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Nestled in the heart of London's vibrant Soho, The Village has been a beacon on the gay scene since its opening in 1991, offering a little something for everyone. The venue's multi-level design includes the upstairs 'Soho Bar' with pop, chart, and commercial dance music, featuring the talents of DJs like Heidi Luscious & Robyn Banks, along with eye-catching GoGo boys. If deep house & tech are more your scene, head to the basement club for beats from top DJs like Paul Heron and Gordon John.

The 'Cafe bar' offers a relaxed atmosphere with comfortable seating, perfect for a laid-back chat. For a touch of luxury, the 'Cocktail Lounge' upstairs provides a sophisticated space with plush booths and a grand view of Old Compton Street.

Village Soho is known for its diverse crowd, making it an excellent spot for socializing and meeting new people. The bar staff are friendly and skilled at mixology, creating a wide range of delicious cocktails.

They host a variety of events, including karaoke nights, offering a great opportunity to let loose and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Happy hours and special offers like 50% off selected drinks make it an appealing choice for an evening out. However, it's always best to check their current opening hours and any seasonal changes before planning your visit.



Village Soho
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Aziz Karagil
11:39 13 May 24
My recent visits to The Village haven't been great. It used to be a favourite spot, but things have changed. The staff have been rude and not very welcoming lately. There have even been some incidents where things got physical, and complaints weren't handled well. It's sad to see a place with so much potential going downhill like this. Until they fix things and make it a nicer place to be, I'll probably stay away. Hope they will place the stuff with more friendly ones so it can be fun place to go again!
Stefan Mayr
17:54 03 May 24
Good place... Can get quite full every now and then. This barman called Hayden was serving us, and even though it was pretty full, he was attentive, fast and always had a smile on his face.
rebecca o donovan
22:55 12 Apr 24
Was looked after by Isaac and Miguel, had such a lovely time! Can for the happy hour but stayed for the go-go boys and atmosphere. Will definitely be coming back here again!!!
16:29 07 Apr 24
I went to write a one star review describing my experience with the security guard who assaulted me without cause and proceeded to shout racist slurs at me. However, upon reviewing this page I can see that the Village Soho has received plenty of similar reviews and has taken a lack of accountability for addressing the problem. So instead I’ll be taking my concerns to the Security Industry Authority.
Marianah Pamellah
18:10 29 Mar 24
The place is nice and I used to go there quite a lot, however the toilet attendant has such a bad attitude that ended up making me avoid this place. He’s extremely pushy and if you don’t tip, he comes across super rude and abusive. So different to the rest of the staff that’s normally quite friendly and well trained. It’s a bummer because I really enjoyed the place’s atmosphere, but as I refuse to being mistreated at a place that supposed to make us all feel welcome and safe.
16:18 18 Mar 24
Booked the cocktail lounge for my birthday on Saturday 16th after a previous venue cancelled, so glad the previous place cancelled and I ended up here! Great bar, service, music and atmosphere! We had our own bartender with us and he was a SAINT, he was incredible, engaged with us, chatted, made us some killer cocktails and was just a great guy overrall!! Will be back.
Catelijne Jongerius
11:12 01 Mar 24
Nice place in Soho London if you’re looking for a gay bar where you can chat while having a few (delicious but expensive) drinks. Visited on a Thursday between 12am and 1am, nice atmosphere but no one was dancing. The crowd was mixed in age, not so much in gender, but there were still some women. Had a weird experience trying to get into the bar, the bouncer wanted me to prove that my friends were inside and wouldn’t let me (a single woman) in on my own? Unsure what that was about. It felt weird to be denied access to a gay bar as a member of the community. Other than that we had a nice time!
07:54 15 Feb 24
Used to be a great fun, relaxed welcoming gay pub for so many years. Now they have a clipboard person at door and snotty table reservation policy. No thanks . Lots of great bars in Soho without this terrible attitude and table reservation policy. No wonder it was virtually empty.
Matthew Chew
00:34 15 Feb 24
Love coming here during the week for a great time, particularly on Wednesdays when Luna Cortez hosts the weekly karaoke. So much fun, and an amazing crowd and atmosphere!!
