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Located in Bairro-Alto, Lisbon, Trombeta Bath has available an endless sort of experiences, relaxing your body and targeting all your senses.

A sexy environment with assorted services that will make your stay a rich and fulfilling playground. The place is hygienic, and the staff very professional. Try our massage room, play on the cabins or just chill in the jacuzzi. A resident DJ sets the mood while you drink a cocktail on our lounge. For those more adventurers discover the lascivious mystery of the Labyrinth. Locker-rooms and Steam Saunas are a must.



Trombeta Bath
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Jay Jay
01:23 29 Apr 24
As Uriel Brasil states, this place is one of the best saunas in the world next to The Boiler in Berlin. Even if it is significantly smaller, it still offers the range of things that will make customers happy. The masseurs are all very accommodating, the prices are affordable, and the location is very convenient.
Rafael Reno
06:07 28 Mar 24
Very good, clean and secure place to relax. The massage is very gentle and pleasant, I had it with Wesley, very good and attentive staff. The price is affordable and I could pay by card.
18:24 04 Mar 24
I went yesterday and the only reason I give two stars is that there were only two older men there the entire afternoon. If you like younger, perfect but for me, it was a disaster. Well not entirely, I did get to have a fantastic time in the jacuzzi with the only older man. Thanks V for a fantastic time.Please advise when best to go for maduros and not when full of pretty boys posing. No offence PBs
Marcelo Gastón
19:06 28 Feb 24
This is not a sauna where the installations are the best, as it happens with other cities, specially the sauna, the hammam and the jacuzzi.But I put 5 starts due to the staff, the guys are very nice, specially Gabriel, who was very helpful and attentive.The massages of Italo were very good, I recommend it.I will come back.
FedA Simón
17:33 08 Feb 24
Great service and excellent place. A very good and hot jacuzzi and many areas for discover. I recommend a lot. Ah the massage is a plus very very nice. Thanks guys
Uriel Brasil
22:21 07 Jan 24
After Der Boiler in Berlin, this is my favoutite sauna. The guys who works there are very friendly. It is clean and you will have a good time, also they have cake.. Sunday they have live Dj.I always end up coming back
Matt F
14:41 03 Jan 24
I have visited twice, and had two very different experiences. First one was a Wednesday late afternoon / early evening, and the crowd was mostly average guys, 40s to 60's, and while not a lot of them, they were up for playing, and I had a great time. The second time was a Sunday afternoon /evening, and it was PACKED with incredibly hot young guys, who were clearly an "after party" crowd. While BEAUTIFUL to look at, they were not there to have "fun", but rather prance around talking everywhere. If you are over 40, and not a "god" you will be invisible to them. With this said, the facilities are wonderful, and very clean and well maintained. Great layout and play areas. Staff were helpful and friendly. I recommend going, but pick your day / time depending on who you are , and what you are looking for.
Franco Cabernet
10:56 12 Nov 23
Went on a Sunday at 7pm, hundreds of men!!!!Many younger Brazilians socializing at the bar area. Some drug addicts in the rooms. Otherwise sauna was clean , the space is large , probably one of the best saunas in the world
23:51 21 Oct 23
Went on Friday night and it was busy. Mixed ages. Music is not loud. Extra star for bathrooms and shop. To patrons who complain on drug use: this is Lisboa.
Mike N
00:11 19 Oct 23
I visited last Tuesday, 1 week ago. This was the first time since the pandemic. The person on the door was very pleasant. Price was reasonable and the venue was very clean. BUT. Since my last visit in 2019 there have been a number of changes and not for the better. The shower area now is darkened, so it's not so easy to admire the other guys showering unless they're beside or opposite you. The cruising room has now gone and has been replaced by a relocated cinema. Great shame! It was one of the highlights of the premises. The cinema was showing old , grainy movies and was never a busy area when I regularly checked. The maize/labyrinth has been altered and is now a very, very dark area and difficult to navigate in the dark.. Impossible to work out apart from the walk through path. I stubbed my toe in the dark by walking into a raised bed in total darkness. My toe is still bruised one week later. Some Glory Holes have been covered over by metal plates. I am wondering why these areas have been radically altered. The Cinema could have remained where it was located before. The main area for private cabins also have the holes between all but one of them covered over by permanent metal plates. One has a huge hole remaining in it and the adjoining cabin. More fun lost. Previously these holes could have been locked closed if desired by either side. The music which is great was a little too loud in this area which detracted from the sexual ambience. The Sling Room has been made smaller to incorporate a storage area. The sexy black leather Sling has been replaced by a light coloured Sling. Not sure about the new lighting in the new, larger Steam Room? I left very disappointed from all of the changes after so looking forward to visiting after so long. The fantasy of the Shower area with very subdued lighting and no large cruising area are opportunities lost in my opinion.
