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London's Premier Gay Cabaret and Dance Pub/Club

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Welcome to the Two Brewers, proudly serving the gay community for over 30 years. We are south London's most famous cabaret venue, with areas available for party bookings on request.

The Two Brewers has Cabaret 7 days a week from Karaoke, quiz nights and London's famous Drag acts, with night club open Friday and Saturdays, ending the week on a Sunday with the Power of 4 - drag acts back to back from 5pm.



Two Brewers
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15:27 20 May 23
Always packed at the weekends with front bar often uncomfortably packed. Club room is great. staff do well at serving. Efficient cloakroom. Fun vibes with drag/pop/dance music. Reliable as ever. Only drawback is the straight girls who can take over the place and can kill the atmos as well as being aggressive. Otherwise still always worth a visit
Tia-Mariah Mc
18:08 26 Apr 23
Overall, a good night, although the man in charge of the karaoke kept refusing my friend a go on the karaoke machine, claiming that it had finished and that the person currently singing would be the last person on. He then let another 5 / 6 people on after this! It was quite clear to us that they only let their regulars / who they want to sing, on the karaoke machine. Overall though, it was a good night with good music and decent drinks!
Frisbee S.
07:02 20 Mar 23
AVOID THIS PLACE unless you want to ruin your night out!!! a gay place that discriminates in the first place!!!! went with a group of friends, 5 guys and 2...
Kevin Arope
08:30 05 Mar 23
Visited on Friday 3 March 2023 for a 60th birthday. As usual myself and the group had a wonderful time. Security outside were great and friendly. The crowd inside were great and best of all we were treated to a performance by the amazing Baga.Only downside was the bar service in the main room. Whilst most of the staff were impeccable and so so friendly and nice, one young lady (Caucasian, bobbed blonde hair) stood out like a sore thumb. Though she didn't sour our evening, I feel I should report her attitude.My 60 year old friend was purchasing drinks via card payment. I was standing behind him to help him carry the drinks. His eyesight is bad and he wasn't wearing his glasses. On the card machine he was struggling to see what button to push to add or remove tip. Because he took too long the young lady behind the bar aggressively spun the payment device back in her direction to push the button for him, pulled an awful face and made a rather rude hand gesture at my friend.My friend did not see this, but because I was standing behind him, I saw everything.Now, if this young lady was having a bad day I can understand, because we all have them. But there's no need to take anger out on paying customers. Especially a 60 year old man. If she's not having a bad day and simply has no social skills, then she's probably in the wrong job.I would have given higher starts if it was not for this bar lady.
Rebecca C.
04:43 27 Feb 23
This venue is extremely discriminative towards women, removed 2 of my friends for being allegedly disruptive during Pam Ann (however Pam had one friend up...
Harvey Jensen
09:42 12 Feb 23
I've had numerous good nights in Two Brewers , however last night was very soured by some of the beer on tap that I had got being being off- two others full agreed. The worst part of it was the "Lead barman" who completely dismissed my query and was incredibly rude saying I had drank nearly half of it therefore it was my own problem - refused to smell it- he was clearly in a Terrible mood but he should not be passing on the negativity to customers. I had to get a new drink at the other bar at the back room, the rest of the bar staff were friendly there.
20:59 23 Dec 22
You can always rely on a good night out at The Two Brewers. It is a stalwart of the London gay scene, especially if you don’t wish to travel into central London.There are nightly shows, sometimes more than one drag queen. The venue has a great mix of ages and two different rooms playing various music.The drinks prices are the same as most gay bars, it can be an expensive night out if you also pay to get in.The security staff are good and the bar service usually quick. Stand near the stage if you want to enjoy the show up close, otherwise try to get on a balcony or table for a good view.
craig stewart
05:13 12 Dec 22
Had an amazing time here staff went above and beyond to make you feel welcome. Great atmosphere and great cabaret. Best place to be on a Sunday night in Clapham.
14:41 03 Oct 22
First time there, lovely staff and nice place. The only downside is they have a toilet guy, I find them annoying... Hey, here is £2 for a scrap of tissue... 🙄
Sonia Manzone
17:35 11 Aug 22
I came to the 2 Brewers back in 2003 for the first time. I came back 2 weeks ago and had a ball!! Not much has changed, except that I am older. But it was fun to be around younger folks and what guys!!! I simply loved Karla Bear and Ms Imelda's performance but Karla Bear/Daniel Downing will never be forgotten! A teenage crush after ages!!! What a night, what an atmophear, what memories! I will go back to this pub hopefully again soon!
alicia wroblewska
09:01 02 Aug 22
I went here for my birthday to see the show More madness with Mrs Moore and she was incredible. Made me laugh so much and I had a great birthday! The bar even bought be a shot to celebrate and the vibes in general were very welcoming and easy going. Would recommend to anyone who is interested in drag or comedy! And it’s free entry on a Monday 🙂
Adam Z.
