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Trunks is West Hollywood's traditional gay sports bar. We are the friendly, no attitude spot for cocktails, and a short walk from several other gay bars in the area. After 25 years, we're still the place for fun times and good cocktails. One visit and you'll feel like you've been coming for years.

We Have Added Delightful New Outdoor Patio.... We have exploded out into the sidewalk! Now you can relax in our new outdoor patio!. Alcohol can be brought outside the bar to the patio ... You'll LOVE the FUN! Don't wait, just COME to Trunks Bar in Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, California.



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Denny A.
16:00 21 Oct 23
This used to be part of my playground, it seems like after the pandemic, the customer service declined. The bartender looks so unhappy that he doesn't...
Young H.
18:53 13 Oct 23
I've been here a few times but this two past times I've noticed that Trunks is charging my credit card on one or two drinks that I didn't order or asked for...
Allen Williams ..
00:34 19 Sep 23
Always a good time a trunks. Great music. Variety of drinks and on busy nights they add bar tenders on the patio and on the dance floor bar to ensure folks...
Aaron S.
00:33 18 Sep 23
The atmosphere of the bar is good, music is great, drinks are good, I would definitely come back.
Jared C.
09:38 19 Aug 23
Security is doing their job. I'm here reading all of these negative reviews about security from all these people and oh yeah... I'm sure everyone of you...
08:22 12 Aug 23
BEWARE: Like anywhere, pick pocketers are notorious in night clubs.. but this place was INFESTED! A huge group so obviously targeting people. The lady in the photo reached into my friends pocket but we caught her, she tried to play it off and her friends called her back to their group. They KNEW what was going on.. take a look at the pics and keep your eye out for these pigs 👁️ Love WeHo but hate people who take advantage of folks just trying to have fun.
Rafael Robles
07:59 12 Aug 23
The vibe was cool but there was a group of pick pocketers. One girl secretly tried to get my phone off of my pocket and her friends looked ready to help her. They followed us out once we took noticed them.Be careful out there.
Ed U.
22:17 26 Jul 23
For old farts like me, WeHo gay bars fall into two categories. On one end are the hangout destination bars like The Abbey (still my favorite, review:...
Nathan hull
14:58 05 Jul 23
I used to like this place but it turns out to be very toxic. My friend and I walked in and was waiting to order a drink and the bartenders don’t even notice us. They only apparently notice all the masc for masc men that’s in the bar. To Me that’s toxic. People act like they are better then other people. Bad atmosphere. Nothing is important that will ever go on at this particular bar becuase I definitely get treated better at any other bar on this street. I will go to the other bars that have better manners and the guys are nice . Plus the drinks are expensive here. I value myself more important then those only care about looks and appearances.
Juan Escalante
21:08 20 Jun 23
I always end up making out or getting someone’s number when I come here, so, yeah, great bar 👌🏽
Jennifer P.
16:22 29 May 23
No worth going to anymore. It has changed so much. People fighting and fighting the security. Also rude patron who push for no reason. You want a ratchet...
Christian R.
09:42 13 May 23
This place deserves 0 stars because of the security. I've never been told my ID was fake especially being 5 years over the drinking age. The fat security...
Alexis L.
22:19 12 May 23
The security here absolutely sucks. Were we're visiting from vegas and got denied from entry for our IDs even though we are both 26!! Told them to scan it...
11:32 23 Apr 23
The best club in WeHo!!!! The music, the crowd, the vibe, it’s amazing!! People are really down to earth! I always feel so comfortable there. I just wish they would stay open longer!!! Please consider extending hours till 4 😭
Juan G.
08:57 27 Mar 23
I use to come here a lot, good place to get drinks since they give you the cheapest strongest drinks but the security is the worst, I was trying to show my...
Aloura C.
18:10 26 Mar 23
The utter disrespect from the security is astounding. My friend was denied at the door while they continued to let others in and they were extremely rude...
Josh L.
23:33 01 Jan 23
First of all they call themselves a gay club but nothing but homophobic staff surrounding the system. I've never felt so uncomfortable and ashamed to be gay...
Salvador C.
20:44 11 Oct 22
I typically love this place but I went here last night after about a year. I was bar hopping and decided to stop at Trunks for a nightcap but the bouncer...
jeffrey t.
16:22 04 Sep 22
Terrible place to go. One of the bartenders is very rude. There are plenty of other bars in this area that show you some appreciation and respect.
jeffrey t.
03:19 28 Aug 22
Terrible bar. The bartender Trevor is obnoxious. I would rank this place Worst in Hollywood by far.
Quintin E.
16:03 20 Aug 22
Divey bars are full of charm and the one with strong inexpensive drinks definitely has it. Now one of the last bars on the Santa Monica Blvd all-inclusive...
Jack F.
00:19 18 Aug 22
Thanks to bartender Corey Affron I'm never coming back. He's rude, unprofessional, ill mannered and doesn't make patrons feel welcome at all. Stay away from...
Daniel Sarina
20:14 11 Jul 22
Nice place. Everyone is friendly. Especially if your pack ing you know what I mean lol......
Francisco V.
18:40 03 Jul 22
I had a great time at Trunks my New homie Corey took care of me and my boys. This is a definite must visit bar if you are ever in the area. The atmosphere...
Tony T.
00:02 13 Jun 22
Mellow and laidback bar type of place. Definitely with the crowd that goes there as observed after a few visits within this last year. They do play some...
Koko G