10:17 30 Jan 24
The worst bar in london. The midget manager is simply rude and unprofessional. Im not sure who employed this uneducated idiot, I'm not surprised though, he's obviously cheap labour (from Italy it seems like) and has no idea how to deal with customers. His videos and images will be shared on all my socials and i hope he sees it and cries about it. I hope this is a lesson for him to not f with people like me who will ruin his life and career. DO NOT GO HERE, IT IS NOT WORTH IT. The manager needs to leave and to be quite frank, he needs a good beating and i hope someone is able to teach him a lesson next time. I hope you see this you useless manager and have fun going viral with your fugly face :)The bouncer even told me to go back to where I came from which i find very shocking (see second pic for his face)quite happy that I’m able to share this terrible experience with you all so you can really think twice before going.DO NOT GO HERE.
Keiron Joy
20:00 22 Jan 24
James, the bartender knows customer service. He’s an asset to his ‘village’. His Long Island Iced Teas take me back to Hawaii in 1976. Simpler times. Thank you James and thank you everyone else. It really takes a ‘village’!
Ario Wibisono
16:57 11 Jan 24
Had a great evening with my partner. Delicious cocktails and excellent service from the bartender serving us throughout the night, James. Will certainly return in the future
g jones
14:01 11 Jan 24
Would have been a 1 star review if not for bartender James who completely turned the night around after a less than pleasant experience with bouncers. Great drinks and good happy hour prices too, thanks James!
N Dee
19:34 09 Jan 24
I recently had the misfortune of visiting Village Soho,, and it was an experience I wouldn't wish upon anyone. The evening started out promising, with a lively atmosphere and the promise of a good time with friends. However, the night took a dark turn that left me feeling violated and abandoned.The incident occurred when, out of nowhere, a bouncer decided to forcefully remove me from the premises. Without any warning, he came up from behind, grabbed me, and physically pushed me out the door. The entire encounter was not only humiliating but also completely unjustified. To add insult to injury, the manager was nowhere to be found, taking into account that all the bouncer had to say was that “management wanted me out” leaving me stranded and vulnerable on the street.What's even more disheartening is that this establishment claims to prioritise customer safety and satisfaction, being a safe space in Soho. However, the lack of managerial presence during such a distressing situation speaks volumes about their commitment to their patrons' well-being.I must acknowledge that I was happily imbibing and being extroverted with people at the bar. However, this in no way justifies the excessive force used against me or the lack of proper procedure in handling what could have been a simple disagreement.But I must repeat what's even more concerning is the absence of the manager during this entire episode. If a customer's behavior necessitates removal, it should be handled with tact and professionalism, not delegated to a bouncer's rash judgment. The responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the management to ensure that such decisions are made judiciously and with the customer's dignity in mind.While I am not absolving myself of accountability for my actions that night, the response from the establishment should have been measured and handled in person by someone with the authority to make such decisions. Leaving it to an overzealous bouncer not only tarnished my experience but also exposed the bar's disregard for its customers' well-being.Not only was I ejected with excessive and unnecessary force, but I was also left without my jacket, phone, and separated from my friends. This not only exposed me to the elements but also left me in a potentially dangerous situation. It's shocking that a venue would allow such a blatant disregard for the safety and well-being of its customers.Anyone can reply to a review but it takes upstanding management to handle situations in their establishments with a level of professionalism to deter such awful experiences in the first place.Subsequent attempts to address this issue with the management were met with a disappointing silence. A brave and responsible owner should be willing to confront such incidents head-on and engage in a dialogue with affected patrons. Ignoring customer concerns only serves to deepen the sense of disrespect and frustration.I strongly advise against visiting Village Bar if you value your safety, dignity, and overall well-being. This experience has left me shaken, and I hope others can learn from my unfortunate encounter and steer clear of this establishmentTO THE VILLAGE SOHO RESPONSE 09/01/24.I appreciate your prompt response and the effort to provide additional details about the incident in question. However, after carefully reviewing your response, it has become evident that there may be a significant confusion regarding the events you described.The portrayal of the incident and the actions attributed to me in your response are not reflective in any way. It seems there is a mix-up or confusion, as your account describes a completely different set of events. for one; both myself and the doorman are of the same ethnicity, which is white. However, I must note that I was never made aware of the ethnicity of the manager(s) during my interaction.I want to emphasize that the discrepancies in our narratives suggest a lack of awareness of the actual events that transpired, reflecting the lack of managerial presence when I was heavy-handedly removed.