14:18 01 Aug 22
Hilarious Monday night queen, Mrs Moore. Will be coming back as often as possible on my trip. If you can't handle the heat stay out of the fire!
El Davis
01:35 16 Jul 22
Was here Thursday night , had such a good night, the drag dj was soo good and cabaret was really funny. such a great atmosphere, the staff are very friendly and efficient. Will definitely be back again soon 🙂
Ian Hall
16:32 26 Jun 22
Fabulous street party yesterday! The Two Brewers team certainly know how to throw a party. Well done you gorgeous lot! X
Hannah Diment
01:17 02 Jun 22
It’s an alright place for a late night adventure… if you are willing to pay a fee to come in then pop on in. HOWEVER!!!! I do not under any circumstance agree with guys using the ladies toilets if they identify as trans then fine but from what i saw tonight it was guys who could not he asked to wait for the guys and just came into the ladies… not at any point was a guy refused to the ladies toilet. its annoys me as they just pee all over the seat and then expects women to use them after.
Jonathan Rippon
05:38 25 Apr 22
The Two Brewers is a legendary South London gay venue. I have been coming here for over 10 years and have enjoyed so many fantastic Brewers nights with friends. Whether it’s buzzing club nights on a Friday or Saturday with pop classics in the front bar spun by DJ Demon and dance tracks in the back room; or cabaret, karaoke, comedy, quizzes and other entertainment during the week, the Brewers always has something fun and varied to offer. The owner, Jimmy and the manager, Jamie are very friendly and welcoming, and there is a great selection of top drag acts who perform here. One of my personal Brewers highlights was singing live with the London Gay Big Band as part of their Jazz Idol competition. If you haven’t been to the Brewers, definitely go!
David Bonney
19:22 11 Apr 22
Relaxed no attitude bar. They were so patient with me when I was drunk, they were helpful and caring. A trustable and dependable friend xxx
Angelo Sousa
20:04 07 Apr 22
Just one of my favourite places in London. The staff are lovely and very caring. The crowd are fantastic. Super busy during the weekends so get early otherwise you might need to wait for a bit on the queue but is definitely worth it to wait. The Dj put always music that everyone is dancing. The drag shows are incredible and super interactive with the public. Security are also fantastic because they are always looking for you safety. For sure one of the best places to hang out and have an incredible night out.Definitely worth to check it out if you are in London and if you want a excellent time.
Neil Williams
19:59 07 Apr 22
Absolutely love this venue.The atmosphere is incredible. I really love the acts that they put on throughout the week. They have some incredible performers.The bar staff at Two Brewers are always kind and happy to help. I do not feel like I am being judged like you are in other LGBT bars. They work hard to ensure that the customers are welcome and have a great time. When you get served by individuals they remember your face and remember what you have ordered (which makes the service more personal and quick).I would like to mention Dwayne and Jason who work there. I had lost my friends and was quite upset; I went to them and asked them to help me find my friends. When I described my friends to them the were able to locate them and reunite me with them. I told them that I get nervous in busy places when I am alone and they were completely understanding. Looking back I can see that they were busy with other things but they spent the time to help me out. I cannot believe how much they went above and beyond their duties to help me, I could have been seen as someone with a petty dilemma but they never made it seem that way.1000% will recommend this venue to everyone.Jason, Dwayne and ALL the staff here are a credit to your company!I look forward to visiting Two Brewers more often.Thank you,A very Happy Customer 🙂
Ines Dupont
19:33 07 Apr 22
The Two Brewers is an amazing place for queer people in south London. There are amazing, quality shows every single day of the week. You can also catch super exclusive and special events from cabaret acts to comedy. The vibes are super friendly and you'll feel like you're talking to your own friends while simply ordering a drink. Staff is definitely the highlight of this unpretentious bar/club, everyone is nice, helpful and eager to make sure you have a good time!
Bobby Tran
09:19 03 Apr 22
Cloak room mayhem, no space in cloak room when they cram so many people in!Also some of the cloakroom staff did not know about “1 in 1 out system”.Also like to mention there was a cloakroom upstairs which was full, so we had to go downstairs to the other cloakroom in the busy dance area. There was only ONE staff member there and ran out wrist bands too!WASTED MY £9 entry here, just to leave after a 20mins!
