Tigerheat Every Thursday @ Avalon Hollywood

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Thursday nights in Hollywood

Largest, weekly GLBT event on the West Coast!

1000+ attending every week

The biggest worldwide hits spun by award-winning DJ Ray Rhodes

Watch your favorite music videos on multiple screens

Super-sexy GoGo dancers



Based on 45 reviews
Tumblinbli G
05:11 16 Jan 24
Not bad for it to be 18+ after the first 2 shoots you gonna love it! Lol
Stephen Valentino
05:54 13 Nov 23
This is an 18 and over Club and it has good music and fun people
Sebastian LaCause
18:08 21 Sep 22
TigerHeat works really well at its new location at Stache in West Hollywood. Such an amazing space!
Ryan Floyd
17:10 21 Sep 22
Super fun party! This party has been going for over 20 years and I love the new location at Stache West Hollywood!
Dennis Shinpaugh
06:10 09 Sep 22
Literally closed on the Thursday my friend and I travel out from San Diego here.. what the actual f***! Y'all are messy
Jotham Nicolas
07:58 26 Aug 22
Tiger is not the same as it is to be at the other club Avalon. I dont think I'm coming back it wasn't fun at all. Plus they keep changing locations.
Giuliano K
10:03 05 Aug 22
I went there once and never again. Went there with my friends thinking it would be fun, but it turned out to be the opposite. The club was big, but there were almost no people. And when I felt that even the missing crowd it could be fun, after meeting DJ Ray R, it turned out to be the worst night of my life. He was so rude and disrespectful to my friends and me, saying that he’s the owner and he can do whatever he wants and kick out whoever he doesn’t like. Definitely negative energy at that place, with an employee like that.
Dave LA
18:02 03 May 22
Great music. Hot guys! Incredible drinks! Brand new venue.
Ignaz S.
21:06 10 Apr 22
Pretty boring club. Nothing what TigerHeat used to be at Arena or Club Avalon. Music is terrible. Dua Lipa night with hardly any Dua Lipa playing. Even DJ Ray Rhodes isn't what he used be. Gone are the days of great remixes and remixers so it isn't his fault, but all he plays is the run-of-the-mill Hip Hop. Where's the dance music, Ray, as what you used to play on KBig 104? I can say I went to this club but nothing to write home about, or I simply just aged out or I have seen it all.
David Arias
23:22 08 Mar 22
My most recent visit to the 18+ TigerHeat was for the Thursday, March 3, 2022 Grand Re-Opening party at their new home, The Vermont Hollywood. The venue recently opened with one of the best sound systems I've heard in Los Angeles. The light show was great and music videos were projected on huge screens. That nights performances included Rock M. Sakura from RuPaul's Drag Race and the recording artist NOVUL. There was also an assortment of sexy GO-GO Boys. The bar staff and security were polite and courteous. There was a large smoking patio in the front with reasonably priced snacks, unfortunately it was difficult to find and I didn't know it existed until late in the evening. The club is cashless, so you need to bring a debit/credit card. The only drawback of the night, even though the dance floor was MASSIVE, was it was crowded, I went to the little less crowded balcony to dance. Hopefully TigerHeat will remain at this location for years to come!
David Arias
07:29 23 Feb 22
Moving to a brand new venue with an incredible state of the art sound system, light show and new STAFF! The Vermont Hollywood.
David Arias
10:30 19 Feb 22
Moving to a brand new venue with an incredible state of the art sound system and light show. The Vermont Hollywood.
Dave LA
07:29 24 Dec 21
Great music. Hot guys!
Dave LA
07:23 26 Nov 21
Great music. Hot guys!
John Jongsma
00:13 06 Jul 21
they overcharge you while you are vulnerable. mean drag queen in the front who is rude and colorist
Martha Taylor
12:03 07 Nov 20
Excellent combination of plant based dining in an upscale environment. Dishes are seasonal, warm and delicious. Options for all taste preferences. Highly recommend.
Rebecca Briggs
21:42 05 Nov 20
I have pretty high standards for pure veg and I loved all of our dishes! Cocktails were yum, too. Definitely coming back!!
Mann Winfred
03:06 06 Oct 20
It's back for your dine-in needs. They've changed the layout of tables to ensure social distancing. Those in their tables can just use a buzzer to call the staff. Food is still good.
Bryan Watts
15:42 01 Oct 20
Good wursts and large portions! Eating the appetizer was more than enough food. The sampler platter had three different wursts and a hefty pretzel on the side. We were full by the time our entrees came by but continued eating because they were all very tasty. Try the boar if you can!
Jack Carpenter
04:22 25 Sep 20
My friend and I love to eat, so naturally we would have an outing here. In an effort to squeeze me into her busy schedule, my friend invited me to pig out on dumplings with her in her neighborhood, so to speak. True friendship is going out of your way to eat together and catch up. I'm happy to maintain such friendships.
