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TOP is a GAY & LGBT bar & Nightclub. Not just a friendly neighborhood gay bar and lounge, but also an exciting showroom, with multiple rooms, bar, and cozy lounge area and an energetic dance floor!

Centrally located in Riga, located on a quiet street, steps away from great restaurants and public transportation cells, in the revitalized Riga Central District.

6 nights a week TOP offers some of the areas best entertainment and nightclub events. Whether you're looking for local DJs or best Drag Queens, DJs, or an amazing karaoke event; TOP has it all.



TOP Club Riga
Based on 176 reviews
01:21 25 Feb 24
We had a blast tonight,worth the visit, we enjoyed the last night of our stay in Riga.Thank you Zlata, you’re such an angel. And also to the bartender, forgot to ask his name, tattooed guy in the front bar, Theo(drag queen) amazing performance gorgeous. Drinks price, average price.Kudos to all staff.
Kolina Kartere
21:59 12 Jan 24
Amazing long island ice tea and perfect service, amazing atmosphere, best club ever 🥳❤️🥰
11:51 11 Jan 24
I got scammed in this place. Be careful! It's a ghost club (zero people inside) Go instead to another (much better, authentic and local place called Skapis in the Tallinas kvartals area)I went to Top Club Riga this past weekend at 1am (Saturday/ Sunday). I was made to pay 8 euros at the entrance. Much to my surprise, there was only club staff at the bar and maybe 2-3more people so I left after 3 minutes. There was no party whatsoever. I think it was just so unfair and greedy to charge me 8 euros for no event at all! I complained about it to the bartender and later sent them a message on Facebook but they see no problem at all. So be careful, go there either before 11 pm when the entrance is FREE or ask the bouncer to check the club first to see if there's any party going on because they will not give you a refund later.
Deniels Mihno
23:58 08 Jan 24
I was celebrating New Year at the Top Club with my friend and our grandmothers. We really enjoyed the evening. The show programme impressed us, there were like 7 or 8 artists, so show were happening every 40 minutes from 23:00 till the very morning. Definitely going there one more time, loved the place, the vibes and the friendly people there.
Krystsina Shpileuskaya
22:18 28 Dec 23
Amazing atmosphere, super friendly service, awesome DJ & music! LGBTQ+ friendly. Loved this place ❤️2 floors, one bar, shows Fridays and Saturdays.
Arnita Stirna
20:15 03 Dec 23
I was here at sunday, pretty quiet, but amazing atmosphere, love the decorations, music is amazing, bartender is amazing, friendly and kind. 100% recommend to come here at least once in life. It is worth it! Prices are pretty low and drinks are good! Much love from me to this place and bartender that knows how to raise mood
Sabīne Š.
03:52 26 Nov 23
Very cozy and welcome place. Music is very good. Also, need to mention bartender Artis - super nice guy, makes best cocktails. Overall - place that must be visited if you want to have a good time!
Zlata Danker
17:45 13 Nov 23
This club have amazing atmosphere. I met a lot new friends there. It's a safe place, staff doing their job quickly and greatly 👍
Kev 54
16:35 13 Nov 23
I went with my friends, I found the music good, the cocktails were not bad and the price was average. I really liked the vibes and the environment. definitely r eccome the going
Aleksandr Prokofjev
19:33 12 Nov 23
I felt very unsafe in this place. When I came, there was a drunk and as it would seem drugged girl by the name Eva, who bothered every guest that she could. I was a victim as well, she grabbed my hand and started talking nonsense about Adam, Even and that the God is on her side. The barmen and security did not react at all until she was in my face. In the end, nobody kicked her out, so we decided to leave. I hope in the future the staff will be more responsible and cooperative.
Steven Juniper
16:13 15 Sep 23
Good gay bar in a city with not many gay options. Next door to Bunker which was fun to visit after finished at Top Club. Not too busy for a Friday night but enough people to have a good evening.