Robert Kearns
20:16 30 Mar 22
Above and beyond! That’s what comes to mind when I think of the two brewers. They’re prepared and always ready to show a good time. The positions they get themselves into for the customers only shows the sweat, blood and tears of a great team. The cleanliness is extraordinary and they always on the their hands and knees ready to give the people an experience you will never forget.
Paul Donohoe
12:34 28 Mar 22
This is a wonderful friendly establishment. Well run, safe, non threatening environment offering a great selection of wines and spirits. Excellent shows weekly. A great night out in South London that caters for everyone to enjoy.
Ellen Gladwin
21:44 02 Mar 22
We really love the two brewers, specifically Seriah and Poppy’s quiz!! Everyone is always so kind and friendly, really makes our Wednesday nights! The drag queens are always really entertaining and talented and the bar staff are always helpful and efficient. We love coming here all the time ever
Genevieve Anderson
21:57 10 Feb 22
I was having an average night until I clapped eyes on the most beautiful nymph behind the bar. This boy, this beautiful boy. How can I even put into word... he ignighted depth of longing I haven't known in SOME time. WOW. And then there was his manner... simply stunning. Rhys is truly the highlight of my life
Mark Hulsmeier
21:01 10 Feb 22
Best bar in Clapham (even London!). Always a good night. Top quality entertainment. Staff are all lovely and friendly. Jamie is fantastic and a credit to the venue.
Daniel Campey
16:34 10 Feb 22
My first time in a LGBTQ+ venue, my brother took me and it was such a great experience - would 10000% recommend it! Great space and very welcoming. Music was camp & fun, can’t wait to go again!
Balázs Mihályfi
20:52 09 Feb 22
Love this place - the vibes are great and the staff is welcoming and friendly. The drinks are surprisingly good value for London - the cocktails are very tasty and not overpriced. The music is very diverse, but there's no way it won't make you want to dance.10/10 would recommend
Kieran Poole
18:59 09 Feb 22
The atmosphere is great and the staff are super friendly. The manager on shift, Dwayne, was really helpful and couldn’t have been nicer. Will definitely be back in future.
neville kershaw
15:02 09 Feb 22
I love it here. A fantastic venue local to us in South London. I often go to see the shows they have on which are always really fun and varied. I also like that I can go in the week and enjoy something different or go on the weekend to party. As well as the shows, the music is always good and a bit of something for everyone, guilty pleasures and dance floor fillers. The staff are super, always welcoming and great service. The whole place constantly feels clean and well looked after. I always enjoy someone saying....brewers?
Luke Peters
00:13 08 Feb 22
My favourite place to go in SW London, great atmosphere and a good balance of cheesy and dance tunes. Friendly staff and an all together good night. Jason is always going the extra mile 💦
Ben Thurston
18:44 07 Feb 22
The Two Brewers is an iconic LGBTQ+ venue. Staff are really friendly and go above and beyond for the customers. Have a great range of talented drag acts which are guarenteed to make me laugh! Always have an amazing night out here 🙂
Nigel Andrews
11:29 06 Feb 22
Excellent atmosphere, great Caberet (saw Mary Mac) and fast friendly service. Always a queue to get in but we’ll worth the wait.
Rachel King
01:17 29 Jan 22
Similarly to other groups of women on this thread we were turned away for being “too big a group” and my partner for being “too drunk” - she doesn’t drink.While it’s of course difficult to prove, it definitely felt like we were turned away for being a group of mostly femme women. We’re majority queer and when we have been in before, also in large groups, have largely had fun, but occasionally we’ve experienced harassment from other customers basically being like “you’re straight, get out.”It’s really sad to still encounter this attitude towards queer women in a space that’s supposed to be inclusive in this day and age. We won’t be visiting again until there’s a change on management.
yuko !
18:07 13 Jan 22
I’ve been here a few times now, and all I can say is that everything about this venue is an utter delight! The staff on the door work hard to make sure that the Two Brewers is a safe space for its community, and the bar staff inside keep that up by providing a super-friendly service that goes above and beyond what one might expect from them - they work fast and hard, and were always happy to do so whenever my friends and I came for another round of drinks.Of course, I can’t go on without mentioning the plethora of events that are always lined up. The wide variety of alternative entertainment that is always on offer at the Two Brewers just makes me want to go back over and over again. At the very least they’ll have some stunning cabaret acts who will give you an authentic drag experience, which will never fail to make you laugh.The friendly atmosphere is a stark contrast to often-moody London, and the LGBT community do a fantastic job of making everyone feel welcome. I can’t recommend this place enough and will definitely be coming again! I encourage everyone (save for homophobes and TERFs) to brush up on their Steps choreography and visit the Two Brewers at least once in their life!
