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Why Not Club in Vienna, known as the oldest gay disco in the city, is a vibrant and integral part of Vienna's nightlife. With its three bars and three dancefloors, the club offers ample space for a diverse and energetic crowd to enjoy a night out. The music at Why Not is a lively mix of house, disco, techno, and pop, ensuring that everyone has a chance to dance to their favorite tunes. It's celebrated for its welcoming atmosphere, catering to a diverse crowd including gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, and transgender individuals. If you're looking for a lively and inclusive party destination in Vienna, Why Not Club is definitely worth checking out.



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Mélinda Ikizer
00:54 18 May 24
Loce the experience, they have excellent barmans exceptionnally Micheal3 rooms 3 differents ambianceAmazing
Maria H
19:24 16 May 24
We had such a fun night there as the final stop of a bachelor party! The atmosphere on the dance floor was great :)A really special mention to Andrew, the manager. He was incredibly kind and welcoming, making sure everything was running smoothly and taking care of us all.Thank you!
Aleksander Zaczyński
00:08 07 Apr 24
The club is very cool. Nice bartender. Much nicer entry girls
16:02 01 Apr 24
€15 for entrance and drinks all cash only. Front desk also couldn’t be bothered to attend us as she was busy checking her phone at the time we arrived.Very small place as well.The bartenders are very cool and friendly.Overall it’s not worth it.
Neviadomy Karystalnik
13:06 21 Jan 24
Unfortunately, I had to become a victim of theft of funds from my wallet. Arriving at the club, I paid for the entrance and handed over my bag along with my jacket. There was also a wallet in the bag. Before giving things away, I made sure that there was a certain amount in my wallet. About an hour later I came to the cloakroom and was told that in order to take my wallet I had to PAY! I insisted that it was my thing and that I needed to take the money to pay at the bar. The wardrobe attendant still gave me my bag, but when I picked up the wallet, I discovered that there was NO MONEY in it! Trying to clarify this situation with the manager, he simply ignored me for a long time, but I still managed to “catch” the manager and explain the situation to him. The manager told me “sorry.” And that is all! I couldn’t even look at the surveillance cameras because the security guard said he was busy. Draw your own conclusions...
Patrik Šarközi
21:24 07 Oct 23
Very nice place,The barist are very kind and you need to meet Michael (the barist) so kind and beautiful person. When you’re looking for place to be yourself, let’s try “WHY NOT” ❤️
Cry Baby
22:28 02 Oct 23
Why Not is a fun little club. They do seem to have the same playlist on repeat every weekend, but at least most songs are great club hits from the 80s-2010s. The drinks are pricey, but entrance before 11 is free, so you can save money like that, but keep in mind that the dance floor doesn't open until around midnight. I'd definitely recommend going when there is an event going on otherwise it can get a bit boring, but their events such as Dragaholic and their Halloween special are incredibly fun. Also the strip poles in the second room provide quite a bit of entertainment. All in all it is definitely worth a visit and a safe queer space, though (as most queer spaces in Vienna) mostly caters towards gay men. Still a good time though mostly.
A New American Life ຊີວິດແບບອະເມຣິກາໃຫມ່
18:53 09 Sep 23
I ordered vodka soda from a bartender upstairs and all I got was soda with no vodka. Still charged me for the alcohol price. Is alcohol that expensive in Vienna? First time visiting Austria, and will probably won't go back if I ever come back here again.
Gabriel Trinxet
22:00 08 Sep 23
Forts of allDaniel and philipp are the best!Amazing vibe gorgeous drinks! Thx WHY NOT for this amazing last night in Wien 😉
Gabriele Marmiroli
22:23 01 Sep 23
It's a bit of scam, since all the drinks are basically without alcohol and if you make it notice to them, they charge you even more. Really not nice from them and I do not recommend this place. Also paid 12 euros for entrance with the dance floor opening only at 00... Do not recommend it
00:19 19 Aug 23
I went there tonight with a friend and we asked for 2 gin tonics. My friend went to pay and I was sitting and watching the server make our drinks when I noticed him put absolutely no alcohol in our drink. We refused to pay and will not be coming back again. Do what you want with that information.
Pablo Valenzuela
02:31 24 Jun 23
You should teach the bar staff (on the main dance floor) to be honest. I paid with 50 euros a beer and they gave me change as if I had paid with 10 euros. I spent a long time explaining that I paid with 50 euros but they didn't want to listen to me. Then when I gave up I saw how the 2 people who were at the bar began to laugh. Definitely a horrible experience.
Jocelyn C.
17:35 11 Dec 15
Why Not is awesome!! Entry on a Friday night was 7€, and everyone knows that gay clubs always have the best music. I came here with two other girls, and...
08:28 13 Jun 12
nice club, enjoyable atmosphere. 3 different floors, 1 of them with dancefloor. music was not bad, but not that good either. I got the impression that there...

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