17:46 11 Jun 22
Somebody stole my whole wallet here I do not recommend
04:22 30 May 22
My boyfriend got pick pocketed here on a Friday night according to the security it happens often, be careful with your belongings.The bar is a good time overall though. One of the speakers sounded like it was about to be blown out.
Moritz Bartnick
07:56 29 May 22
Vers nice bartender and security people 🙂
Vance B.
08:32 18 May 22
The bouncers are total jerks? And you will have your wallet or phone stollen! I was here on a Saturday night and when the bar was closing the bouncer was...
Larry M.
16:01 09 May 22
I've been coming here with my other half for nearly 20 years now- whenever we were on this side of the hill (we live in the valley). We came in last...
Priscila G.
11:02 18 Apr 22
Soooo fun.....great music to dance to...strong drinks...beautiful people to look at...even on a Sunday. Has outdoor space in n the front so cool spot to...
David T.
18:10 11 Mar 22
It's been seven years since I came in here and the bartenders are ruder than ever and cold. They only chat with who they know. I didn't expect this and I...
Keith Smith
08:23 04 Mar 22
Very diverse crowd and music is hot!Relatively cheap drinks. Not for everyone, but for everyone that wants to have a hot time.
Stanley L.
19:47 24 Feb 22
Really nice bar with plenty of good music and good vibes. Def check it out if you want some positive energy in your life!
John L.
18:53 22 Jan 22
We had a perfect WeHo day at Trunks. Very friendly patrons and bartender. We sat on stools at a tall table facing the sidewalk and enjoyed reasonably priced...
Agustin D.
12:09 05 Jan 22
It's not the vibes... lol came here met a girl me and my bf where talking to her she also was with her friends but apparently some person decided my bf was...
Myron McCloud
14:25 02 Jan 22
Fun spot on Sundays!
Henri Hen
23:28 15 Dec 21
A wonderful place! Great drinks, good cuisine, relaxing atmosphere. I liked the private room the most, which you can get if you register and create a profile on the website of the owner of the bar 909gay*com, you need to create a profile and show it to the bartender, you will be given a room for 1 hour + a free drink. The promotion is open on weekends. We were satisfied, but there are complaints about the bartender
Yasmany Raudel
03:49 08 Dec 21
Great place to have a drink and enjoy it !!!!
Daniel S.
09:01 01 Nov 21
Was there last night . At a certain time they started charging a cover fee which I don't mind .We were already there before they started charging . I had a...
Joseph Kerkhoven
08:09 30 Oct 21
Not sure if trunks refers to tree trunks, short shorts or elephants, but either way this place is cool af.
21:50 31 Aug 21
Our go-to bar every weekend! Affordable drinks and awesome music! #RnB
Heather M.
16:11 24 Jul 21
I just recently moved to weho and I looove trunks! It's super fun and casual with the best music. The staff is so nice, especially Corey and Kaimi!! I...
Carolyn N.
21:07 03 Jul 21
I came here recently with my best friend during Pride Week! I love the music they play (pop and top 100-ish lol, throwbacks) and I appreciate that there...
22:13 15 Jun 21
Service was ok but I understand they were so slammed . The drinks were good and it was really good portion for what you pay for compared to most places that give u all ice .
Brian A.
18:05 15 Jun 21
I am a West Hollywood resident and I often go toTrunks at the weekend, I believe whole-heartedly in supporting local LGBTQ+ businesses, especially during...
Anhelica R.
20:36 09 Jun 21
I wanted to love this place. I really did. I was so looking forward to coming here after always walking past and hearing good music and a seemingly (but...
Sandra B.
16:50 30 May 21
Mario!!! Thank you for taking care of us and making sure your customers are happy!! Drinks yummm!! Sexiest on point!!
Ryan C.
08:54 19 May 21
Great little bar off of Santa Monica Blvd that has a no-frills happy hour from 1-8PM, Monday through Friday.What I loved was that there was a lot of...
Michael Durso
22:33 16 Nov 20
For affordable drinks, pooltables and entertainment keeping you fueled throughout your West Hollywood nights, definitely visit Trunks! Trunks has always been my go-to between nightclubs to keep my nights going and to meet new friends to flirt and hang out with.Trunks has carried me throughout my West Hollywood experience as a venue worth going to, over and over. Thank you so much for all of your love and support, Trunks!
Krystal Wallace
06:31 14 Oct 20
I know what Senegalese food should taste like. I remember being disappointed, but in their defense I have tried to reproduce dishes and they just don't taste the same. I swear the peanuts tasted different in Senegal...better. My village is in the peanut basin. So I had Maffe for lunch everyday.
Joy Harris
05:13 06 Oct 20
Tasty, exotic food. Good service. The tables smelled pretty bad right after they opened, so they probably use some really nasty cleaning supplies. But that smell went away within a half an hour.
Oliver Davies
16:44 07 Oct 19
Lovely, cozy and super fun bar. Very good beer and strong cocktails. I was pleased with this place. An advertising campaign takes place here, you can get a separate room for 2 hours and any cocktail for free. To do this, you need to register on the site 909gay,com take a screenshot of the profile and show it to the bartender. It should work now, we took advantage
Brandon S
23:38 27 Jul 19
Super cool place to start the night. Music is decent, bar tenders are really attractive and also nice. There are pool tables and the crowd is always really fun and chill. Also the drinks are affordable
Steven Workman
04:05 08 May 19
Drinks are good. Music is usually really good. Its just a small place that gets very packed. Hard to walk around or dance because your usually shoulder to shoulder in every corner of this place. Other than that, its a good time (if you can move or dance to the music).

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