Darren Maier
19:09 04 Oct 23
Honestly, I do not understand the negative reviews. Went here on a Saturday night/Sunday morning while visiting Lisbon and had the best time. For me, the place was busy with all different types and ages here. The place was clean, staff friendly, and it was a great space with a dark room area and another area with rooms available. It was a great experience.
Udubina U srcu
02:36 25 Sep 23
Sundays, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! They removed the lube packages to force you to buy it in the shop (10 eur for small bottle and 22 for a bigger one). Totally stingy move, which I've never seen anywhere else in the world.Aside from that, 95% of people there are on hard drugs. There was literally one guy barking like a dog. The personnel doesn't do anything about it, drugs are literally everywhere. If you by any chase find a rare normal guy, you won't be able to find a cabin because they are taking drugs inside.Saturday was much better, if you go early. There were many decent local guys. Much much to improve.
RustigReizen AUB
12:05 21 Sep 23
Rude staf.I come there aften now because of their long opening times. I am a custumor there for a while now (longer then a month or so) but i get quite builied by the people that work there.Sarcastic, they ask me constantly or i speak Portuguess.Noking on my door the whole time when i'm bussy in the cabines. Laughing at me.And they also tell me that i need to hurry up when it is (but actually isn't) even clossing time. Clossing time is 6:00. They kick me out 5:45. With sometimes hackeling laughters while i'm walking out of the door. I feel aften uncomfortable.Today one of the staf members even screamed something to me in Portuguess, a few times. The same thing while i was leaving.
20:47 04 Sep 23
Waited 40 minutes to get inside on a Sunday afternoon. First sauna I have ever visited with a queue which I thought was a good sign but it was very overcrowded.Bag searches at the door which was kind of useless. Very open drug use inside and around the private cabins. I would see guys openly inhale drugs off their keys in the corridors. I spent a couple hours inside, whenever I found a guy and wanted to have fun all the private cabins were always occupied.Groups of guys would hang out in the cabins not having fun but taking drugs openly and talking loudly. They would use them as club houses for their friends who would knock on the doors and shout. Not a lot of courtesy for anyone wanting to use a room to have sex. Because they were using drugs they would not move to the common bar area. The only private areas you could go were the locked dark rooms which weren’t ideal if you wanted to have a more intimate moment with someone with some light and dark rooms aren’t your thing.It was clean and they would close areas off regularly to clean.The lack of security checks and checking for drugs was disappointing. You can access your bag at anytime unlike other saunas. I have been to a few different saunas around Europe but this one is a circuit party hybrid sauna with beautiful men but no where to enjoy yourself when you are with one.Please change your ways of working as this sauna was very disappointing.
Brian O'Connell
16:47 29 Aug 23
Possibly the worst sauna I have ever been to. If you are into: open drug dealing; loud drunk customers screaming and shouting; private cabins completely taken over by groups of intimidating guys (also probably drug dealers); zero security searches; filthy toilets; areas completely closed off for 'cleaning' for the duration of your visit, this is the perfect place for you.I was expecting better from earlier positive reviews but the more recent reviews are far more accurate. It seems as though the owners do not care as long as they are making money.1 star for the friendly man behind the reception.
Cristiano Amaral
11:38 24 Jul 23
Unsafe place full of fights. Right when I was entering I saw a member of staff physically assaulting a customer. I didn’t come from Italy to see that appalling behaviour.Really shocking first impression, and to top it off staff was unfriendly and has an attitude problem. Frankly speaking it’s expensive for what it offers. No words to describe what an abominable experience and I do not recommend. No option to give 0 star otherwise it would be certainly the case.
John Floros
21:16 14 Jul 23
Came here as a visitor to the city, and was skeptical after reading some of these comments. And after visiting I can honestly say, the staff was friendly and helpful! Lots of diversity in the guys that were there. The maze was dark dark but still fun fun! I never once smelled urine(as stated in previous comments), the rooms were 9/10 clean.People who are commenting negative things, ITS A GAY CRUISING SPOT! Get over yourselves and have fun! I was there for over an hr playing around and once I was done, I showered and left.If your thinking of visiting I recommend going!
Celton M.
22:56 18 Jun 23
This was a great bathhouse to experience. The sauna is small, but the steam room is large. Both are clean.I went in June, and despite the heat outside,...
10:03 28 May 23
Very clean....nice hot friendly guys...had lots of fun and met really nice interesting men...staff was very friendly and polite...will def recommend to my friends....and will def come back.