Austris Eglītis (Ostris)
02:32 03 Sep 23
Good atmosphere in my opinion, chill place, has places where to sit or dance. Was not a lot of dancers there at time that I was there. Would recommend!
Pedro de Almeida
16:38 05 Aug 23
Before 11pm free entrance, it was quite empty. We had beer for 5,5 euro 500 ml, played UNO and noticed that everyone was gone. But then we noticed that there is the real club in the back. Small, nice people, we hat nice performances. So really relaxed and nice. It was a Friday evening so not too busy.
Asta Karaleviciute
23:10 14 Jul 23
The thing that we liked the most was a bartender, a blond guy, he said his name is Robert... He really is polite, professional, and is example for other bantenders.
Feel Mcode
19:44 03 Jul 23
Well, maybe it is a good gay club to chi at for grown adults and middle aged men, but if you're a young adult or a teen looking for a place with good music and nice vibes of your own people, this isn't it.They do face control, but it isn't that bad. The bad part is, there were not any young people, there were just 50+ aged men that were looking for some fun and it just didn't feel comfortable there.
08:16 03 Jul 23
Everything that a queer place should be, very good drag performances and performers. People understand where they are, has a sense of community and interior just makes sense. Toppp
Ezio Accaputo
23:12 10 Jun 23
LGBT club, probably the nicest in Riga although I am not an expert for sure!But sometimes I like diversity and colours and that's a good place.
Marcin Twardysko (Red. Kulturalne Media)
20:47 03 May 23
Standard prices, friendly people, super nice service, great interior design. Worth a visit!
04:08 02 May 23
Me and my friends had a fun last weekend. Saturdays drag show was "top-noch" Very affordable bar prices compare to other venues...Music was kinda poppy but next door is a Bunker where you can hear more kinda Techno stuff and catch some more intimate atmosphere.
Feng Gao
00:08 11 Feb 23
I had such an amazing time in this club! Loved the music, the dancing floor was truly a dream… very spacious space with different rooms, music genres! The decorations are so cool, and I loved the magazines there before the dance floor opened.Oh what I forgot! Rupaul’s drag race was played in the background tv. Really loved my experience there.
Kabirov Islyam
22:51 02 Dec 22
They are using PHYSICAL POWER to take off the jackets and not heating the space at all…Winter in Riga is not warm, and in this cold in winter they didn’t have any heaters so my friend was in t shirt and his winter jacket. When we entered I took of the jacket but my friend no beca he was feeling cold after the security man Vasya asked him to take it off but we told no because its cold. After that he used force and pushed my friend very strongly to the out door. I talked to administrator of the club he explained that he will talk with him and that these are the rules. I understand that rules but then they should heat the space and not to use PHYSICAL POWER towards a small boy which just didn’t want to take off the jacket.
Anton Sova
20:56 21 Oct 22
A cozy place to occasionally have a cocktail and chat with friends. Not always crowded, but sometimes karaoke makes it difficult to spend an evening calmly.
Jonny Dufvenberg
22:05 10 Sep 22
Pay 8euro for entry when they say free entry? Liar? Ok, but I not come here more.
Olivier Bellili
18:25 17 Aug 22
Very nice place to have a drink in Riga. Very tasty “special gin lavender cocktail”.
Seb (Seb)
07:46 26 Jul 22
Disappointing experience as not much to show for how much money was spent on the night. 23 euro charge just for entry and then 3 beers for 20 euro which was super expensive relatively for Riga. The drinks menu was ludicrous as the cheapest drink you could buy was around 20-25 euro, and the girls wanted you to buy them a drink also. Would not recommend unless willing to spent an obnoxious amount of money for barely anything at all.Replying to owner; what are you talking about, free entry? It was 23 euro charge just to enter the place and then girls were trying to get you to buy them drinks on an over-inflated menu where the cheapest drink was minimum 20 euro. Your response is laughable.
