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Via Manchester stands as a vibrant and popular destination in Manchester's iconic gay village. Known for its dark wood décor and lively atmosphere, it's a perfect spot for enjoying tasty cocktails and live entertainment, including fabulous drag shows. The nightclub buzzes with energy, especially during the weekend DJ sets and live music performances. Its contemporary interiors and outdoor tables by the water make it an ideal place for a casual cocktail in the sunshine. In terms of cuisine, Via Manchester offers an array of options including Mexican and International dishes, catering to various dietary preferences like vegetarian. The bar is known for being affordable and welcoming, creating an inclusive and fun environment for all its patrons.



Via Manchester
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08:48 10 May 24
Spent a couple of hours here last Friday for the first time in a few years and had a blast. The barman who served us was very friendly and the DJ’s tune selections were immaculate. We will definitely be back soon!
13:48 07 May 24
This was the first ever bar I visited on Canal Street. The staff are absolutely lovely and the food and drink is excellent. Can get a bit busy later on but that's to be expected. Also I love the decor.
John Browne
07:10 02 Apr 24
We have a regular Saturday get together always friendly helpful staff and good food recommended all our m8s from London live the place
Daniel Clinton
22:26 24 Mar 24
So fun, this is a staple for a night out in gay village. Drag and tribute acts are so entertaining. It is always busy on the weekends which makes for a great atmosphere. Although I have noticed there are more weird people in here compared to other gay clubs and bars but that’s not the establishment’s fault. Drinks are expensive which is especially noticeable when they are some very cheap places in the village. The interior is pleasant and it is large so lots of different areas of the bar to explore. Always have a good time in there
Immy Corson
12:15 24 Mar 24
Amazing place, huge variety of seating areas. Multiple bars which is great during peak times. Often has drag shows and DJs which are always great. Staff are also amazing!Drinks are quite pricey, and does get very busy during peak days. Lots of toilets.Very lovely atmosphere, definitely recommend.
07:01 24 Mar 24
Best nightclub come across so far, surrounding over night clubs that are near by. Bouncers aren’t rude, service is good.In love with the layout and the architecture of the building😍 Some of the people in there aren’t pleasant- overall enjoyed it
Mark Pedley
21:55 20 Mar 24
One of the gay village’s best venues by far. The only downside is that it gets too busy sometimes and it’s hard to move - but it’s a great night out. I’d definitely recommend to anyone visiting Manchester.
Jason Clayton
09:39 26 Feb 24
Didn't have food large vodka and coke around £9 mark which is pretty good these day's. Quite busy on a Sunday afternoon would recommend, loads of interesting seating
Primm Guy
17:46 10 Feb 24
I had the big burger it was a life changing experience. I feel spiritually more full then ever . Would do again .
Shaun “Starman”
19:16 09 Feb 24
I have been here a few times over the last six months as I have started to revisit the Village after twenty years. I find the atmosphere here quite relaxing and unassuming. People are who they want to be and everyone seems to get on and enjoy the evening. Even I had managed to strike up a conversation in here and I am generally very shy. There's downstairs, where people dance a lot and there's upstairs where people talk and dance a lot. There are little cosy recesses, where people sit and chat a lot. I quite like it and generally come in here every time I visit.
Jean Goussen.
21:14 18 Jan 24
First time in Manchester and came to this lovely place and I had such a wonderful time. Staff were so lovely and friendly. I’m definitely coming back on my next visit to Manchester.
Laura Alberdi
12:25 10 Dec 23
Went out with some friends and I was not allow enter the club cause of the type of shoes I was wearing. Security told me that cause my heels were slide ins I was not allow. Had to go home sadly. I don't think I would go there ever again or recommend it
Berteee Boi
14:19 22 Oct 23
Food was really good. Needed a meal before travelling and it was good pub food. Nice atmosphere too. Young Lady behind the bar seemed a bit sour but maybe she was having a bad day. Can’t wait to come back!