Josh Gruenke
15:48 29 Dec 23
I’m London Celebrating a friends engagement and my successful PhD defense. Bouncers turned us away at the door for appearing too intoxicated to come in. We had been touring Stonehenge and Windsor all day and hadn’t had a drop to drink. Very clear that they are policing their image at the door. Too bad; had a great experience at Duke of Wellington. Support spaces that support your community
01:36 29 Dec 23
Tried to get in tonight with my husband but was turned away due to being ‘visibly intoxicated’ by the bouncer. Interesting fact: I’m one year sober and he isn’t drinking on holiday in solidarity. So thank you for belittling that personal achievement!It’s great to see a place that body shames and drags down members of our community. This exemplified all the things that we have been fighting against the world over; all while hiding behind a rainbow flag. Thank you for further perpetuating the hate!! Kisses.Gay hate is gay hate no matter how many rainbows you put up. Queer spaces are supposed to be kind, accepting, and supportive of all our community members. This place is none of those things.Edit to respond to the establishments response to my post: I was not ALLOWED to experience your space.
Lance F.
16:27 28 Dec 23
Tried to come here for a drink with friends. The doorman allowed the group of young, fit, white boys in front of us in with no questions asked, but refused...
Adam Kima
19:04 23 Dec 23
I’ve been coming here since 2013 and this door man won’t let me in because I smiled at my girlfriend as he insisted on checking her bag inside and out and he tild her to takeoff her bag which wasn’t necessary. He told us that this is his first job in the UK, he had a strong Pakistani accent. I won't be back. Completely unexceptionable behaviour
Rossano Sanna
19:42 04 Dec 23
I would definitely discourage people from getting into this venue. Me and my party of five paid £10 each to get in and after just one drink, JUST ONE DRINK, one of the bouncers picked my friend and told her she had to leave because she was a problem. She was causing absolutely no trouble, she was just dancing with our little group of friends. We had had no interaction whatsoever with other customers. The group was well looked after by myself, with me being perfectly sober because of my medical condition.When I asked the bouncer for an explanation, no explanation was given. The bouncers agreed that she wasn’t causing any problem, that she wasn’t even particularly drunk and in fact they spent 10 minutes outside talking to her, saying that it hadn’t been their decision and blaming the management for what happened. One of them even admitted they had probably done a mistake.To my calm complaints pointing to the fact that it was a very bad business strategy to charge people an entry fee and then kick them out after less than one hour to get more people in and charge more entry fees, there was no response.When I requested that the entry fee was refunded, we were told there was nothing they could have done.We felt extremely embarrassed, annoyed and I would say even robbed of our £50. Sorry but this is not the right way to do business guys, I will strongly recommend all my friends to absolutely avoid this venue.