Andres Muñoz
16:59 14 May 23
I had go out beacuse i need pick my Keys only 20 -30 min and they dont want i coming again. Its very bad, in all world u pay a ticket and u can go out a bit (for food, for problems,etc... Its only 30 min for a emergency!!!) I was 15 min only !!! For sure i want my money Back. It is not legal.
Tom Hughes
11:52 04 May 23
Great place the best in the city. Clean, fun and friendly staff highly recommend
Alessio Mezzena
09:11 12 Apr 23
BE CAREFUL!! Keep an eye (or more) on your rope! WORKERS STEAL INSIDE and pretend to not understand any language (italian/english/spanish) when needed.In particular they stole my jacket while I was getting dressed and after saying I would have called the police just gave me back magically, taking 150€ from my pocket.WORST SAUNA EVER and full of drugs.Furthermore POLICE WAS USELESS.
Alessio Mezzena
19:15 06 Jan 23
BE CAREFUL!! Keep an eye (or more) on your rope! WORKERS STEAL INSIDE and pretend to not understand your language when needed.In particular they stole my jacket while I was getting dressed and after saying I would have called the police just gave me back magically taking 150€ from my pocket.WROST SAUNA EVER and full of drugs.Furthermore POLICE WAS USELESS.
Sébastien LEVEIL
10:20 03 Jan 23
Large sauna but very small jacuzzi.Discovery spoiled by:- many drugs- many escorts-"privatization" of the cabins : none were available and if I understand properly you have to pay to go inside and to be allowded to enter... amazing !!An explanation from management?
James Gill
22:05 24 Dec 22
A really good sauna! Easily accessible if you’re based in the centre and reasonable entry prices. The staff are super friendly and welcoming! There’s a good range of reasonably priced drinks and some great facilities. There was also a fun atmosphere on the weekends!As part of the sauna is the option to book a massage, I strongly recommend! Andre was a great masseuse. Very friendly, gentle, responsive and handsome! Enjoy!
Chris Bonnett
22:32 27 Oct 22
Loved it! I had a great massage and loved how clean the entire sauna was. As a non-smoker, I really enjoyed that even though the smoking section was in the center, with the doors closed zero smoke entered the rest of the sauna. The crowds during the week were mixed ages and not terribly busy before 5:00pm.
Marlon Sly
15:58 11 Oct 22
I had great time. I’ve visited Lisbon at least twice and this trip makes another great trip. The place is on one level and is very enjoyable. The staff were super friendly and helpful and spoke English well. The guys are mostly hot. I will be back.
Dimitrios Nikolaidis
10:48 20 Sep 22
A very descent and clean sauna. Better than other gay saunas in Europe. Shoutout to the staff guys who were always very smiley and keen on assisting anytime.
Peter Davidsson
22:02 18 Sep 22
Beware in the locker room. I left my key in the locker to put on my shoes When I looked up it was gone. A mistake that cost me a to pay for lost key. Some 29-30 euros ! I think one of the guys hanging around in the locker room had eyes on my dressing for departure.Otherwise rather ok place. Someone had a psykosis attack. Probably due to drugs. Rather unpleasant !
23:13 14 Sep 22
The space is really nice, although the steam room didn’t have any heat to it, just a little bit of steam. The staff were super friendly though. Went today, Wednesday at around 6pm. It was nothing but men over 50 years old. Maybe one or two guys that were younger but I saw them leave at around same time as me as there was literally nothing to do. Maybe it was a daddy night? Not sure. Left a bit disappointed, time and money wasted.
22:48 16 Jul 22
I love this place. Only decent gay place in Lisbon and has a nice staff from the door to the bar and the boys are candy so Can’t complain about it. Some actitud for some the boys go there but who cares there is something for everyone 🤣🤣
Kyle Cunningham
01:56 29 May 22
I liked this sauna. Top tier for sure. Functional steam room, functional dark room, very nice bar area, solid communal feel to it. I think the crowd was very hit or miss but the facility itself I really could not fault for much.It was kept clean. The staff was pleasant and it was setup more professionally than most.
Jake A
01:45 28 May 22
Pretty good place, it's not as big as I was expecting but still decent for its size. Lube and condoms are not always free, one time it was free, other time I was told I had to purchase. I came here twice, here is some useful info:Sunday afternoon 4-8pm: Around 100+ people there. Median age probably around 30-35. Had a lot of fun, met a few people, played everywhere, in the steamroom, dark room, private cabins. Probably 50/50 visitor/local ratio. It was definitely more weekend party atmosphere.Monday evening 9-11pm: Around 20-30 people there. Median age around 35-40. Less fun on a weekday night, maybe it was a strange night, not much action, a lot of shy visitors. 70/30 visitor/local ratio, maybe lower but a lot of foreigners who were living in Lisbon.Overall it's worth a visit. I heard people there saying it's good and busy Wednesday and Thursdays, then gets crazy busy Friday to Sunday.
