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With 7 bars, 3 dance floors and a different vibe in every room, there is always something going on at Twist. Never a cover... always a groove, 7 nights a week, every week of the year.

TWIST is the infamous South Beach gay club, known throughout the world for its great music, friendly staff, and always being packed with hot tourists and locals alike. TWIST is actually seven bars in one with each bar having its own unique atmosphere and décor. You can literally "bar hop" without ever leaving this two story club.. Its reputation as a "must do" when in Miami is well deserved.



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ricky castro
03:29 12 Apr 24
Everyone I come to twist I have the time of my life! And tonight was no different! The bartender made a slight mistake and made me 2 drinks when I asked for one. Once he realized the error he gave me cash back, apologized, and let me keep the 2nd drink. I tried to tell him it was ok and an honest mistake and to keep the money but he insisted and was so gracious! The music is amazing, the bartenders are cute and honest! I will keep coming back!
Ray Vitorino
01:21 11 Apr 24
I want to take this moment to say that the attendant Charles is wonderful, I've never seen a guy like him, friendly, kind and lively, he cheered up the whole crowd. My first time here at this bar, but I've never seen a bartender be so friendly and affectionate with everyone. He is lively, he changed the songs or put on several sound playlists here, in short, he played with everyone, super irresponsible all the time, I saw that he was paying attention to everyone, being alone here, he put water in everyone's glass here, he served everyone the world of drinks that needed drinks. Anyway, he is very friendly and very loving. I liked this guy so much that I wanted to marry him because it's really worth it I'm going back to the club because he alone made this club the best in Miami for me
Jefferson De Matos
03:07 10 Apr 24
Spacious club , a lot rooms with different music . A little outdated but they do their best to keep the place decent . Staff is mostly friendly, bar prices apparently do vary. I paid 10 dollars for a bottle at a a bar then 5 dollars in a different one
Caroline Corbett
17:28 27 Mar 24
the manager here- the person checking IDs at front was extremely rude. They denied my partner entry because they had bubbles on their ID and when we were asked to show proof of an old ID we did with screenshot- which they asked for, it was apparently not legible when it was very clear. You’re telling me you’re gonna accept a phone screen shot but not an actual state ID?? They argued with us when I had one simple question and in return they said “don’t be a karen at least wait till you’re older” when I asked to speak to a manager because the person checking IDs was being extremely difficult and rude. Don’t go here. This ID is and was completely valid and has worked literally every other place including airports and many bars, if they care that much about some little bubbles they need to get an ID scanner or something.
23:50 25 Mar 24
Cute place with nice music and different vibes from one bar to another. For the pop bar, it would been nice to add more variety to the playlist two nights in a row to avoid repeating songs. Lovely personnel and bartenders.
fboys App
14:20 24 Mar 24
First time in Miami Beach on a Saturday night, I started here but it was not very fun and I went to check other places around. Once I came back, I was not allowed to reenter anymore !Nobody warmed me about that before, I found it rude. :/I don't know anywhere where it is like that. so DO NOT RE-ENTER MULTIPLE TIMES.Anyway it is not as if I loved it, there are many ambiances but most of them aren't exciting. Anyway it is not like there was a choice, it was the only place crowed. Finally Miami Beach gay scene is low.
Kris A.
00:12 21 Mar 24
Very fun visit! Non stop dancing, great music, great vibe!it's a very chill place! Love that's there's different areas and rooms with different kinds of...
Satin D.
14:44 18 Mar 24
This is a nice little gay bar it has three floors with different music and different vibes of people, a place your should check out if your in town and its...
Thomas Malmberg
07:30 10 Mar 24
We used to go to this club but it’s all gone. And some Nico making by far the worst margarita ever without strength seems to rule some of the show. Disturbing has replaced easygoing.
Jacob Becerra
01:04 10 Mar 24
This is the most unwelcoming place that i have ever been to what is supposed to feel like a safe space was no where near that. Charlie the bartender was disgustingly rude with a terrible attitude. This place made me not want to check out any other LGBTQIA+ “Friendly” places in the area. Never ever will be back to this place
Zoe Pails
03:46 04 Mar 24
Disgusting service. Barely got in the door and the bouncers portrayed racist and sexist behaviour, telling me to 'go back to where I came from' after talking to someone the other side of the barrier accusing me of trying to 'sneak an underage person's in'. We were on opposite sides of the barrier.This is when the racist slurs started. The conversation started with myself trying to explain we were on separate sides and all the bouncer could produce was 'you're not listening to me...' she didn't say anything other than that to listen to..After this altercation, another of our party came to see us, with 2 drinks in their hand, after 2 seconds stood outside the bouncer promptly took the 2 $30 drinks our of her hand and threw them on the floor stating no drinks were allowed outside. The only notification given was a small sign inside of a darkened hallway.Disgusting hospitality all round and absolutely no manners.
Janice I.
22:26 29 Feb 24
Absolutely love it here, the ID guy at the stand needs to figure it out though, maybe fix his eye sight or study more. Investigating ID's that aren't fake...
Edwilza P.
