The Trash Bar

The Trash Bar

Gay cruise and fetish club

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In the heart of Marseille, The Trash Bar is like the cool, daring friend who knows how to throw a party. Known for its vibrant vibe and open arms to the gay community, this spot at 28 rue du Berceau is where you can let your hair down and be yourself without judgement. They're open almost every night except for Tuesdays and Thursday, so whether you're an early bird or a night owl, you'll find your spot here.

What sets The Trash Bar apart are the themed nights and the monthly Naked Party that have folks talking. It's all about fun, freedom, and maybe a bit of mischief, with guest DJs spinning tracks that keep the energy high. The crowd? It's a mix of every type of person you can think of, all looking to have a good time.

Now, it's true that not every night hits the mark for everyone. Some people rave about the hot and cool scene, while others mention it might hit your wallet harder than expected, or that the vibe can vary. But hey, that's nightlife for you - always a bit of a gamble but definitely worth checking out for yourself.

Bottom line, The Trash Bar in Marseille is more than just a bar. It's a statement. A place where you can party with freedom, meet a diverse crowd, and enjoy a slice of Marseille's lively LGBTQ+ scene. If you're in town and looking for a night to remember, this spot might just be your next stop.



The Trash Bar
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Franck Folly - de Lapomarède
06:55 06 Jun 24
Warm welcome from all the Staffs and a special wink 😜 to the Owner. Really cool 👍🏾Don’t miss out if you’re making a stop in Marseille 🤪💦🐷👍🏾
Buttcrack wiper
13:47 18 Mar 24
The trash bar? More like a literal landfill. My first impression was that this bar was a nice little club where you could get a drink and hit the dance floor, but I was wrong, the entire place was flooded with garbage from wall to floor that I couldn’t even see my legs, to make things worse, there were also black cats walking around and peeing on all of the walls like some kind of animals. The toilets of this place aren’t even any better because people were literally doing 💊💉🍃 in the bathrooms (I had to use emojis because I don’t wanna get terminated) and there’s no staff present to handle any chaos in this place, I also got attacked by a cat because I said that the place sucks, then a black and red fish came in and shoved some weird mixture down my throat, I screamed and left by flushing myself down the toilet. The only good thing here is the music but everything else sucks
Oliviya Bohuslava Zirka
10:48 12 Feb 24
This place said that this was a gay bar but they do not allow lesbians into this bar, so me and my wife had to pretend to be boys to be let into the bar, the bar was flooded with garbage from floor to wall, the place also smelled like cat urine, which turned my wife off, we decided to have a light snack which luckily tasted nice, we went to the toilet to do the deed which felt really good, I guess pretending to be a boy is amazing because that felt real good
Daniel Tiger
13:25 27 Sep 23
This bar is an atrocity, i have been there with my girlfriend back in 2021 and we both have been hate crimed by same sex couples for being the only straight couple, we were thrown out of this nightclub at least 7 times, the place is absolutely filthy with unclean toilets and trash everywhere, the place also smells like cat urine, which shows they allow pets inside, the people in this nightclub bang umbrellas as if they don’t even have anything better to do, avoid this nightclub at all cost
Croydon Mouse
09:23 30 Jul 23
This place is not only covered in rubbish (hence the name), but also has cat pee all over it.The other customers were also banging umbrellas here, like they have nothing better to do.
Nick Damon
09:57 18 Mar 22
To all the people traveling to France, please Stop Complaining about Bars and Cubs being Closed and or Slow before 10pm. People in France don't even eat dinner before 8PM let alone go to bars at that time. People don't start heading to the clubs or bars before 10pm.
Christopher Tyler
00:06 05 Jul 20
It was empty when I visited... Maybe 6 people.. it is only a few weeks after reopening after corona though... Maybe normally it's better

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