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DANCE YOUR HEART OUT AT TRUMPS! Trumps is the best known LGBTI brand in Portugal and has been so for 39 years. More than a venue for a night of dancing to house and pop music, Trumps is tightly associated with high quality events that combine art, entertainment, stagecraft, music, production and raw nightlife energy.

Trumps has been staging many locally and internacionally renowned artists, such as António Variações, Conchita Wurst, Miz Cracker, Fergie, Netta Barzilai and many others, being recognized as a central point not only in the development of queer culture and life in Lisbon, but also in the development and maintenance of Portugal's LGBTI market and corporate structure.
Trumps has it's own productions, dancers, DJs, drag queens and events but has also co-hosted different events in Brazil, Spain, Ireland and Italy with local and international brands, such as WE Party, Matinée, World Pride and EuroPride.

Located in the heart of Lisbon's LGBTI neighborhood - Príncipe Real - Trumps is one of the oldest and the biggest gay club in Portugal, recognized with several prizes such as Time Out's Best Gay Night, where one can get connected with both foreigner and portuguese LGBTIs in a two floors venue with state-of-the-art LED wall and an amazing animation crew while enjoying 2 different dance floors and 1 lounge area.



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Theodore Davis
22:38 16 Apr 24
Basic, boring techno gay spot. Drinks were great but DJs sorta sucked and were all over with their sets.
Kayetan Glinka
11:19 02 Apr 24
Very nice club with overall good music (love the fact I heard some of the hits of the moment) and very good drag show!
Miguel Rivera
00:27 31 Mar 24
Unbelievable that they exclude people based on how they’re dressed. As gay people we’ve fought to be able to dress however we want and this bar excludes people based on clothes.
Serena Iob
16:49 02 Mar 24
It would help feeling safer if the djs stopped the music and turned the lights on to find the guy who was disturbing the other guests more quickly. Other than that, lots of love!
05:29 01 Jan 24
I came here for new years and the service was incredible.There is a nice gentleman that was keeping us safe by the name of Francisco he was extremely friendly and made sure we all had a good time. Love trumps
Antonio Cornacchia
16:31 10 Dec 23
Extremely positive vibes!Saturday night was so much fun!Good mix of music and two floors!Suitable for everyone gays and straights!
Vuk Dostanic
17:12 15 Nov 23
Worst club that I have been to. Performance was fine, but It got boring because drag queen made our ears bleed since she wasn’t planning to stop “singing”. It felt like they were playing one song on repeat but with little changes, no international music. Only one sound. I ordered my drink which was like 7€, I gave him 10€, and I was planning to give rest as a tip, but he was acting like there’s no change and then looked me in the eyes and asked if everything’s fine and I said it is and let it go. Everyone was going on a cigarette break outside, but when I asked the security guys nicely to go, they didn’t let me, with those angry faces. Club was literally almost empty around 3-4am.
Brent Murphy
18:17 24 Sep 23
Not a bad disco...two dancefloors with a nice variety. But the service I received from the bartender is what compelled me to leave a 5 star review. Very sweet guy who was attentive, friendly, and did his job well. Also, don't order mixed drinks here because they will put a lot of chaser and only a tiny bit of alcohol
Jonathan Rayneau
12:22 19 Aug 23
Best queer and gay place of Lisbon, workers are sooo kind, very good vibe feeling confortable, good music, shows drag Queens exceptionals !
Rute Correia
21:52 04 Aug 23
Best club in town! Such a safe space for locals and tourists! I had the most fun! A must!
Eddie Wang
21:39 30 Jul 23
We spent an entire night there until 6 am and had a great time. Arriving at 00:30 seemed a bit early but the party got going around 1:30. Drinks are reasonable (all i recall was that water was 4 EUR a bottle), even when crowded the wait at the bar wasn't too bad, and we had a great time dancing to nice music in 2 areas (one with more electronic and the other with pop). It can get quite hot inside even though there is some air conditioning. The toilets are reasonably clean (for a club) and the drag queens were fun to watch. The environment felt safe and welcoming, although some men were hitting on the girls we were with, nothing disrespectful happened and it was a nice time
Leonardo Torribilla
23:01 28 Jun 23
It's an excellent club. I wasn't a guy used to go out at night, visiting Trumps changed that though. Really good music, an excellent place to go to dance. Mostly groups of friends, so it has a friendly and relaxed environment. Sometimes the distribution of people between club areas can be uneven so one area can get really crowded. That's something the local can't control I think, but can be annoying sometimes. Nonetheless, I will try to go there whenever I feel the need to leave my heart in the dance floor, it's worth it.