Jay Lamb
14:19 14 Oct 23
Had a really good night in a generally mixed age and demographic (predominantly white but not all) and great to see gender neutral / fluid / trans / non-binary folk present and seemingly comfortable.Door staff friendly and chatty, not intimidating as I’ve read from a few reviews.Multiple bars over multiple floors, it’s a great place on multi-levels like an old theatre or manor. Space to sit and chill and chat or places to stand and dance. Drinks priced as you’d expect. Didn’t try the food.Five of us together, mixed heritage, aging from early twenties to late forties and it suited us all. Mix of music that catered to all our terrible tastes.Great to have gender neutral loos. All single occupancy cubicles so everyone can pee without a falsely created drama!Really pleased we picked this venue for the evening. Can’t compare to others as we didn’t move on having found this suited our group!
Discover With Bailee (DiscoverWithBailee)
01:26 07 Oct 23
Such a lovely bar, great staff, great doorstaff especially Lee, always looked after, always feel safe and very clean a credit to visit and highly recommendThankyou
Michael Lehrman
13:56 03 Sep 23
Only had chips here which were good but can't judge the foodThe show at night though was fun and lively with a diverse crowd including gay and straight people of all ages.
Gavin Oliver
05:31 30 Aug 23
This place is not great. Uses to visit regularly back in late 90s early 2000s. Via has gone down hill. Rude and ignorant bar staff who'd rather chat to their mates than serve you and happily leave you stood there for 5 min while they finish their chat. The door staff are far worse. Rude and aggressive in their tone and on more than one occasion refused entry for no reason and once refused entry as "I don't look gay". If you are anything other than white Caucasian then don't even bother trying to get in!! I refuse to put my money in the till nowadays as the village has many better places. Places where the customer isn't held in contempt like they are here. The sooner the place closes and gets new owners and new staff, the better. Such ashame as it used to be such a good place. You only have to look at negative reviews. The same themes reoccurring. Same response from Via....let us know more so we can improve....this is clearly nonsense as same complaints stretch back years yet still no improvement. Goes to show they clearly don't care and their responses are a bad attempt at damage limitation.
Kunaal Hathi
11:47 15 Aug 23
One of my personal favourites in the gay village! The bouncers are friendly and helpful. There are often live drag acts that are actually pretty fierce and the service at the bar is always good, even when the place is heaving.
16:49 13 Aug 23
Pretty big pub with a couple of dance floors. Great weekend shows with drag queens and friendly crowd for a night out
14:54 02 Aug 23
Great place to have a drink and dance the night away! Huge inside with 4 floors and loads of places to sit. Several bars apart from the main one at the front mean you can get served quickly. The Abba show was great. Really good crowd and mix of people.
Neal Stepp
09:22 02 Aug 23
Such a fun spot! Enjoyed the show and banter from the Queen.
Nicolette W
08:12 02 Aug 23
I like Via. They have a good selection of beers and wine although they'd run out of Tempronilla tonight. Staff are friendly. Pub has lots of different areas to sit. Food is good. Good choice of pizzas, both veggie and non veggie. Reasonably priced. A night here will not break the bank.They also have a vegan and gluten free menu. Burgers are very good.
Peter Rosenfeld
10:35 21 Jul 23
Superb, safe venue providing nightly entertainment and a FAB night out. Drink prices fair too. Saw "Whitney" (Ikenna) who was incredible.Highly recommended!!
