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The Web is a celebrated destination within Amsterdam's gay community, renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and distinctive leather and jeans theme, inspired by the iconic Tom of Finland. This bar, a staple on the gay scene, draws a diverse crowd, from seasoned locals to curious tourists, all looking to enjoy a blend of relaxation and nightlife excitement.

The Web offers more than just a social space; it's an experience. With regular events including the quirky Cumedy Night featuring queer comedians, to the energized Slut Faming parties that celebrate all genders and fetishes, the venue ensures there's something for everyone. Special mentions must go to its festive Koningsdag celebrations and the enticing DJ marathons that promise nights filled with music and dancing.

Functioning as a cruise and fetish club, The Web is designed to cater to various interests within the community. It houses a play area complete with a dark room and private cabins, creating a safe space for expression and exploration. Adding to its charm, the club often provides snacks and organizes themed nights, which have successfully cultivated a loyal following.



The Web
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James Mims
16:07 03 Jan 24
I had a great time at The Web. The bartender was very nice. The crowd is a bit older but very friendly. The beer selection was great (both draft and bottle). I will definitely be back the next time that I'm in Amsterdam.
Matthew Rodwick
08:12 02 Nov 23
Was here 30 years, has changed a lot. Social media had ruined what is was, if your 50 and over you'll understand my post. Kevin the bartender was great!
Stalen Been
17:13 28 Oct 23
Up to date venue. Mixed crowd. I'm so glad that it isn't a cruise bar anymore. Very relaxed and hetero friendly.
Isa S.
23:28 20 Oct 23
Decent place, enjoyed my stay here. Wish the crowd was a bit more diverse though as someone who's in their 20s and female presenting definitely feels a little out of place. Would love to meet more people my age and/or gender!I like that the bar is not too overstimulating though, it's a nice place to just sit with friends or strike up conversation.Maybe if I visit more often, a more diverse crowd will form? Obviously if no one takes the first step to hang around, the middle aged male crowd will persist. I wonder at times if I'm simply not the crowd The Web is there to serve though, if this is the case feel free to let me know and I'll find a new bar 🙂
Alavini “Juicy Contour” Lata
19:18 12 Sep 23
Julian and Ted are a hoot and amazing. Ted doesn't work here anymore but was the side kick we all needed.Great music and atmosphere. Variety of customers if all ages and backgrounds.
Scott S.
16:45 21 Sep 19
Hot crowd and scene. Sleazy and fun. Great environment for enjoying the men and the atmosphere.
Kevin D.
06:17 15 Apr 17
If you don't look like the other men in the bar, be prepared to get strange looks. I didn't feel very welcomed there nor did my partner. We downed our...
Tony C.
07:42 25 Aug 16
I visited the Web while I was on vacation last week and the bartender was extremely rude to me. I was waiting for a friend and the bartender said if I...

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