01:34 24 Jun 23
Totally unreasonable door management, they give you a stamp to have a cigarette and after the cigarettes they just deny you the entry, telling you to come back another time, we were a group of people, it’s seems like random discrimination based on nothing… waste of money
Maria Meyer
13:19 11 Jun 23
It was a wonderful night, with amazing music, amazing performers and amazing and extremely welcoming staff ❤️ it was my very first time at a gay disco, my best friends were nagging me to come ( I really don’t like to go out much) and it was absolutely worth it. Also I felt extremely safe with interacting with people, feels like a really safe space ❤️
Sr Srp
03:36 19 Mar 23
Place is ok but how is it possible that such a place like this only accepts card payment in some “designated areas”? At the entrance, only cash is permitted. So, if you have no cash don’t even try it. One inside, you can pay with card only to some waiters. This is not ok. Just doing this to spare some cents in your payment card payment transactions is a bit creepy.
James T.
19:45 18 Mar 23
Background- American tourist queers visiting Lisbon and looking for fun gay bars / clubs.This place is actually overrun by straight teens and people on...
Andy N.
17:35 13 Mar 23
I hate that this place shares a name with one of the most bigoted individuals in the world, but alas, the Portuguese queer community is here and we are not...
Mücahit Fil
16:12 23 Feb 23
As many others before me already wrote, this establishment is systematically making use of ways to pull money out of your pocket.Yes! Be careful.We have been there for the carnival festivities and after about 25 minutes our bags and jackets went missing. We placed them inside the club on a corner to have our drinks and dance a round or two. It was gone in the blink of an eye. Alright, we knew instantly something is off. (The club just opened) Later we have been told that the club staff took it so it is "save" and that it needs to be left at the Garderobe. They wanted US to pay for the "service". It was communicated not at the entrance, but later after they took our jackets... In a very rude and aggressive way. It was not even about the money anymore. We asked the manager, and he was unable to work out a solution with us. (Very unprofessional and arrogant) Instead, he kicked us out. As he was saying, our way of living (taking our jackets to a club) is different than anything he knows.So, the next day asking around in our community we have been told that those things happen there all the time.The music was horrible anyway.Just don't go there, thank me later.
Ana Stecco
11:43 02 Jan 23
I loved this club until they wanted me to charge me twice for two drinks. Claiming I hadn’t paid them.- they didn’t reimbursed me or give me the drinks- bouncers refused to give us the complaints book and were so rude- they told us to F off and go back to our country.So inclusive for a gay club.Never coming to this place again.Update: now they reply to my comment claiming all of this didn’t happen… they did not have us the complaint book.Theyshould hire new bouncers.I warn you. Do not come to this place.
Luan Torres
01:54 15 Dec 22
I went to their “Latino” night and they just played Spanish and English, not one Portuguese song. They should know Brazilian music is also Latin. Also, the drag queen spilled drink in my whole face instead of my mouth (It didn’t felt like it was by mistake).
oanh nguyenova
15:32 11 Dec 22
The most unfriendly, snobby and arrogant guards at the entrance. Heard about this place through a friend so wanted to check out. After reading all these reviews here I am glad we didn’t go in after all. They are better places in Lisbon.
daniel stein
21:09 03 Nov 22
Very Dirty. Nearly all the time no paper in the toilette. Too many people and too few Toilets. Often totally overcrowded and a risk place for spreading covid and Monkeypox. Experience of the last Months. I gave you the chance to improve. Zero results. Music is good.
Gio Insel
21:47 06 Oct 22
Best one in Lisbon! Everyone is lovely and respectful. Thank you all! 🫱🏼‍🫲🏽😊
Ionut Calin
17:15 22 Sep 22
The only good gay club in Lisbon. 2 rooms with different music, different party thematics every week, drag queen shows. Good music, the drinks are a bit expensive tho but overall it’s a great club
Maxime B
15:49 15 Sep 22
The security guards at the entrance are really not friendly, you have to remember who the customer is. Once you enter and you have paid 12 euros for 2 drinks everything gets complicated it is not possible to add 2 euros to have a better alcohol. The price of the drinks is very expensive a redbull 10 euros a vodka 10 to 12 we are in lisbone not in berlin or luxembourg. Strange to prefer bars to this kind of thieving club. I know that the boss will answer but in life you have to know how to question yourself
Santiago Barron
21:04 06 Aug 22
This place is horrible. Its always packed, takes 30 minutes to get a drink and smells like a public toilette. Cant believe theres not another decent LGBT in such a nice city. Def not coming back again. Only pro: music is good.