01:43 14 Jul 23
It’s my favourite place in Manchester but lately upon arrival we can’t go in since we are a group of people, if 4-6 people are denied entry, how you get in? Are you supposed to go in 1 by 1? I been there 1000 times and I see many groups inside with 8-10 people, we are going on Saturday again, are we supposed to go in 2 by 2? You even post photos with groups of 6-8 people on Facebook. Please explain this policy…
Mark Tietjen
18:05 12 Jul 23
I concur with some of the less than complimentary reviews on here. As an older single gay man visiting Manchester, I searched online for a gay environment to have a meal and this place looked good. On arriving there were 3 people behind the bar with another one floating about, one serving a customer the rest doing nothing. I was holding a menu trying to catch their eyes but was completely ignored for about 5 minutes.The menu is well presented giving the impression the food will be good, but the burger I had was only ordinary and included one fatty gooey deep fried onion ring, a hint of lettuce, a hint of bacon and 3 meat patties swimming in sauce.The venue is an obviously heavily used gay bar similar to many found world wide
01:47 17 Jun 23 good..songs are so good..aCabernet is nice and the security guard also good and nice..drinks are cheap compared to other places..good atmosphere..
19:24 21 May 23
The food is great; the prices are appropriate; the staff is always friendly and welcoming, and the location is absolutely spectacular.
Paul Harris
14:12 29 Apr 23
Loved this bar, plenty of different zones. If you didn't want to watch the drag artist you can go somewhere else and chill. Plenty of bars to get a drink, really great atmosphere and lovely door staff.
marco inderbitzin
18:16 17 Feb 23
Lovely Place, lovely People , nice Atmosphere. Live music during the week. Highly recommended
Jonathan Maher
19:41 19 Jan 23
Amazing venue and the cabaret here is out of this world. Always come here through the week for a pint and show. The staff are brilliant as well and add to the atmosphere of the venue.
19:01 15 Jan 23
Amazing bar in the heart of Manchester. Great atmosphere. And the music is up my alley. The staff were fast. The prices are great.
Prem Khan
06:09 21 Nov 22
I visited the bar yesterday 20.11.22 in the afternoon. It wasn't busy. I came with my friend as we haven't met since covid. We was considering going to other places but decided to go to Via instead. It was freezing outside so i wanted a warm drink first and my mate got a alcoholic drink. I asked the lady (older white women with grey short hair) who served us what hot drinks do you have please? She looked at me like i asked a stupid question, shrugged her shoulders and looked angry like i asked a killer question. She replied by saying obviously we have tea and coffee that's it. Well, it was obvious to me! It really set the bad tone and i felt embarrassed for my friend. I didn't want to say anything back to her because i just wanted a enjoyable afternoon with my friend. If she was having a bad day please keep it to herself. There is nothing wrong with smiling at customers and trying to be helpful. It doesn't cost anything. There are plenty of other places we could have gone but we chose via for its reputation. We decided to stay regardless.I then went back later to get some more drinks and served by a nice lad. He was polite and helpful.
Dut Ton
19:45 14 Oct 22
Visiting from Edinburgh, I decided to try out your club. It wasn’t usually my particular scene, but soo glad I did come in. I enjoyed it so much I returned a second night.I would like to really say that the venue is not only immaculate, the staff were very friendly also. Making us really welcome. I really wanted to mention your door steward. One girl who was on the door that night is an asset to your club. Not only did she keep the club safe, her observation is incredible. She spotted two male individuals that were about to be a serious problem and she spotted it well before it escalated. One particular male was very threatening toward my girlfriend who I was there with. Your steward removed him before it got me into a difficult situation.I understand it’s not easy to stop the problem at the door, but she did an impeccable job.Many thanks for allowing us access and we will re visit again.
Rafał De
20:57 07 Oct 22
Poped in during an afternoon. Was welcomed by super friendly people behind the counter. They served me nice food and drinks. The fish was gentle, chips were crispy, the pint was tasty. I felt welcomed and loved it. Will come back when in Manchester again.
Louis Bone
16:04 06 Oct 22
My friends and I enjoy a mix of loud music and space to chat. Via was excellent for this.Inside, the setting was a beautiful mix of old and new. The staff were friendly and we enjoyed this bar the most of any on canal street.Would recommend!