zeekay olee
21:36 07 Jan 22
Been to this place several times,Great service the cleanest gay club i have been to. I can't believe how fast drinks are wiped if spilled.Music is great, and the shows are wow there is noway you wont be entertained.has variety of drinks served in safe plexi cups.This place is a must visit 💕 especially when Sandra is performing
Matt Goddard
17:02 02 Jan 22
We had a brilliant night on NYE. Bouncers & manager seemed very friendly indeed. Music was fabulous and the general vibe was very friendly and welcoming. Drinks are reasonably priced too.
Dwayne Campey
16:50 29 Dec 21
Myself and my friends have been visiting the Two Brewers for many years - even during COVID. We always love the place, it’s a home from home with amazing staff + always busy and drink prices are reasonable. Always come to see the drag shows and every night I’ve been it’s always been a blast. Some queens may have the same songs most time but they are always fun to watch and the way they engaging with the audience is always comical. The staff and the venue have handled the covid restrictions at a high standard and the place feels like a very safe environment to be in.
Callum Smith
16:48 29 Dec 21
I’ve been frequenting Two Brewers for many years. I’ve always found their friendly customer service to be impeccable & recently dealing with all the COVID issues they’ve been wonderful. I’m really excited to go on New Year’s Eve! Best place in London.
Petru Hoza
10:25 06 Dec 21
Overall a good first visit until the end of our night was ruined, when one of the managers showed his "excellent" customer service skills: came over didn't introduce himself, no badge or anything else to stand out from the crowd and just started moving our table with drinks spilling and chairs with jackets and purses falling on the floor. When asked who is he and what is happening while picking up our things from the floor he became angry and replied: YOU COME OUT NOW!....and kicked us out - four people who spent around £400 between 8pm and 2am. Nice!!!Well done!!! Please use a percentage of the money we spent to refresh his Customer Service skills if possible. We offer this course at my workplace so if he is interested please let me know and will enrol him for free! I found out his name later from one of the security officers and it was Jimmy as he refused to tell me his name when he came to our table. Oh in addition, if you could remind him that good manners are free as well it would be great! Customers are people not animals! As another working individual with customer service experience, just wanted to mentioned that if I would dare to talk in the same manner he spoke to me that evening to our customers or colleagues I would definitely get in trouble but I am sure he will be just fine and carry on as before judging by the many 1 star reviews related to other incidents he was involved in.Thank you Two Brewers!
Lynn Wootton
18:28 05 Dec 21
Well what can I say ! Myself and 2 friends had been looking forward to visiting this place. After an hour drive a train journey then a bus we arrived and stood in the very small que last night. As we approached the doors one of the security approached and said we would not be allowed in as we had too much to drink. We had not even had a drink 🤣 definitely if your face fits your in. I was honestly shocked very rude and we will definitely not be returning.
Daniel Matthews
00:36 19 Nov 21
This bar is it. They look after everyone and that’s be honest, I lost my wallet in the bar for 4 MONTHS and they kept and returned it to me. What more can I say.
Sam G.
02:54 13 Nov 21
Apparently we were not 'gay' enough to enter. So disappointing
Isaac Cuevas
10:40 31 Oct 21
I don’t remember much, but I think it was a great night.
Keri Br
16:35 02 Oct 21
Great service had a fun few days great friendly team and atmosphereMade to feel really welcome on the door would definitely recommend and will be back soon
H Manser
14:53 23 Aug 21
Friendly staff, good prices and great shows. All around a fantastic venue!!!
Daniel Wood
16:45 19 Aug 21
Amazing bar!!!! Had such a good night that I would recomend to anyone. Friendly and inclusive staff really made my night. I shall be back for more 🙂
Miss penny Drag queen
12:25 12 Aug 21
Wonderful night at the two brewers as always … superb team abs great atmosphere …
PureGrit PT (Francesca Purefoy)
23:10 25 Jul 21
The acts were absolutely great, the bar staff were mostly attentive and helpful. unfortunately when we took one of our group home for being a little unwell, the security 'manager' Jimmy, decided the rest of the group wasn't ok to stay in the club (at least 2 hours later!). No one caused an issue and considering we had gotten our friend home on our own steam, this had come out of the blue. Other groups near us didnt understand why we had been asked to leave, as we were buying drinks, being supportive of the acts and those sat around us. This was such an awful end to the evening, as the birthday girl was upset that we'd all been told to leave, for no credible reason. Honestly it was a ruined night, due to this one man deciding we weren't the 'Right people' to stay. incredibly disappointed by this mans decision , based on absolutely nothing, other than us supporting the acts that performed all evening!