Shubham Khatri
02:51 03 Dec 23
It was fun always there the amazing crew and amazing DJ and dancers #ricardo and #nik
Connor Wood
23:59 29 Nov 23
Miguel was an incredible bartender, so friendly, great service. Luna cortez's karaoke was so much fun, sucj a welcoming, warm environment, made our whole evening x
robert noble
00:07 26 Nov 23
Lovely gay bar in the heart of Soho – drinks are reasonably priced. Hasan & team are lovely and very approachable. Good one for a fun night out 💛
Cy N
00:11 13 Nov 23
The blond bartender with a slender build exhibited such a rude demeanor, creating a total unpleasant experience when I attempted to purchase a drink with euro banknotes, even though he knew I wanted the change (whether in £ or €) just to tip one of the dancers. His refusal, accompanied by a condescending attitude, contradicted the expected behavior of an LGBTQIA+-friendly establishment. Our night could have been way more enjoyable without such a negative interaction.EDIT after owner's reply: No, I didn't engage in verbal abuse towards the bartender; I simply imitated his irritating response. I hope he's quickly recovering from his anxiety 🙂
Tere Gonzalez-Castillo
22:46 18 Oct 23
I came here for my birthday from Chicago and I never expected to have such an amazing time but it was epic! I never wanted children before but if I ever I have a daughter, I want her to be just like the incredible hostess Luna Cortez! Don’t even think twice, get down here and meet this absolute superstar!⭐️
Chris B
09:50 18 Oct 23
Absolutely shocking experience.The person at the door (black male) discriminated us yesterday when we tried to enter the place.He refused entry by asking us if we ‘had a reservation’ when he was allowing other people to be in freely without questions.We weren’t drunk, innapropprietly dressed or any other thing that would warrant a gay man not being granted entry to a gay bar.I am 42 years old so I assume we have been discriminated by age?Anyway, that night we went to Circa, Duke of Wellington, The Yard and many other places with better atmosphere without absolutely any issue.I seriously can’t believe they have this type of people with this type of behaviour working at the door of a gay bar. When gay bars are supposed to be 100% inclusive. It’s laughable really.———————————————-Update below in response to SoHo Village reply:The venue was half empty. In fact the front bar where the dancers are seemed empty.They also ignored the fact the door person was letting in people without questions, literally 3 seconds after we walked away.
Graham Babb
12:56 09 Oct 23
This is my favourite bar to visit when down from Scotland!Everyone is friendly and helpful and bar service is excellent. Excellent music and atmosphere bar area.Would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants a great cocktail or drink in a nice bar and excellent music.
Jatinder Ubhi
17:52 29 Sep 23
Met a friend and had a drink here. Super surprised. Such a fun place and fab service. Def recommend and if Miguel is there at the bar be sure to see him. Excellent chat and service
Raymond Bacon
19:58 03 Sep 23
The Espresso Martini is one of the best on this side of the pond. Friendly service and fun chill vibes.
Nicholas Martin
21:58 31 Aug 23
Based at the end of Old Compton street , the Village is a well known trendy bar/ cocktail/ music venue. Open through the day to early hours in the morning. Fantastic crowd ranging from young to elderly , very friendly with great music. Various different bars to choose from with a large selection of beers, spirits and cocktails. Often have dancers or some form of show happening on weekends. Quieter bar on the upper level which is very relaxing . Well worth a visit and enjoy a few cocktails . Always a very enjoyable night and the staff are fantastic.
John Malthouse
17:53 06 Aug 23
I usually do not go out to bars/clubs. But on this Occasion I decided that me and my partner would go for a dance after having a romantic dinner before hand. Have to say now that I wish we didn't. Worst experience of my life. Because, in the early hours at around 2AM Saturday morning My mobile phone/iPhone was stolen/lifted off of my person. I had my small Purple Nike bag on my shoulder and someone managed to get close enough to me without me or my partner seeing it and more importantly I did not even feel a thing. Someone had managed to get close enough to me to go down my bag that was on my shoulder and grab my iPhone 14 plus/pro out of my bag. This experience has left me feeling absolutely Violated as human being. There are Clearly visible cameras inside and out side of this bar and I feel once we went back to see if it was handed in that someone That someone there should have called the police When even told the doorman when we came back to the bar when I realised my phone had been stolen. He kindly let us back inside to have a look, Also we told a member of staff when coming back inside the bar too. I have honestly found the whole experience Disgusting and quite frankly a Heinous Act !!!!
José María Ceballos Cruz
21:56 24 Jun 23
The person that is In the entrance was rude. He wants to ask him as he pleased to get inside again.Discrimination and selection by their own standards. It’s so baldly to have this people in the gay entrance .
Raul Teran
21:46 24 Jun 23
Worst ever place. If you want to somebody says that your are not welcome please come here. I just want to have a fresh air but the person decide that I didn’t ask him nicely to get me insiste even when my husband was inside. Don’t come here, don’t waste your time.