Angelo Little
09:05 15 Aug 20
Originally from Tucson, Arizona! I soon realized after moving, I had taken to food and culture for granted.Salsa & Beer, met the "home feel" expectations!
Rex Drake
07:37 19 Feb 20
Friendly bartenders, inexpensive drinks, cool dive bar decor and a photo booth.. enough said. Definitely a locals scene, and you can hear yourself talk bc it isn't crazy loud.
Amy Silva
20:02 14 Feb 20
The staff here is terrible. I needed assistance with a lost item and I asked an employee for her help and where she could direct me to a security guard. (I wish I had gotten all their names for a thorough review, but you cannot plan for the unexpected sadly).The entire time of me seeking help, I and another club visitor who I personally had no connection with, were blatantly being completely ignored and had multiple swatting hand gestures thrown at very close proximity to our face (mostly mine). It was extremely rude and definitely made me question the SAFETY of the club. How am I supposed to feel safe in an establishment who treats me like a nuisance when I ask to be pointed to a security guard, luckily my matter only involved a lost item (my phone), material things are replaceable, this is not the point.I was very scared in that moment because I am a female who was alone in an unfamiliar city and establishment with no form of communication to anyone I knew or came with. I understand how terrible their job must be and how miserable they are everyday coming into to deal with intoxicated people. I was not intoxicated, I am under the drinking age, I was very polite and I was seeking help. I drove very far to have a good experience at this club, as do many other people, so naturally I expected a higher level PROFESSIONALISM from an establishment like this, very disappointing. Many accidents and tragedies can happen in a club filled with people who are visibly and openly ingesting drugs and partaking in underage drinking. I am not upset that this happened to me, I am upset because it could have happened to someone in a worst situation than me who really needed help or aid. If the employees and staff aren't taking their job seriously in such a hectic environment it could be potentially become dangerous for club go-ers.Please Tigerheat reconsider your employees and their ethical values because in any other situation that behavior is unacceptable. Hire better employees who truly care about protecting and following the established values and safety precautions your establishment should already have, which I believe they do.They also do not pat down anyone coming in so if you care about your safety, this establishment might not be the best choice and reconsider clubs. After this I went to the front to file a complain on the employee with whom I had the bizzare interaction with. The people in the front did not take me seriously at all and kept looping me around to talk to different people to file the complain, because no one wanted to listen to me. I understand they deal with terrible annoying people all day, but some people like me are not trying to make your shifts any harder, or seem any longer than they have to be. All I wanted was to be directed to a security guard. Tigerheat, I would love to be reached out to or at least given a response to this review. Because I am certainly confused on what moral compass this establishment stands on. thank you
05:42 21 Dec 19
Be careful!I've been over charged four times already. On their receipt you pay a different price but on your card balance shows different amount._____________________________________________UPDATE: Came back to this club last night 12/19/19. It's been a year since last time I came here and got over charged. So last night I didn't have any cash on me so I decided to pay with my credit card. AMAZING I got over charged twice again. I highly encourage you to pay cash if you can.
Mariah Combs
06:33 23 Jan 19
A decent place to visit. There was no dress code which is huge plus. Cover is 10 before 10pm and 20 after that. After from the main dance floor there are 3 small dance floors upstairs. Overall it was a decent experience but many not visit again.
Vince Louros
06:41 08 Jan 19
I've been going to Tigerheat longer than I can remember from venue to venue and every week is good. Some weeks are amazing!!! I have no complaints!!! Ray Rhodes and Ingenue run the best club gay on the west coast!!!
Teri Davis
08:49 27 Sep 18
A decent place to visit. There was no dress code which is huge plus. Cover is 10 before 10pm and 20 after that. After from the main dance floor there are 3 small dance floors upstairs. Overall it was a decent experience but many not visit again.
Arturo Gonzalez
08:28 03 Jun 18
Absolutely loved it, first gay club I've attended. Thank you Tigerheat and Avalon. The music was incredible, dancing with friends was amazing, and the vibe from the crowd was welcoming. Without a doubt I would recommend it to others. Definitely will be returning often.

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