Francesca S.
15:59 25 Jul 21
The acts were absolutely great, the bar staff were mostly attentive and helpful. unfortunately when we took one of our group home for being a little unwell,...
Samantha Strydom
09:14 25 Jul 21
So disgusted by how my friend and I were treated last night by your door staff. We were turned away at the door saying we apparently needed a booking. We of course hadn't made one since restrictions have been lifted and have also been to this place loads of times in the past and never needed a booking. We stood around the side of the building trying to figure out out next move. Got shouted at by one of your staff for standing in the fire exit, Jesus give us a bloody chance to decide on our next move. I then noticed there was a queue forming at the door and asked the people in the queue if they had a booking. They said no they don't and have never had to book before? So we joined the queue again. Got singled out by one of your staff, pulled out of the line and basically asked to leave??? I mean, why?? What on earth did we do to deserve that treatment and to be denied entry for no damb reason? Iv been coming to Two Brewers for years with my friends and will never be coming back. The men at the door where snarky, rude and downright disrespectful.
Jamie Henderson The Small Business Bear
07:19 25 Jul 21
Brewers is back! One of the best nights out you'll have. Excellent staff who have been brilliant during the pandemic and now are working so hard to get back to normal times. Great acts and a cold beer (or 7). The outside area is great too. A must visit and one of the best nights out any day of the week.
Jennifer Wroe
21:11 20 Jul 21
The most intellectually challenging and vibrant quiz I’ve attended all year! The staff were beyond helpful and polite and the hosts could not have been more beautiful. Drinks were tasty and refreshing we WILL BE BACK!
Joe Foulsham
21:08 20 Jul 21
The quiz on Tuesdays with @itspoppycock and @serhias is phenomenal. Voices like angels, side splitting humour, stunning outfits and a quiz I could actually do! Five stars all the way!
Andy Friel
21:08 20 Jul 21
Had the best night with the FITTEST drag queens doing an amazingly fun quiz. Would recommend. Drag race who?!
Michael Jasinski
10:09 05 Jul 21
What a great place for a night out!great drinks, great cabaret and amazing staff.
Margaret Heath
14:12 09 Jun 21
Lovely well organised really fun place. Staff very polite and organised. Entertainment marvellous I love going there.
bira b
15:33 09 Feb 21
Great staff, they are all so nice!
Andy Knowles
09:56 03 Nov 20
As always we had the best night here even under the current covid rules. This is one of very few venues in London with no attitude from anyone. Bar staff and security are always warm and friendly. Had so many good nights here and will always keep going. You guys are the best!!
Steve Lalbeharry
04:12 18 Sep 20
Lived in London 10years ago.Originally from Trinidad and Tobago. I would frequent this bar/ club every week. The most amazing place for me in all of London.Very friendly and helpful staff. The music was Especially great .I hope to return to London in the future and visit this bar again and Hopefully relive some of the most amazing memories of my stay in London.
Craig Blaszczyk
20:59 23 Aug 20
2 Brewers has started drag shows again, and we had a fabulous time. They're really respecting and following social distancing, but it's still possible to have a good time and enjoy yourself. We'll be back ASAP!
ambivert boy
22:34 08 Aug 20
I don’t know where to start - I was visiting this area alone and wanted a place to sit and have a drink at 11 pm to kill time - so I decided to check this out - everything from the entry, bar/club experience, the staffs and the exit was amazing. The ambiance was so lovely and every staffs were so friendly. Thank you!
Tim Smith
17:45 21 Dec 19
Been coming to this bar off and on for about ten years. Never disappoints. Very unpretentious yet fun bar and club. Usually have some fantastic drag acts on and a very decent dance floor at the back.We also went to their Christmas panto this year which was superb!Recommend this place for a few drinks, for a show or all night dancing.
Shay L.
05:20 23 May 19
Mary Mac is magic. If she's performing, check her out. You won't be sorry!I've read some of the reviews where they say the bar doesn't like women or...
Rachel O.
19:04 14 Apr 18
This place discriminates against women. It should be investigated for discriminatory practices. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
Sean M.
09:36 20 Jul 16
First - Take the cheesy 90's pop hits that you won't hear anywhere else, then throw in a dash of Eurovision, a pinch of all the gay icons - Madge, Kylie,...

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