22:09 07 Feb 24
I went there for the first time with my friend because we heard gay club are fun. It was all fun until I ordered a mojito, one of thre bartender that was wearing just an thong, he said he does not have tequila but he can make it with vodka, I told him I am not sure that's a good idea, he says a lot ppls like it and that I should give it a try. I tried it, that tasted horrible like bleach. When I tried to give it back he said , no, I have to pay for it. He made me pay for it. I was having a good time until that happen.
Amigo Que Escucha
20:04 24 Jan 24
I've been on this place around one time a year and each time is worst. Last time it seemed packed with all type of druggies, and desperate last minute f a g stags trying fishing for whatever picks them up for the night not to mention I had to check my wallet every 5 min. The place smells like a handled worn dollar bill. Bathrooms are nasty all the time. The go go dance section is packed with decrepit old linch drunk men and annoying f a g h a gs locals acting as tourists creeping on dancers. Latin section is always empty and boring. No one stand there but the rejected ones. Second floor is more sinister. There is a little improvised dance floor with videos that seem cool and it's the favorite of those annoying drunk drama queens that they think still are in their 90s. The other place to your right, the dance floor which is a bit bigger, turns into a free-for-all cheap zoo motel on dim lights. It's scary. The music is ok not gonna lie but there is a point where the voltage of the place turns sordid, and psychedelic. The halls turns into a catwalk all night for desperate guys trying to hook up whatever they couldn't in other places. It's clearly to notice at certain hour this turns into anything but a a gay place anymore but a den packed with all type of people from the street that have access to this place with obscure intentions God knows for what. Drink prices are a bit pricey. There is never a parking lot available around so you always have to park around miles away from this place. After reading the reviews I never had had any bad experience with bouncers fortunately, but I did see one of them violently bouncing a guy one night in front of me. That was not cool. Another night I was asked for my ID INSIDE the location with a guy with a wig showing me his badge, and it seemed so funny to me. He was too obvious that he was an undercover. All in all is a place that makes impossible to meet anyone for several reasons but the most important is that make sure to put the music that loud so you don't socialize with anyone, but consume drinks.
Amanda Patricia G.
19:51 24 Jan 24
A good place to dance and meet new people. It has several sections with different types of music so you can choose the one you like the most
Nick P.
23:57 21 Jan 24
Won't accept digital ID's. I have been to several bars in the area that can and will accept digital ID's as Florida Statutes say you can. The dark haired...
Etienne Cote
23:52 14 Jan 24
Our bartender, and older gentleman on the first floor, was very nice in constantly refilling our sodas. The place is convenient because there are several different rooms with different music types. However, some rooms can get extremely crowded on weekends. Some patrons can be catty and judgmental.
Alystair Malik
22:50 14 Jan 24
Okay so I went in with Ontario health insurance card and the bouncer took 15-20 examining my card for age and legitimacy and allowed me in without a picture of passport. Your experience may vary.Reading all the reviews I have my wallet and phone in one pocket and had my hand in there whenever I passed a tight crowd. My phone and wallet did not get stollen.I would definitely suggest you do this too.The drinks are too expensive, 9 dollar corona and 14 dollar rum and coke. Nathan’s had cheaper drinks but it was also dead by 1am.There wasn’t a cover on Friday.Please be cautious because i feel like the crowds that don’t move out of the way are the ones stealing all the phones and I hope that the staff did more to open up walking paths.
Tony H.
19:49 02 Jan 24
One of the last few actual gay clubs where there is still not a huge amount of straight annoying females who have invaded our safe spaces while they think...
02:41 31 Dec 23
The security guard at Twist humiliated and disrespected us. The security guard spent 5 minutes looking at every page of my passport and then proceeded to ask me if I "traveled much"? His questions resembled to that of a border security agent. This attitude is discriminatory in nature. If you don't want women in the bar you should not promote it place as an LGBT bar welcomed to all. The security guard then proceeded to question my female friend's passport for an obscene amount of time. This was a humiliating experience to both me and my friend. And on top of that, the security guard frisk searched us and touched our bodies. This is unacceptable and disrespectful.
Madelyn Lopez
22:36 30 Dec 23
If you want to be treated horribly, this is the place to go to. Last night the white security woman with short hair refused to let me in because she said my ID was fake. I have been there many times before and can assure you my ID is real and I am of age. When i asked to see the manager she refused to let me see him and acted very hostile and rude pushing me away and telling me I need to leave. I read other reviews now stating this has happened before to other people with the same security lady and that she even questioned their sexuality. I am a gay woman but even if I was straight the bar is not exclusive to just gays! We could have verified my ID was real but she refused to let me speak to a manager. I waited outside to speak to the manager and they accused me of harassment and then banned me. Which is fine i would never want to come back there anyway ! There’s so many good clubs in Miami don’t even waste your time. The entire staff is rude and entitled.