Seb (Seb)
16:02 21 Jul 22
It's okay as long as you're willing to spend copious amounts of money for not much at all. Would not recommend unless willing to spend a lot as 23 euro charge to enter with not much shown for it was quite disappointing.
Seb (Seb)
08:54 21 Jul 22
It's okay as long as you're willing to spend copious amounts of money for not much at all. Would not recommend unless a millionaire.
07:29 17 Mar 22
Never recommended!Yesterday I was at this place for some drink and I gave my jacket to the cloakroom.The result: there was a hole in my jacket! Someone put a cigarette on my jacket!!Why did you do that?What was the reason?Why did I give my jacket to the cloakroom then?What kind of place are you?Literally never never never want to be there again!Answer to owner’s comment:This is definitely a lie! I stayed there about 1 hour and after leaving the place I saw that I had this hole at my jacket.
Pierre M
13:30 06 Mar 22
WE had a great night there... Bartenders are cool and the place IS nice with a lot a friendly locals ( boys 1nd girls)Pierre (Belgium)
Hayden Edwards
19:41 07 Sep 21
Local coffee barista recommended this LGBT friendly bar but I was denied entry as an American due to to not having a COVID ePassport. I provided a copy of my CDC card. The woman at the door said they were not allowing in Americans. I recommend checking out places in Old Riga. Hopefully they will change their position for those who don't have access to QR codes but are fully vaccinated...
Frank Rod
16:36 09 Jan 21
loved it nice people hot bartenders😈😈😛😛
Vlad Gusarov
23:04 30 Dec 19
Awesome place with friendly staff and good music. The space is big and stylish. Definitely recommend to check it out of you're in the area.
Nick S
20:42 05 Sep 19
It’s a small bar, the only gay one at this moment. The barman is lovely (and handsome), great music and ok prices for drinks.Was hoping to find it busier on a Thursday evening but it’s understandable.
Andrei Zavialov
13:45 17 Mar 19
The best place in the Baltics. Very welcoming and nice. People of every sexual orientation, nation, race, gender are welcome. Foreign stars make the atmosphere just fascinating. I love this place! Here you can find whatever you want: drinks have reasonable prices, music is very good, people are fine, and you can even find sex there if you want. So every person can find whatever s/he wants here.
Chamara Wijesinghe
04:41 13 Jul 18
There only a handful of option for gay night life in Riga according to my research and as I had only one night in the town I decided to stop by this club to check out the vibe with my partner and a friend. The place was not too busy when we arrived there around mid night on a Friday. But it got a bit busy slowly. The cocktails were about €10 and they were so sweet ! The entrance fee is €8. The place is not very big and has a small dance floor with a few seating booths around. The music was not the greatest to my taste but the locals seemed to have a great time and everyone was cheerful. One bar attender figured we were new to the place and was nice enough to give us an orientation of the place and introduced the spaces including the two room where “fun” is maximum (didn’t go in there so can’t comment on that) overall the place had a good vibe and if you are in the city and wanna dance and have a good time this would be a good option.
Christopher Wick
06:16 03 May 18
I visited Top Club on a Saturday night, first and foremost, because I wanted to support the local Riga gay community. The space is great. There is a front bar, a chill-out area behind the main bar, and a dance floor in the back. The coat-check was free and the staff, overall, was friendly and helpful. Saturday night was "Madonna" night and it did start getting pretty comical after "Come Join the Party" queued for the 11th time. In fairness they did play a variety of music in the back dance area. The biggest thing missing from Top Club was people. After chatting with people online in Riga and hearing them complain repeatedly about the lack of a "gay scene" in Riga, it is no wonder when they stay home on Saturday night and don't support the local bars/clubs. I hope that Top Club gets to the point where they have a line forming outside to get in (and can do away with the crazy "ring the bell" face control policy to get in...but I do understand that this isn't Los Angeles). I will definitely go back on my next trip to Riga...hopefully more Riga boys will do the same.

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