Woody Baiza
09:43 21 May 22
Very unfriendly reception by both security and ticket office. Dark room is so dark I walked into the walls 7 times. Bar staff was very friendly. I would have liked to see a bit more social mingling rather than a completely anonymous experience, I can go anywhere for that without having to pay for it.
henry chu
23:29 17 May 22
Free lube and condoms! Clean and well ventilated! Music not too loud. Good mix crowd on Tuesday afternoon. No complaint!! Definitely be back soon.
Santiago Tallone
01:39 07 May 22
I went on friday night by 11pm. Already plenty of young guys. I exploded until late.Good mood, clean and not expensive. Happy to find a place like this in Lisbon.
Manda Voshka
15:23 08 Apr 22
Fifthly and disgusting. I only spent 5 mins inside that place. It stank smoke -sweat & urine all the way up to the entrance. Overused flip flops made me wonder of hygiene standards too. Waste of money & my time.
J Caballero
14:04 27 Mar 22
Read some past reviews that made me think twice about going. Well, I went once and 4 other times since. The place is a lot of fun and there's someone for everyone. Trombeta gets busier as the week goes on. Monday through Wednesday, quiet. Thursday, has enough guys too play around with for several hours. Friday and Saturday busy. Sunday can be like Mardi Gras in New Orleans. :D. The place is clean, guys of all ages, and the staff are nice. Alexander (the front door receptionist) is especially nice, cute and always smiling. I highly recommend this place
David Russell
09:03 08 Mar 22
Staff are really friendly and welcoming.Great atmosphere, will definitely go back
12:59 06 Mar 22
Nice staff, clean and fun. Seems to get going late, so pace yourself. Includes bar, sauna, hot tub and dark room. Check in guy was nice.
Vladimir Morar
11:55 11 Dec 21
This place is insane!
Zeu Zeu
16:22 08 Dec 21
Armen Melkonian
09:46 04 Feb 20
I always visit gay saunas when I travel abroad. And this one was good. Very friendly staff and nice welcoming at the door. If you’re younger than 35 bring your ID you get discount.The place is big with many facilities. I received and hour professional massage by Flavio (no sexual content) followed with a complimentary relaxing tea. It was amazing.Later at the end of nights not all rooms were clean (but I also understand why) however generally the cleanliness was good.Nice place to go after a night going out!
André Sousa
23:50 01 Jan 20
Too many drugs, users and dealers. Very loud music and always the same style. Expensive tickets for what it offers. As it is the only modern sauna in Lisbon the entrance is expensive and is full of toxic people.
Nuno Santos
22:58 01 Jan 20
This sauna, was the best in Lisbon when it first opened. Unfortunately nowadays is very crowded by young queens, noisy , music very very loud, drugs and security inside the sauna, to stop fights. Beware. A place to avoid or check it yourself! Other saunas in Lisbon, more peacefull
Natanel Iluz
21:57 18 Dec 19
Clean new and probably the best one in lisbon. 12-16 euro entrance. Big place with all the facilities one expect to get in a regular sauna. The bar area is a nice place to chill and close to the lockers. The maze part of the place was a bit smelly (urine?) .
Benyamin Ariannik
10:37 18 Dec 19
I had beautiful night there ! Due to Wednesday night! I mean not weekend ! I did enjoy company and environment !
fidel patino
21:07 22 Nov 19
Clean and attractive place, very friendly staff, had massage, the therapist was excellent, not sexual.Good location, clientele was mixed ages. Highly recommended
Schon wieder Leroy
01:35 24 Sep 19
a very nice and very clean sauna! The staff is very friendly and the massage is very good. One of the best gay sauna i have ever been. I'll be back soon 🙂
Allan Haze
15:51 17 Apr 19
Definitely a friendly crowd. A good size, relatively clean and busy most opening hours. The cigarette smoke smell can be a bit much but other than that, a pretty nice place. A couple of tips - Sunday afternooons can be crazy busy with quite a line, the massages are pretty first rate and the back maze is really dark and a bit confusing [in a good way].
Christoph E.
11:24 07 Jul 17
This quite modern "Only Men - Sauna" was a little surprise. Often these places are old and dirty but not here.The place is clean, the staff is friendly and...

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