Charles Powell
05:50 26 Dec 23
A safe place to call home. The best staff. They’re all doing their best to keep the number one gay sanctuary alive here. 5 stars. ⭐️ thank you for 9 years. ❤️Aaron was absolutely amazing on Christmas Day. He worked so hard and made everyone happy. Thank you Aaron. Amazing. 🤩
Furio Di Catanzaro
22:04 16 Dec 23
I was visiting Miami from Italy, we went to this club, and after 15 mins a security guard told my friend he was too drunk and had to leave. My friend is a gentle natured person who has ONE LEG SHORTER THAN THE EVER, he walks with a limp, so probably stumbled a bit on his way to the bathroom, but wasn’t drunk nor bothering anyone. A bouncer asked him for his ID, took his wallet from him when he pulled it out, and said, “You’ll get this back when you walk out the front door”. I tried to explain that he has walks with a limp, but he wouldn’t listen to me. We headed to the front door and the bouncer tossed his wallet to another bouncer who then handed it back to him once we were outside. We walked a few blocks, astonished and confused, he looked in his wallet, and $80 WAS STOLEN OUT OF HIS WALLET!!!!This bar used to be fun, now it’s turn into a scammy den of thieves and power tripping bouncers.So many other great gay bars in Miami, avoid this cliche rip-off declining establishment.
Katherine K.
14:33 08 Dec 23
I had such a fun time with my friends here. The bartender was really friendly and we loved chatting with him. His drinks were strong and the happy hour...
Sabina C.
23:45 07 Dec 23
HOLY SHIT! This person needs a hug OR a back hand bitch slap. Either one will do... I HOPE this person is not a representation of Twist because what a...
06:29 23 Nov 23
Whatever happened to the shorter guy that worked the hut bar out back? His energy lit up the room, music was perfect and always entertained the patrons! Bring him back! The person who was working the other night when I was in had cold energy and kept yelling at guests for no reason.
Robert Cathles
03:01 20 Nov 23
7 different rooms each with different music and vibe, and either a bar or dance floor. Very nice staff and toilets near every bar. The outside bar was sometimes the busiest. Very good priced drinks. Welcoming gay bar, would visit again.
gabriel Souza
20:32 18 Nov 23
Very unfunny and experimental. First, they did not wanted to offer the service they do offer.Then since it was there of us decided that we would have to be excluded. So they wouldn’t have to get us 3 the drinks. The place is very cold . End of story DO NOT RECOMMEND IT ATT ALL- you have lots of possibilities in FL so why this .
Rene P.
00:31 11 Nov 23
Best place to be robbed. I have been robbed my cell phone. Credit card cloned. And recently a high value bag as stolen. Police report filed They...
Glorianne C.
23:09 20 Oct 23
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE TODAY WITH THE SHORT HAIR LADY! I've been there multiple times before with my CONNECTICUT id and now today she decides to refuse it???...
Daniel A
06:46 13 Oct 23
You can tell these positive reviews are from the owner and employees as they’re so in depth in detail describing the bar like an advertisement… Lamest gay bar I’ve ever been to. Security is a joke and super rude!
Frank Hernandez
05:23 13 Oct 23
Fun fun fun. So many rooms you can get lost. Every room has different music. Every room has a bartender. Came here for my birthday from Cali and had a great time! If you are looking for that awesome gay bar with something for everyone, this is the place!
21:36 06 Oct 23
A month ago I visited Twist with my girlfriends and was truly impressed by the number of rooms the place had to offer. We found ourselves in the outdoor bar area due to the room being packed with people. What caught our attention was the bartender (name was Jason), who was taking orders, emceeing, and even queuing up songs for karaoke.His versatility left my friends and me in amazement, and he somehow managed to ensure every guest felt good and had all they needed. The way he made everyone feel a sense of belonging, security, and positivity was truly remarkable. I'm planning to return on a weekend to see him truly in action, and I'm really hoping he'll be there once again. If anyone knows when he works please let me know
Juan C. Añez
18:32 06 Oct 23
If you want to feel like you don't fit into Miami's pseudo gay society, don't hesitate to visit this place. full of everything from specimens, divas, scorts who think they are worthy, those who love to show off marks, substance abusers, etc. all welcome. I really don't understand "the community" at all if everyone is like that, put me aside. Go to Wilton manors 👍
Kenny C.
22:33 01 Oct 23
Upset with the fact that they're assuming people are drunk even on the line. Basically our experience was lining up and having a them push out the line to...
chris alexander
12:19 16 Sep 23
The club is so fun and the drinks music is great however my concern is with the white female security with short hair. She has accused me and female friends of having fake ids, being under age, even as to question our sexuality. She came off so rude the sec she saw us. Luckily my friends and I called for another security and the manager and we all confirmed with online site that our ID were real, we are over 21 and yes we are lgbt. Horrible woman
Jordan Dasilva
11:53 10 Sep 23
I have been coming here for 10 years and tonight after spending $200 I was kicked out by security and had my photo taken like a felon because some random guy I bumped into claimed I was trying to steal his phone.I had two security guards (one large black man and another short haired lesbian) along with a “manager” corner me and listen to some drunk gay boy say I was trying to Rob him?! no proof, no missing items… just an accusation and escorted out. Then I had the lesbian take my photo from a cracked open front door like a felon to be posted on the wall of convicts to never return.I will never visit again and will deter all I know from coming here. What a joke of an establishment. Peter should be ashamed of his legacy and what it has become
D. H.
20:31 05 Sep 23
I had to write a review to validate what others have experienced. Although this bar is AWESOME and I have been coming here for years, something seems to have shifted with security.I am a solo black male traveler and I was basically followed around by security, mean-mugged, bumped into and made to feel uncomfortable. I work in casinos so I am very familiar with how security teams operate but this crew definitely lacks subtlety. Mind you, I was wearing VERY expensive jewelry so if anyone needed protection it was ME, lol!I am still giving them three stars because I truly feel this is one of the best gay bars in the country. Chill on the aggression toward paying customers though. If you would like to refund me for the drinks I paid for please respond with an email address. Thank you.