James E
21:17 29 Jul 22
Meh, very busy but good place to dance
Sofia Carvalho
17:29 29 Jul 22
Best gay club in Lisbon! Amazing music with fabulous drag queens. It even has AC so you won’t die inside!
André Mariño
21:57 21 Jun 22
Best gay club in Lisbon, I had the best night ever. Amazing drag queens, good music!
Tânia Orchid
21:55 21 Jun 22
The best queer in Town ! 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜
Gabriele Bonura
14:38 20 Jun 22
The best club in Lisbon where I’ve been!!!!
Mike L
14:09 23 May 22
If you’re looking for a bar full of bachelorette parties/hen dos this is the bar for you 👰🏻‍♀️👰🏻‍♀️👰🏻‍♀️
Rodrigo Lemos
02:15 21 May 22
After doZens of times coming To this club, I was accused of going across the cue and I was not allowed to go inside this club. The way I was treated was offensive And I don’t plan to come here again.
Robi Herrm
11:43 20 Mar 22
Co-workers at the door and bartenders are friendly, music is good but the workers at the Coat Rack are the worse I’ve ever met in my entire life. Don’t reccomend.
Roberta Herrmann
04:04 20 Mar 22
Co-workers at the door not friendly at all, music is good but the workers at the door are the worse Ive ever met in my entire life. Don’t reccomend. They stole my coat
Adam Basilio
11:59 06 Mar 22
I don’t think I’ve ever been so horrified. We were in Portugal to celebrate my friend’s birthday. We decided to go to this place. I ordered shots, the bartender asked if we could pay, I told him I wouldn’t have ordered if I couldn’t afford it! There was an elderly man there that they would ask permission to serve us. I’m guessing this was a manager or something of the sorts. He freaked out when I ordered bottles of champagne later, paid for it. Then after that we were dancing and the bartender asked us to leave because we were smoking, mind you we aren’t smokers. I just would like to simply remind these servers and who ever this person was that people shouldn’t be judged and that you never know how much someone can afford. Mind you I am Vice President of a bank back home. I can afford a lot more than bottles of Grey Goose. We will not be returning next time we are in Portugal.
Gokhan Insel
22:32 05 Mar 22
Very friendly security, barmen, affordable prices, and nice shows every weekend! Highly recommend!
Adriano Lira
13:50 12 Feb 22
Good place! Just good.
asdfasfas fgsdagxczcsdaf
14:12 11 Jul 20
The best gay club in Lisbon, great memories ❤️
Paul Schäfer
05:01 12 Jan 20
We were there for the "rodeo" night. The service was friendly but the drinks were super expensive (10 € a drink)! The overall atmosphere was okay. There were fun dancers in "cowboy" costumes dancing on a stage on one floor and they also had a second floor which was mostly keeping pop loving gays entertained. The bouncers were a pretty unfriendly. They claim to be the best gay club in Lisbon but I must say...I'm not really sure about that.
Frederico M
05:58 29 Dec 19
Just went on a Saturday evening called "Back to the nineties"... just indescribable. Awful music, the worst DJ ever (mixing 80s and 90s music with terrible CD remixes) and a drag queen "singer" that simply could not utter a word in tune. Save your soul and dont go there!
Ruiz Rojas
13:51 04 Nov 19
Trumps is a wonderful place,. the music, the Djs, the place itself. However we found really rude the gogo who appears on the first picture due to we were dancing in front of the Dj. We understand that such situations may happen and we made mistake, but threaten a customer to put him on the street after paying to enter is not good and less for that. I consider customer service essential for a place to have success. I think that dancer should take some lessons of good manners. He could have said "sorry, you can't dance here" it had been enough for us to understand..instead of threaten a customer saying "queres ficar na rua? In spite of such incident, the night was great.
Ethan Starkey
16:44 27 Oct 19
We loved coming here to dance the night away. They have a few different rooms with varied music, one was smoking and the other not. We appreciated that! The dancers were also really fun to watch, and were doing some kind of hotdog stand shtick?They played a great mix of music for the whole crowd (some American songs only my partner and I knew). There is a cover, but we didn’t think it was outrageous for a club.
Dana R.
18:27 08 Jun 19
I went here with my friends all night we were buying drinks and having a good time. I felt sick and wanted a glass of water from the tap and the bartender...
Thomas L.
16:06 12 Aug 18
A fun spot for Saturday night! It was my first night in Lisboa and we arrived about 1230am, and it was a bit early. 12euro entrance fee inc. 2 drink...
Melissa T.
19:04 30 Jun 17
If I could give this place 0 stars I wouldListed below are my grievances:1. There are barely any gays. 2. The drinks are extremely diluted - not worth...

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