Peter Brook
16:32 15 Sep 22
When ever we visit Manchester we always go to Via on Canal Street. Our latest visit today 15/09/22 was just as awesome as it always is.They have a super new food menu with exclusive drinks offers and the food is outstanding.All the staff are super friendly warm and welcoming but two members who always stand out and give a super welcome and awesome service are Joshua and Paul!Thank you Via for all you do for both you customers new and returning as well as your staff. This is definitely one of our all time favourite places to go each time we are in town visiting.
Jose alberto Marquez
17:51 21 Aug 22
AJ was very nice with great customer service. It help me out when I didn’t know what to drink and he guide me throw all drinks available at the bar. Very good knowledge of the product and clearly a keeper.
Megan H
17:32 21 Aug 22
I am obsessed with Via. My girlfriend and I traveled to Manchester from the USA for a very quick (one day) trip. AJ, the bartender, went above and beyond to make us some drinks that are common in the states but not in England. We ended up staying at Via for hours rather than exploring because the atmosphere, patrons, and staff were wonderful!
14:07 20 Aug 22
Incredible both day and night.. Ready for a drag act? You got it, chilled day sesh? The staff and beer selection are amazing and long with an amazing choice of spirits! Be sure to stop into via!
aaron steele
08:28 08 Aug 22
This venue hosts a pre meet for an event I attend on the first Saturday of every month. The staff are friendly, the venue is beautiful and the food and beverage selection is lovely! Thank you guys for being so hospitable to us before our event.
Ellie jude Williams
13:43 06 Aug 22
Had a lovely time afternoon with the girls thank you Tom for being such a legend behind the bar! Good vibes all round.
Arlene Peacock
19:24 30 Jul 22
Loved it here, lovely food... had chicken burger for our lunch. Went back that evening Friday 29-7 2022 to have some drinks & fun and we had an amazing time, such a good happy vibe, friendly staff, great entertainment, great music, everyone was letting their hair down and dancing the night away. Fantastic happy atmosphere. Would definitely recommend going 👌 xxx
Andy B
13:57 26 Jul 22
Awesome venue, and favourite bar on Canal Street.Always popular and always lively, playing great music.Even the entertainment is exceptional too.
Judge Dredd
10:02 24 Jul 22
Really bad experience so I doubt I'll be going back again.Bear in mind I'm a straight guy in my 50s visiting this venue with my wife as it's supposed to be stress-free and pleasant.Not on a Friday or Saturday night for sure.If you're after a pleasant night out try another place and avoid the aggressive male crowds.We were having a little boogie and a young bunch of aggressive guys came to our area and started pushing us out the way. I asked what their problem was and they responded that it was their usual spot so we should move. 😳I'm pretty shocked at this poor attempt at bullying especially as I'm a 4 Dan blackbelt in origami.As a bouncer passed by I told him and he had a word with the guys who then moved away.5 minutes later I'm told that I'm being kicked out for being "too friendly" by their new short bouncer.In another response by the owner on Google reviews they responded that "my group was intoxicated". I have a screenshot.Completely nonsensical and definitely a place I'll be avoiding from now on.
Natalie Black as Adele
10:03 26 Jun 22
I perform my Adele tribute show here and wow such an amazing venue!!There’s a real vibe in here, the atmosphere is always electric! I’ve seen some absolutely world class acts performing here, and it’s free entry!!Not to be missed if you’re visiting Manchester, I can’t recommend highly enough!!
Tom James
15:17 20 Jun 22
Fantastic venue, super friendly and covers all areas in regards to a fun afternoon/evening out in Manchester on Canal street. We spent the afternoon there Thursday enjoying great and very fast table service on the picnic tables outside. Great atmosphere, nice and clean and later on the entertainment was was fantastic. I have been here many times and all of my friends and family love it. Situated in the heart of the gay village, serving heart every time!
Stejaski King
16:47 17 Jun 22
Great staff great venue! Foods good too and the house white is lovely. Keeps the hen party hell to a minimum too.Entertainment nearly every night. A village stalwart and I hope it never changes.