Jordan brown
05:19 20 Aug 23
My friend was denied with his Pennsylvania drivers license. Totally unacceptable. The girl at the front said I study these IDS. Well sorry you don’t his ID is way of age. Doesn’t make any sense at all. I heard from other folks this common. The business doesn’t even have scanners to prove that it’s a fake ID.
Alexis T.
14:17 18 Aug 23
Yesterday evening, I visited Twist with my girlfriends and was truly impressed by the sheer number of rooms the place had to offer. Eventually, we found...
Brett H
18:22 16 Aug 23
I came down a 2 weeks ago to check out Twist out. I think it was a Tuesday night and the bar was pretty slow. I ended up in the back bar with Bartender Jason. He told me that with the weather and the season not being the busy that sometimes nights become like that and just stick around longer because it will get busier. I stayed around like he mentioned and the bar got busier. Only room to be busy was his and the crowd loved his energy and music.Will come back to visit Twist again to see if during the busy time of year! Hopefully get to see Jason the same way!
curt tiefenbrun
21:27 08 Aug 23
Originally I was apprehensive about going considering other reviews. I went keeping very observant and noticed the girl checking ID’s and she was very professional although I recommend an ultraviolet forensics ID light for like $20 to check ID’s instead of wrenching and twisting on someone’s drivers license. Also the bartenders were alert for fast service and I found them friendly as I went to at least 4 different bars. Lastly we actually found someone’s phone and turned it in to staff members there, so this past Saturday was enjoyable there. Would go again.
Marta Penkalskyj
19:18 06 Aug 23
BE CAREFUL! Went here during a bachelorette party and took extra care to stay vigilant of my phone and wallet, but it didn’t help. My phone is fine, but my wallet was stolen. Staff didn’t do anything to help, in fact some suspect they may be in on it. The establishment didn’t even answer their phone when I wanted to check in before reporting my ID and cards stolen. I saw another party walking out complaining that their phone/wallets have been taken that night too. There’s a risk of this everywhere, however the lack of care and security from Twist is unacceptable.
21:56 05 Aug 23
We always go to this club, but last night my cousin and i were there and this guy was very rude to us, he told him that his id was fake and he didn’t let him in, then i told him: ok tomorrow we are gonna come back with his passport, and he told us that we will never coming in again, after that we went to this market and he was waiting for us to RECORD US WITHOUT our permission,We wanted to go in yesterday and another person told us that we were banned from there. Its so ridiculous
Yannis Tziotas
21:18 31 Jul 23
This is THE place to be if you are in Miami!!! I had SO much fun, i kept going for nights! Thursdays were the most fun, but i didn’t get to see how it is on Friday or Saturday. The staff was great (the guys at the door, the cleaning staff and the bartenders, except for the muscled queen at the latin room that couldn’t care less about his job… 🙄) you have so many options of music and the people there are very chilled! The prices are a bit high, but where aren’t they in Miami?! Take me back there asap!
Lauren F.
12:22 31 Jul 23
ATTENZIONE PICKPOCKET ALERT!!!!!I was in Miami to celebrate my bachelorette. Friday night my phone was stolen from my purse. Whoever took it immediately...
Chrid H.
06:21 23 Jul 23
Do not trust this place. My BOA debt it card was switched with someone else's, pretty sure it was organized by the bartender. after I realized the next...
Matthew Harrell
08:53 20 Jul 23
Stopped in during a vacation trip and ended up staying for hours at karaoke. Jason hosted and bartended the event. He was energetic, fun, and made the whole room feel like old friends. Highly recommend.
Jon G.
11:54 15 Jul 23
Haven't been here in 17 years. Place looks renovated, friendly staff and great drinks Will be back again. Great place.
Jeffrey Cham
14:52 11 Jul 23
Amazing nightclub in miami beach 7 bars and open til 5 am! A must go to spot here in miami
19:41 02 Jul 23
Place was fun, but what is up with the bouncer (white female with short hair)? I wasn’t gonna write anything, but then I saw other reviews about her. Came here from Boston for my 21st (birthday was a few days ago) with a valid vertical license that says “Not over 18 before XYZ” and “Not over 21 before XYZ”. I didn’t bring my wallet because of Apple Pay and because I saw reviews of stuff getting stolen. Bouncer said my ID was fake because it didn’t look the same as the picture in the book (you can see it was identical to the one posted by the state government), and I needed a second form of ID. Respectfully, who would choose an out of state vertical fake license with big fat letters declaring I was under 21 until 2 days ago? Was really excited to come here, so I got pretty upset and started crying while I had to call my brother at 12 AM for my birth certificate. A new bouncer eventually came and let me in, and after that it was fun. Other security was nice. Establishment is very cute. Long Island iced tea is strong. Overall, 5/5 21st birthday experience but 1/5 for the female bouncer who apparently has hot dog meat for brains.