Don Kristoffer John Pol
17:48 19 Jun 23
Village was good vibe. Love the Happy Hour! Cocktails were amazing. James Kelly was a great bartender. He suggested drinks that tasted so good! Definitely will come back!
16:32 18 Jun 23
Got serve by a lovely, handsome, friendly, caring and just fabulous Hasan! Got me THE BEST APEROL SPRITZ HENNY! Would give more than 5* but that’s a max! Will definitely coming back mush xxP.S they also got happy hour from 4-9 so only paid 4,25£ for that beauty
Trey Erwin
19:30 27 May 23
If I could give zero stars I would. Bar was completely empty and we were denied because the bar was “full”. There were about 6-8 people inside. We had three females with us, the bar will not accommodate to females. We are a well paid group on holiday willing to pay for a fun time… do not waste your time on this establishment and go somewhere more inclusive and accepting 🙂
Christian Perez
22:17 12 Apr 23
Absolutely loved coming here. The drinks are excellent and the ambiance is top-notch. Everyone from the staff to other guests, were welcoming and very friendly. I’d highly recommend coming here for a drink or two or three or four or five.
Paul Stone
21:57 29 Mar 23
A great bar in the heart of Soho. Always have had a great evening in the bar, staff always welcoming and friendly, never had any issues on the door. Usually one of the first bars we go to when in central. The Happy Hour drinks are fab too!
Carlos O.
16:41 14 Mar 23
Just got back from a long weekend visit to London and it was great to enjoy some my nights at the iconic Village Bar in SoHo. My friend and I went every...
23:51 11 Jan 23
Great bar in Soho. It was 3 minutes walking distance from my hotel and Tottenham Hotspur train station. They have a karaoke night each Wednesday. Very chilled and great vibes.
Caoimhe Barr
17:40 17 Dec 22
Amazing vibes. Half price cocktails when we arrive thank you to the Scouse bar man! Everyone was so polite and welcoming. We will definitely return and recommend to a friend.
Gaelle Thieullen
19:25 08 Dec 22
Went there rather early on a week day for drinks with a friend. The bar was quite packed,super nice vibe,good music,friendly staff and very good cocktails-I asked for a non alcoholic one and they were very accommodating.Can’t wait to go back
02:22 14 Oct 22
Turned away tonight due to not having a booking. There is no such thing as needing a booking to get into a bar, I have worked in the nightclub industry / club scene for years, this isn’t a rule. They have a set criteria (market) gay men only, that they want in their bar and therefore they turned us away as we didn’t fit the description DISCRIMINATION. Don’t support a venue like this 👎🏽 VILLAGE = 1 ⭐️
Alex Bourke
22:23 31 Aug 22
We booked the corner tables for Kat's 21st birthday party Wednesdsy evening. Absolutely brilliant. Reasonable prices. And hallelujah you can talk to your friends without having to shout. Top place. With karaoke in the next room too if you want to let your hair down. Staff and other customers very chilled and friendly. Just remember your i.d. if you look young.
Viki cp
20:00 19 Aug 22
We had so much fun in the Village Soho.It is an interesting bar and there is live karaoke.People are very nice and friendly and it's the most beautiful areas of London.The music is fun, energetic, nice and you'll spend a beautiful night here.
15:20 31 May 22
Just got in and Vio made the most awesome espresso martini ever!Great service and would recommend to check this place out.
Sexy Boy
16:54 27 May 22
One of the best place in soho where you can chill after work… If you have the chance… go to have a drink there , specially during the happy hour, till 9pmFor the best cocktail, ask for Vio!
Jordan Kirkwood
19:25 02 May 22
Vio has a charm you don't find everywhere. He's a diamond like the venue. He's willing to make you feel special even if you aren't there yourself. Want a good time? This place will make sure that's a certainty, not a maybe. Go have fun babes
John S.
09:57 17 Apr 22
Strong cheap drinks and sexy Brits. What more could you want?! Would definitely come here again next time I'm in London.
