when they replaced her with the useless ginger / blonde DJ on Saturday night on 7th May 2022, the place became an absolute dive.Stick to the best, and not the rubbish useless folk that don’t know what they’re doing.
Andrew Dempsey
16:48 29 Mar 22
Great place. Met some really lovely men and which have become long term lovers.
Pauline Keane
21:00 22 Feb 22
Great staff and a friendly, open atmosphere!
12:35 01 Dec 21
Friendly staff, reasonably priced and nice location.
Patrick Davis
05:51 10 Sep 21
Asked for a Long Island Iced Tea and got something that just wasn’t it. If the staff are unsure how to make a cocktail just be honest and say. For some reason they put orange juice in it and the drink just looked like muddy water :-(On top of that, they then had someone cleaning the fish tank on the bar… really… could that not be done when the venue is closed?
An ne
09:05 28 Jul 21
Unfriendliest place in Edinburgh although preaching equality... Staff are miserable and customer service non existent.
Carly Bell
10:03 27 Jul 21
Always a nice place to go for a drink; the staff are brilliant, and their evening entertainment is great fun, especially Glamoor Kweer Kabaret; the drag show that ran before COVID-19 arrived.
Ryan McIntosh
11:21 04 Jul 21
Fab staff, great atmosphere.
Vicky Glynn
19:48 28 Jun 21
Had drinks here on Saturday- really great! Staff were amazing and cocktail everything you could want!! Had lots of fun!
Anna S
09:03 22 Jun 21
Loved the atmosphere in this place. The downstairs area looks marvellous.The drinks were delicious and all came at a very good price. The staff were chatty and kind. I had a great time.
chloe partington
20:51 10 Jun 21
Wonderful place, had a server called Jay who is an absolute credit to the place. Lovely, polite and never let my drink go empty - whatever they're paid it's not enough. 100% would go again.
Allen Shaw
12:02 29 May 21
Went in yesterday lunchtime for a drink and talked to lady manageress who was lovely. Waiter with dark hair and glasses took our details and said he would reserve a table for 8 pm downstairs. We arrived back on time and the young waiter said he had no booking for us . We had given our seats up in another bar and had to line up again to get back in. Very poor service. Drinks expensive.Will not go back.
Anna Asher
09:04 05 May 21
Great gay/LGBTQ friendly bar, with a dance space downstairs. The drinks are also great value - this might have changed but last time I was there they did a wicked £4 long island ice tea. Highly reccomended all round
Kirsty Bourhill
09:02 27 Sep 20
The street have nailed it! Felt very safe in the bar. The staff were so attentive. Still a fun and friendly atmosphere. The staff member Brooke even gave us some gorgeous sun flowers to make us smile when we left. Will definitely be back.
Ali R
19:12 28 Jun 18
Great, friendly service. Little burger menu and some continue till midnight bites. Good chilled music. Had an unusual crab and lobster Burger. Good price for the area it is in. Drinks my be expensive but there is higher around. Nice atmosphere and lovely little place.
Clare M.
15:13 22 Jun 15
Spontaneous visit to my favourite spot of the pink triangle tonight and surprisingly busy for a Monday. Some revellers still partying from pride weekend...
Becky C.
11:43 01 Apr 13
I popped in here for a pre diner drink. It's somewhere I used to end up a lot for after work drinks, but thats going back a few years.The atmosphere and...
Russell L.
17:48 27 Jun 11
The is a well run pub, right on the corner, right at the beginning of Leith Walk/Street. It gets the people who go to George Street and the People who go to...
Gibson A.
12:23 22 Jun 10
Apparantly this is a gay bar?! I've been here twice prior to GHQ and it just seemed a normal, friendly bar. The unique think about The Street is that it's...
Laura N.
16:40 06 May 10
Whiskey and ginger beer were on my mind from the second I hopped on the train to Edinburgh. When I arrived 5 hours later, I was in dire need. (Ginger Beer...

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