Christopher Gonzalez
00:42 28 Jun 23
My trip to club twist was less than desirable, and I will tell you why. The short haired female bouncer borderline refused to let me into the club, after presenting arguably, two of the most valid forms of identification, a passport card, and my out of state drivers license. Despite utilizing all of the methods of identification validation to include black light, holding up the the light, and interrogation of my personal information, she was STILL going to refuse my entry into the club. If it wasn’t for my fiancé having possessed a picture of my physical passport, she would not have let me into the club because my drivers license and passport card had two different photos on it (as if they were supposed to be or could realistically be the exact same photo). The hassle that I was put through left a bad taste in my mouth the entire night at the club. This is exactly why I will not go back to this club and I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody else. My recommendation the owner would be to provide more adequate training to their staff, in particular the bouncers if you are trying to maintain a positive image. Your bouncers are the FIRST people that customers interact with. And this interaction? This interaction is one that places bad connotations with your place of business.
12:11 19 Jun 23
Twist is a very nice disco bar. It has multiple rooms with different types of music and that means you don't get bored anytime. You can go room by room during your visit and stay where you best find the atmosphere or style that you like the most.In some rooms there is only music, in others there is Drags Show, in others there are stripers, so you can find all the options in one place that maybe you are looking for a night of fun.It is located in a privileged place in Miami Beach. There are many spaces for public parking on the street in that area but it is always better to go by Uber so that you avoid parking hassles and you do not have to limit yourself because then you have to drive.There are bars in each of the rooms and varied shows. Numerous celebrities have attended Twist and one of the most recent was Adele.This is a place you shouldn't miss when you visit Miami.If you found this review helpful, please like it and follow me here on Google Maps for more recommendations. Thank you 🙏🏻
Hyrdd Yggdf
00:22 18 Jun 23
Im a local and I wouldn’t trade this place for anything, Lexi at the door is very nice, she’s just doing her job and well at that. Drinks are always good and fun atmosphere. Open til 5 am with no cover catch me here!
Jayson M.
06:07 17 Jun 23
This establishment picks whoever they want to let in for absolute no reason. My friend and I (visiting from NJ) came out of the place for a few minutes, went back, and the security guard (female white woman) did not let my friend in because they thought their ID was fake. My friend showed 3 different types of ID (in addition to a picture of their passport) and ended up not letting them in because of their “attitude”. A complete, utter joke. She should not be working there because of her hostile and disgusting attitude.Update: Came back to the establishment the next day, was retaliated against, and was not let in by the same security guard and the manager because of this specific review.
Catherine Lambert
00:11 22 May 23
Great and fun club with many rooms with different music options. They were amazing when they found my friend’s phone and kept it safely until we were able to get it back. The best!!!
Annie R.
17:08 21 May 23
Nice people. honest and kind. I lost my phone and they make sure I get it back. Thanks again.Annie
Maria Martinez
17:27 09 May 23
Hi, I am not a person who write many reviews but I feel that it deserves the occasion. Thanks to all the security team because you always take care of us, but what the hell is going on with your group of bartenders? It is not the first time that one of their clients has been treated badly, guys we are clients and we deserve to be treated as such, Anthony you cannot disrespect like this simply because you want to treat other girls better. Twist is a great place with an amazing security team, but the bartending team except the Bartender Guy who always dances upstairs (sorry I don't remember his name) are killing the vibe of that place. This was our last time at twist, please correct your bartenders.
Lisa U.
20:09 15 Apr 23
Twist is not a safe place for women or people of age. My friend's mother was tired. I took her out of twist at 11pm and put her in a car. As I left, I told...
Angel Reyes
00:12 01 Apr 23
This is hands down the BEST GAY BAR/CLUB in MIAMI!!!!! It’s like 5 different rooms! Each unique and different, you can literally pick a vibe! From Latin to Pop! Also Hot Guys, Hot Girls, Hot Trans! Everyone is welcoming and kind! I always feel safe and free! It’s literally a party every day! No cover! Open till 5 AM every single day!!!!! Literally no other place like it! They have really updated the bar! You have to check this place out!!!!! It’s iconic!
Elizabeth D.
09:48 20 Mar 23
I had a fun night out with my friends here. There were many rooms with different music and bars. The karaoke room was probably my favorite. The only thing...
Juan Leon-Ruiz
12:46 13 Mar 23
It was our first time in Miami and we were looking for a night out, since we heard that Miami can be so much for when it comes to the night life. Walking in the atmosphere was so live, the music was blasting everywhere, and the bartender was ready to serve us. We wanted to start off with a quick little margarita, it wasn't too strong nor was it watered down like most clubs usually do nowadays; it was okay for the price that it was. We did love how they had multiple dance floors with each one having it's own taste. DO BE WARNED THAT THE SPACING IS LIMITED, IT CAN GET VERY PACKED, especially on the first floor where they have the Latin music going. Overall it was fun and we would definitely be coming back.
Shelby Seaquist
15:36 05 Mar 23
Went for my Bach party. Was really excited to get in but they wouldn’t let my 6’2 amazon goddess of a friend in cause she wasn’t in heels. Dress code is closed toe shoes and heels for women, but let men in wearing tennis shoes… we were all dressed up in our theme but there was no leniency. My friend is already taller than any guy in there anyways and they still said she needed to wear heels
Vikrem P.