Mark Keller
11:44 09 Apr 22
There’s nothing wrong with this bar. It’s a long time Soho staple and the drinks are nice.I do have to complain about the reservation only policy after 10pm though. We were inside (three of us) for two hours waiting for a friend from out of town who they wouldn’t let in because we didn’t have a reservation. Nevermind that we were spending money and happy to spend more. The doorman was very rude to us when we asked him about it (despite being customers?). The bar staff were polite and professional when I raised my concerns but couldn’t do anything.As a gay man there’s something extremely off to me in needing a reservation to enter a gay bar. Isn’t the purpose of such places to be open to our community and a place to gather? I understand capacity constraints (one in, one out), I understand cover charges. Needing a reservation though is a bit too much of a barrier.We ended up leaving.
Ronan Macneill
18:33 08 Apr 22
Nice bar, chilled vibes, great happy hour prices even on a Friday! Was served by Connor and was absolutely amazing! Very nice and chatty! Had a great evening! Will definitely return!
Valeria g
17:04 28 Mar 22
Nice experience. Tasty food, and good atmosphere.Want to mention Dan, who was really friendly and give an amazing service, being really careful and extremely knowledgeable on making good choice. thanks . I will come back again for sure.
Ruslanas Burauskas
18:47 23 Mar 22
Great Place, very neat and tidy. Especially the Security staff he is very friendly and easy to approach. His name is Aaron. 10 points for his hospitality. Bar staff also cool. Nice cocktails 🍹 great ambience.
La Hynes
16:35 17 Mar 22
Dan and Brian are brilliant bar tenders, will defo be back next time in London. Happy hour half price on all cocktails amazing!!
Ben Wright
22:42 26 Feb 22
Ivan was amazing. We had such a good time at the village. We were a party of 12 and I would highly recommend the village for any fun night out with a group of friends.
Adriana Bataiosu
20:32 23 Feb 22
I have never drank more delicious cocktails than the ones made by Patrick and Ivan. Served with the biggest smile I've seen in London. Their personalities are unmatched, provided the best experience we had in London so far. Definitely worth spending our night here.
Wedding 2022
16:46 14 Jan 22
We’ve had the best time at the Village!The cocktails are out of this world and the atmosphere is amazing.The best part however was amazing Connor who’s been so incredibly accommodating, funny and friendly and we will be recommending this place to everybody we know!It’s definitely a must go place!
John James D.
18:03 07 Nov 21
November 2021I should start by saying that I hadn't been out in London for a couple of years after the passing of my partner & my mum both within eight...
22:31 03 Nov 21
What a great place! Great atmosphere. Love the music. Lots of Taylor and Harry which I appreciate. Also, Patrick is great. We love Patrick. Recommend this place
Daniel Cason
19:11 16 Jul 21
Such a great feeling here. All the staff have been welcoming and quick to serve/take your order!!!Even the door staff are so welcoming!!The reason for the 2 stars is the guy with pig tails. I don't know what his issue is but he just talks to you like something he wiped off his shoe. The way he treats the punters I'm surprised he wasn't fired a long time ago. Takes your empty glass and goes without asking if you want anything else. What a massive let down to such an AMAZING team.When he is gone I will alter my review
Sarajane Gallop
18:59 16 Jul 21
Amazing work Dan T. working in a professional manner, friendly and very helpful. Always on hand if needed too. Keep it up. Fantastic. Will definitely be coming again. Looking forward to all opening properly and I can get you a drink to say well done. Brilliant ❤️🤩
Gary Gtech
19:11 15 Jul 21
First visit to the village, and i wasn’t disappointed. Our bartender connor was absolutely 1st class from the off. Could not do enough for us. Proper Customer service at its best from him and his cocktails were superb. So these are the reasons we will be back
Lewis Gardner
18:08 05 Jul 21
Our server Ali was amazing! Spoke to us for a while and letting us know that they wanted to visit Glasgow! We had a laugh!Would definitely recommend coming here and having a chat with Ali they make you feel at home especially when you come a long way
Rodrigo Argibay
13:54 01 Jul 21
Horrible staff specially the young Italian manager. I went to this bar many times. But last time it was about 15 days ago me and a friend was in there spending our money and the staff, specially a young lady she introduced herself as the manager. She has Brunette hair, just to make the owner know who I’m talking about. What a deception! I complained about the service which was really bad and she was super rude to me and didn’t wanted to listen to me. I feel so bad felt without any respect to me as a customer. never more I will go spend my money on that place again and I’ll tell all my friends to avoid a bar that hire rude people to be a part of they staff. A person like that young lady can not work with service public. Better she being behind the scenes to not make any costumer feeling awful again. Really upset with that place. I hope the owner take some action.