Neil Hudson
13:44 17 Jun 22
Great Atmosphere and Entertainment … food is amazing Would highly recommend Sunday Roast Dinner. Cabaret every night with good vibes, indoor & outdoor seating.Friendly Manager & bar staff.
Scott Southam
22:07 11 Jun 22
The best bar in Manchester! My favourite gay bar in the heart of Canal Street. Always offers the best in cabaret and has the best staff too. A delight to drink in
Remael Gordon
18:42 10 Jun 22
Really great place, the shows they have on are so entertaining! Huge selection of drinks, food is also great! Music is ace too! Would deffo recommend
Josh Hunt
17:07 07 Jun 22
By far the best venue on canal street. Amazing good. Amazing staff and to top it off amazing cabaret. Always the place to be any day of the week.
Thanasis Liapis
10:50 07 Jun 22
Amazing service with great atmosphere.Friendly staff, especially the tall guy with the round glasses and the long long long legs, such a great guy love him
Jonas S
19:20 05 Jun 22
I went with my boyfriend and my Spanish friend yesterday (04/06) to Via. Everything was fine, but we decided to go out for to breathe some fresh air and walk around the Canal St.When we returned, we had a very bad experience. When we tried to get in, the short door guy told us that it was too busy and we should go to another bar. But people kept coming in. So I asked if it was too busy just for us? He told us to look for another bar, no explanations why… Very rude.Now I ask myself, why? We weren't drunk. We don’t use drugs, like so many in there. Dress code? We were inside half hour before and nobody said anything about our clothes. In this case I can only believe that it was discrimination? Really? A shame, even more in this month of pride. You can see the footage (around 1:30 am) to check it out.In the end, my friend who came from Spain to visit did not enjoy the evening.
Stephen Booth
23:13 03 Jun 22
Had 3 friends visiting from London. Bouncers wouldn’t let us in because one girl had a bride sash on (as she’s getting married). Bouncers said no hen parties. Really pointlessly rude and obnoxious. I am normally a regular at Via but won’t be going back. Really humiliating had to try to convince my friends canal street isn’t normally like this. Luckily bar pop were really nice and welcoming but doubt my friends will want to come back any time soon.
Stephen B.
17:40 03 Jun 22
Had 3 friends visiting from London. Bouncers wouldn't let us in because one girl had a bride sash on (as she's getting married). Bouncers said no hen...
Collette Connolly
19:05 21 May 22
Stopped by at Via for some food and a drink. I ordered the 'angry hash' burger with seasoned fries. The food was served extra hot but the burger was just mediocre. The seasoned chips had way too much season on, and they were extremely salty as a consequence. Not nice at all.. I was unimpressed
Helen Clarke
13:43 28 Feb 22
A vibe... Great tunes, live shows, drinks, atmosphere. Well worth a trip
Simon Carter
22:19 27 Feb 22
Always come into via whenever I visit manchester. Staff are brilliant and the cabaret is phenomenal. Worth a visit whenever you are in Manchester
rob halfpenny
21:57 27 Feb 22
Excellent venue, perfect starting point for my nights out. Always served by friendly staff and great atmosphere both inside and on warmer days sat out on the street. Lots of lovely areas you can sit in and the decors cool and the club bit downstairs is really enjoyable. Over time via has grown to be fave place of mine on canal street over the other bars.
Mark Jones
16:14 27 Feb 22
Great service, friendly staff. Had a great afternoon here with friends. Highly recommend to anyone 🧡
Calum Eddy
22:46 26 Feb 22
Best bar on canal street by far. Food is excellent and the staff always make me and my friends feel welcome.
Dwayne Campey
18:44 06 Feb 22
Myself and my friends have been Visiting via for many years even during covid, always love the place it’s a home from home amazing staff always busy and drink prices are reasonable. Always come to see the drag shows and every night iv been it’s always been a blast some queens may have the same songs most time but they are always fun to watch and the way they engaging with the audience is always comical.Adding to that, Last night was amazing. the music, the vibe, the DJ was on point playing song after song that I adore always smiling and dancing away. What can I saw the staff look like they enjoy there job there as well always a friendly welcoming face at via. Amazing night will be coming back very soon.