13:24 02 Mar 23
Trash bar. Terrible music and annoyingly enforced dress code inconsistently applied to patrons.
Elizabeth R
08:39 12 Feb 23
Had such a great time on Friday that we went back the next night! Definitely crowded after midnight and can be snug quarters so definitely suggest keeping a close eye on your personal belongings. Line moved quickly and there is no cover. Not the place to get super cheap drinks, but treat staff nice and they’ll be kind/friendly and take care of you with speedy service. Bathroom attendant and security presence in multiple areas helpful to keep things in order and moving in the tight facilities. Great to have options for different music- our faves ended up being the Latin and edm. Bartender was also a big favorite- super nice and always remembered our order of a sex on the beach for my friend a tequila shot for me. At the end of the night we even asked if he was working again Saturday since we had such a great time we were already planning to go back the next day. When we spotted him the following night he remembered our orders still and greeted us with a smile and handshake. Ended up having to leave early that night but would definitely come back in the future! Maybe even a third night in a row if my friend can hack it
Roy Peer
09:04 11 Feb 23
I liked the club very much. BUT i do understand the negative reviews regarding drinks rates.Actually they don’t show you any menu or presenting the rates on the wall or any way.YOU CANNOT KNOW THE COST.Unless you ask and try to hear the answer while the music makes it hard to listen.Excellent music but shame I couldn’t give enough trust in spending my money over there.
Jennifer N.
18:59 17 Jan 23
Fun gal dance club with multiple rooms with different genres of music. No cover too! Come as you are. Dance like no one's watching.
Taylor J.
12:38 15 Jan 23
It was my first time at twist. It was a fun place to go with friends on the weekend. Good drinks, that aren't crazy expensive.
Maggie B.
10:14 10 Dec 22
Twist lives up to its name. It was a beguiling maze of various bars and rooms, each with a distinct vibe. One bar was playing top 40 hits. Another had...
Shanelle S
23:18 20 Nov 22
Fat nightclub with 7 different rooms playing different kinds of music. There seemed to be something for everyone - whether you want a more chill vibe in a bar with oldies music or a more popping experience with Latin or EDM, you’ll find it. There was a smoking area outside. No cover charge. The line when we arrived at 1am was short and moved quickly. All the emoloyees were nice and efficient, from the bathroom attendants to the bartenders to the bouncers. My group of girls and I really enjoyed this spot, and it didn’t feel as scene-y as some of the other clubs in Miami Beach.
Shanelle S.
15:18 20 Nov 22
Fat nightclub with 7 different rooms playing different kinds of music. There seemed to be something for everyone - whether you want a more chill vibe in a...
Sarah Dealy
01:44 06 Oct 22
BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WITH YOUR PHONES AND WALLETS - pick pockets everywhereTo the establishment: Requiring a dress code and assuming gender at a GAY bar is completely out of line - you’re sexist for it. Queer women want the same rights as queer men.Water is a basic necessity - don’t charge for it.That being said the variety of dance floors and bars is fantastic
Rolando Pineda
18:27 27 Sep 22
This place was always booming! With excellent music and drinks but mostly Hot Hot and I mean, CALIENTÍSIMO PEOPLE ALL AROUND! The bartender Jaime was great at listening and he took care of me!!!! Oh, and the music was always booming like I said on 6 dance floors that made it even more fun!!! Luv this place!
Andres B
00:52 24 Sep 22
I find it terrible that this place does not take care of the integrity of the people who visit this place. Gentlemen, safety comes first and then everything else. My phone has been stolen right there and because of the people in security. It's supposed to be a place to drink and dance. They take you out like a dog or they don't even let you in because you're drunk. Last time I come back and I recommend this place.
Brad R.
18:57 10 Sep 22
I was thrown out as a first time customer being accused of doing cocaine by the security manager. Never touched coke in my life. He comes up to me and says...
NIcholas Bosman
15:21 05 Sep 22
The early bartenders were so fun that we kept coming back out whole trip. We never stayed for the later crowd or atmosphere, but the early "happy hour" time is so much fun! Carlton and Charlie are super fun bartenders and the people are all nice! Best part of our trip to Miami by far!
Kasey G.
22:07 04 Sep 22
Can I give less than 1 star? The way women are treated are here I will not stand for it. Who runs this place? Please reach out to me because the way this...
Tony Morse
07:00 16 Aug 22
What a fun place! We came here after the Palace and it was a great afters spot for dancing on the top floor or chilling on the first floor. This was the best dancing spot we found on our Miami trip
casper ryan
13:42 29 Jul 22
I was hesitant in coming here after reading so many bad reviews about this place but it was not bad at all. the upside was they had great music and different parts of the bar. Some of the bar tenders where really amazing as well as some of the security. Downside is the drinks are a bit overpriced and they do add a % to the bill for the tip I guess which some are worth it but there were a few that were rude and not helpful. I would go here again they just need to address some of the staff to be more professional.