Slavomir Gabor
21:16 29 Jun 21
Ali was more than fabulous. He took care of us and always asked if we want another drink. Very helpful and enjoyable service from him. Will come definitely again.
Daniel Walker
08:22 29 Jun 21
Absolutely love this place. Great service and drink prices are really good for Soho, plus they have happy hour until 9pm!!! Cocktail heaven!Big thanks to Dan and the team for always welcoming us and making us feel comfortable and at ease
Nelson Hutton
16:27 25 Jun 21
Alphonse, one of the barmen, was amazing! Welcoming and so good at his job. Would definitely come back here after the service I received from him, nothing was ever too much 👌🏽
Lucas Chaillet Pennynck
00:34 23 Jun 21
I have been served tonight by I believe a french bartender and I can really say the service was memorable, this bartender Alpon (if I am right ?) has been so caring, this deserve 5 stars and we will definitely come again for a drinks with my boyfriend and colleagues if he is still around 👍🏻
Rahul Shivhare
00:21 23 Jun 21
Great Staff, Great Service once you're in!Alphonse makes the best cocktails, and all staff members are super friendly and create a cute vide.
Steven Houston
22:39 22 Jun 21
Alphonse, barman, master of the drink! I have been ordering drinks from Alphonse for 3 years and have never had a bad drink or bad service. He will literally go out of his way to make your drinking experience memorable! Visit Alphonse at village soho for a fantastic experience!
Marcus Théophile
22:25 22 Jun 21
I've been to this great bar in soho so many times, Alphonse is always friendly and he takes good care of me and my friends, it's amazing how he always smiles no matter what, he also jokes with us like us to do with him, I highly recommend visiting him as well as the place where he works.
Oliver Blatherwick
07:41 21 Jun 21
Great lgbtq+ bar in the heart of Soho with amazing cabaret entertainment. Michael (the manager) was the perfect host and they were very attentive with our drinks orders and customer service. A MUST for visiting the Soho scene.
Raul Villa
09:09 03 Mar 21
Edward Bonilla
09:43 19 Sep 20
An interesting experience in a time of COVID-19. Bar staff were very attentive and friendly, but they have a very strange process as to where they seat people. They seemed to want to keep one side of the bar busier than the other side. Yes they adhere to social distancing very well but allocate the customers out more so that the whole bar seems a but more lively, rather than only part of it.
Richard Henderson
19:55 07 Sep 20
Recently visited. Covid measures were excellent, felt very safe. Nice clean bar, staff were excellent and looked after us very well. Deffo recommend a visit.
Yuen-Wah Williams
20:04 25 Aug 20
We were served by Assaf tonight and he was honestly the best. So friendly, attentive and kind. Not to mention happy hour has amazing prices. Would definitely come again!
Adrian D.
15:06 13 Dec 19
Most unfriendly staff i've come across in a long time! They won't see me in a long long long time!
Danny S.
19:02 12 Oct 19
Husband and I got there and it was weird that the bouncer with the ear walkie talkie was behind the bar so we stood clear of him, come to find out he was...
17:49 14 Mar 18
Came here to celebrate my recent engagement and couldn't believe the lack of care from the staff. My fiancé and I were so excited to celebrate and it seemed...
Brendan C.
17:46 28 Feb 17
Yasss! Hooray for Soho! FABULOUS happy hour here! I met many Spanish people here so I thought I would leave a Spanish joke:Doctor, doctor? qué me ha...
Rachael Z.
18:50 03 Feb 14
I would say we were about 70% sure of the establishment we were entering before we walked in, but the bouncer was sure to point it out.Bouncer: "Are you...

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