Sophie Watkins
14:12 06 Feb 22
Played umbrella Chris brown remix and when confronted the DJ said "well it's her most successful song" - great to see a Manchester canal Street bar supporting woman beaters. Can't wait to come back and listen to Ignition - R Kelly x
Nathan Bell
14:32 05 Feb 22
Stunning venue, staff are camp as t*ts and the cabaret is fabulous! All round awesome night out and the place to be! ❤️
Rafał De
00:42 19 Jan 22
Poped in during an afternoon. Was welcomed by super friendly people behind the counter. They served me nice food and drinks. The fish was gentle, chips were crispy, the pint was tasty. I felt welcomed and loved it. Will come back when in Manchester again.
James McHugh
16:09 02 Jan 22
Food is excellent and cooked to perfection and it fills you up, especially the Sunday roast. Just be aware of long wait times during busy periods but it's worth the wait.Staff are very friendly, this is a nice venue and is a credit to Manchesters Gay VillageWe always come here for something to eat.
Ed Q
04:26 28 Nov 21
This is such a relaxed place.The bar staff are really nice. We spend afternoons here having a drink and natter.
Scott Lillyman
12:30 31 Oct 21
Great atmosphere, friendly and welcoming vibe. My go to place to visit on canal street. Never fail to have a great time 💕
colette kilgallon
13:32 11 Oct 21
We had a fantastic night in here, all the staff were wonderful, so friendly. Best bar in the village by far. Also just want to say the Door Staff were extremely helpful & very polite, via door staff setting a brilliant example for how to be with customers, well done all xx
Matt Sanderson
19:21 14 Sep 21
Lovely as ever! So glad to get back to Via after almost two years. Great atmosphere, lovely people and just wonderfully chilled and relaxing to sit out by the canal with a drink 🙂
Simone Patrick
17:30 12 Sep 21
I absolutely adore this place!Been a couple times and had an amazing night. The bouncer (think his name was Lincoln) was so friendly, warm, smiley, helpful, it honestly makes such a difference to your night out!The bar is spacious, plenty of tables and dance floor space. The drinks are a bit pricey but the service is quick and friendly so I didn't really mind.I will definitely be back!
hanicka musilova
23:25 20 Aug 21
We have stumbled upon this venue when having a day out shopping in Manchester - it's peaceful atmosphere and very attentive staff was just what we needed after busy day shopping. Loved the unique charisma of the interiors but we took advantage of a nice weather and sat outside, it's just a nice and lively place. Food was great, salad was massive, colourful and very tasty! My daughter had a pizza, nice crispy base, fresh basil, really good, can only recommend 👍
Dave Gore
15:49 14 Aug 21
Gorgeous, gorgeous bar. All dark wood and private little alcoves at the back, open areas towards the front. Club room downstairs. Staff are really friendly and welcoming. Good atmosphere inside, welcoming to everyone. Drinks aren't overpriced and are good. Love Via. Don't tell too many other people though, yeah? I still want to be able to get a table!
Mike A.
19:06 28 Oct 16
Absolute worst bar I've been too (in any country). I've just come over to visit the U.K. and this was the mrvery first Gay bar I tried to visit. I walked...
Paul B.
01:56 28 Jun 15
TL;DR - It's a gay bar on Canal Street. Nothing more, nothing less.I've got fond memories of Via Bar since it was the first place I ever visited on Canal...
Angela C.
01:25 17 May 15
Been in here a couple of times the staff are very nice and polite.The bar fairly big you can choose were you want to sit near the bar down stairs or...
Chris T.
06:05 09 May 14
Always a good crowd at Via, its not pretentious and its a great bar in the summer overlooking Sackville Gardens. Drinks are ok priced and just a nice bar to...

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