17:54 10 Jul 22
it is very sad and disappointing to go to a famous place where there is discrimination and racism by the community itself, I was in the bar on the second floor I had my drink in the bar strangely the bartender threw it at me, I told him and he did not apologize and the drink was whole, so I still ordered another one and a beer and he told me rudely pay me now, so I replied I'll pay you but I don't owe you because you spilled the drink, I paid for the drinks and decided not to tip him, so he knew he knew he got angry and took away my drinks having paid, I am not obliged to tip and more if the service is lousy, so I went to talk to the manager. and he defended him and told me that he could no longer enter the club, it seems to me an abuse as a client and a lack of respect that they treat you as a client like this, after they throw my drink away, they take two paid drinks away from me, they do not let me enter and I always treat the staff with respect.
Nick D.
12:21 27 Jun 22
One of the most popular gay clubs in Miami with seven DJs and no cover. Love the music however must say that one of the rooms had carpet and this was quite...
J S.
06:27 21 May 22
Stopping by to just lost my disgust for this racist over the top has been wannabe of a clubThe place is a health and safety hazardTrust all the bad...
David C
06:19 21 May 22
My friend was assaulted tonight by one of the staff for simply stopping for 3 seconds. They threw me out for defending him after they assaulted him..The guy that works there literally pushed him aggressively and then when I approached him for doing that to my friend, he had security physically remove me from the premises. I tried to very kindly address the situation and they dealt with it by physically removing me and discounting my side of the sorry completely. I understand people become belligerent and stupid when intoxicated, but what about the rest of us who go just to dance and have a good time?! Total disrespect. I will not go back.
Isaac G.
05:15 20 May 22
Dina NYC
02:13 16 May 22
Last night the bouncer abruptly grabbed my friend with force because he walked a cross the dance floor to exit right before a drag show started. He realized at that moment that someone had literally snapped his wallet chain from his pants and stole his wallet.Also, if you pay by card they don’t give you an itemized receipt showing the costs and they tell you that tip Isn't included. My card had an extra $73 dollar amount ontop of the charges I signed for for 4 drinks which means that staff made an edit to the tip amounts I gave after I left the bar. I have since disputed with my bank.After finding out about the scams that take place there, we went back another night with nothing on us except a fake cell phone and a credit card hidden in my friends a sock. We literally left our phones and wallets at home and walked to the bar. The fake phone was stolen but then the person stealing it realized it was fake and threw it down. We couldn’t stop laughing. Then, a group of guys were dancing around me and my friend and I could tell they were trying to figure out where on my body I was hiding money or a phone because I didn’t have a purse.Hands down if you go into twist it’s almost guaranteed that you will have something stolen. Go in there with nothing and watch people try to figure out where your hiding your stuff it’s fun to trick them (dancers, workers and bouncer).
Kayla E.
16:36 15 May 22
Stay away from this spot. My phone was stolen here and management did absolutely nothing to help even though there are cameras everywhere. Really...
Nathanael Hall
07:32 06 May 22
Security guard on phone, doing nothing, sitting and getting paid, asked if I could interrupt him, he rolled his eyes and got extremely rude. It's my first time out in Miami and the staff is extremely unwelcoming. He threatened me after I got irritated. I passed by and he called me "trash". Careful. Paying some staff that has no hospitality training. The other stay members (bartenders) were great.
Alexis P.
16:23 24 Apr 22
Twist is a blast-so much so I went twice on my vacation. I loved how there were multiple bars (4 in total I believe) and different floors including an...
Amanda B.
19:02 22 Apr 22
I was looking forward to a nice night out to celebrate a birthday and was turned away because I was wearing sandals. The bouncer asked me to "change my...
Eric Gaiser
03:39 17 Apr 22
Drinks are about $1-$2 cheaper than anywhere else in Miami Beach. The 7 bars were really cool and reminded me of koots in Alaska. Friendly bartenders. Best bar I’ve been to so far
Jane R.
11:18 05 Apr 22
Five Gold Stars for Twistlost my phone and they kept it safe ( and charged it ) for me!! Thank you Twist for taking care of your community
Alex E.
19:08 26 Mar 22
I was here on Friday night (March 18th). Where I ended up being ROOFIED and my phone stolen. I had two drinks and all I remember is using the bathroom to...
01:36 22 Mar 22
My first night in Miami i headed straight to Twist. Regardless of what people say, I had a really nice time here. Good music, fun crowd and the drinks are really strong, so drink slowly! The same night I must have dropped my wallet (I think) that had my ID and credit cards inside. To my surprise, a security guard came up to me and asked me for my name. When I told him my name, he proceeded to return my wallet to me and everything was there. There were no unauthorized charges, so I'm happy about that. However, I spoke to other patrons who told my that their phones were stolen the night before. Be careful as there are people in the club who go around, talk to you, dance with you, and put their hands all over you pretending they are interested in you. Before you know it, they grab your phone from your pocket and disappear. So if you do plan on coming here keep an eye open. Be safe and vigilant you are guaranteed a fun time. I went a few times after and everything was good.
Midnight Innocence Udell G. Estes
17:32 20 Mar 22
It's a cozy , dark mysterious atmosphere.A cute place to getaway from all the hustle and bustle on the outside streets . Happy hour is the best time to visit and Bartender Charlie has an amazing energy and presence about him.
Blair Williams
03:20 19 Mar 22
Danger!! Stay away!! Pick pocketers run rampant through this place and the bouncers/security staff are coordinating with them. Our crew lost a few phones/wallets one night, and returned to observe. It’s well organized. Be careful - only go in with phones you want to lose!!
J S.
06:27 03 Mar 22
As a rule we don't go to TwistHaven't for years for many reasons...but people we were with wanted to go for Broadway night There's always an issue!!!Over...
Angel N.
00:19 27 Feb 22
The most awful place I have ever been to literally the security was so mean if your gay and trying to have a good time this is not the place to go awful...
R G.
09:24 16 Feb 22
Love this place! 5 stars and counting!!! This is my place to unwind and let loose!The atmosphere is amazing, the people are friendly, and the drinks are...
Maria G.
08:02 09 Feb 22
TWIST Miami: What a vibrant palace of revelry! My girlies and I danced the night away, met SO many fabulous and interesting strangers, and came away...
David G.
20:09 03 Feb 22
I was asked to leave kindly after the washrooms where used to throw up. Yes I threw up on a garbage can in the im aisle. Because of that I was asked to...
Yoenis Tito
17:56 27 Jan 22
When you think in Miami beach gay night , we used to first , think in Twist. This was a fun place to visit. It has a variety of bars and dance rooms , but , for my opinion , the bungalow was the most visited because of the strippers .now, there’s no strippers anymore , I visited after they decided to get rid of them and the place isn’t the same , is bored and empty . They should think in bring them back , now , it’s not the same .
Andrew Ross
00:38 25 Jan 22
Danger! If you want your phone stolen go here! I went with a group of boys and over 20 people got their phones stolen! Luckily my phone was tethered to my pants or I would have lost it. Beware of randoms asking for your social media. They’re trying to get a sense of where you store your phone/ get you comfortable with them. It also seems like one of the bouncers is in on it since we saw some suspicious communication and eye contact between him and 2 girls and a guy we think were doing it the other night we came.
18:56 23 Jan 22
I had fun here but when I looked at my account I was extremely disappointed. BEWARE …. The bartenders add tips that were not authorized on your tab it’s disgusting… I truly hope this isn’t a tactic imprinted on the employees from the owner if not these people really need to be fired for that. I had a feeling something like that would happen too considering the white taller guy with glasses serving upstairs harassed my friend to add a tip to his tab. Will never go back or recommend to anyone ever.
Don Ayton
19:44 17 Jan 22
As unfortunate at this sounds and as a Miami resident, I truly didn’t think twice about the rumors of some kind of organization being ran in this club with people stealing phones/wallets. I am beyond upset with what happened to me this past weekend. As we all know this club gets packed and is probably one of the most busiest clubs in Miami. After I bought my first drink at one of the bars in twist then putting my wallet in my Fanny pack and closing it. I walked away and was in a crowd full of people, running and bumping against one another. Next thing you know I get to the bathroom area and realize my entire Fanny back had been opened as if someone truly opened it fully. My wallet had been taken out/stolen from my Fanny pack. When I mentioned it to security they had asked me to write down my name and number and if they found it they would get back to me. The list for that night had over 20 peoples names on it with what they lost and their contact info.. this club is one of my favorites but now this has fully changed. Be cautious and careful going to this club at all times. They need to step up security game and figure out this issue. It’s ridiculous and outrageous.
Robby D.
08:16 16 Jan 22
Had such a fun time here with friends. The bar expands across a variety of rooms with a couple different dance floors. There are also a lot of bars so you...
Jayne Hickey
07:34 09 Jan 22
I went with some friends of mine, we were 5 girls just trying to have a good time. 3 out of 5 of us are bisexual and queer and we felt very unwelcome. There were multiple comments I heard such as “ugh straight girls” and “oh great, straights.” It just felt very bizarre considering we thought it was a place that welcomed everyone. It’s a very cool atmosphere with good music and drink prices and i’m sure my experience won’t be the same for every girl that goes there, but I felt I had to share because I was honestly disappointed.
Olivia L.
15:17 02 Jan 22
We went to twist for New Year's Eve and it was great! I kissed a cute girl, my friend got blackout and kicked out because the drinks were so strong, and the...
21:26 01 Jan 22
Honestly fine, every day gay club. My friend lost his phone here and they called him to return it. Thought that was really nice of them.
Mark Pedley
16:10 15 Dec 21
Always love visiting Twist when I go to Miami. Great club with a great atmosphere. Will be back when possible!
Kevin Williams
01:28 15 Jan 21
Worst nightclub on Miami Beach. The staff is extremely rude, the drinks are watered down, and the music is lame. Do yourself a favor and avoid this place at all cost. You be be disappointed if you choose to entertain yourself with this failed attempt at a good time. This place honestly deserves a zero star rating. The place is dirty. My friend and I visited last Friday and it was horrible. We went to a few clubs. This was our second stop. We were highly unsatisfied. Please do not go here if you want to have a good time. There are plenty of clubs and bars including gay ones that are a lot more entertaining and pleasant.
Juan Valencia-Rea
03:11 27 Dec 20
I really don’t see why there’s a low review on here. I came out here during my vacation just to get a drink and the atmosphere was great and the music was good. I would definitely come here again.can’t wait to come back.

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