Wild West Side

Wild West Side

The Wild Side West is a truly San Franciscan establishment.

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Opened in 1962 by out and proud lesbians, Pat Ramseyer and Nancy White, every night is a blend of lesbians, locals, eclectic art and neighborhood sports bar.



Wild Side West
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Michael Cerchiai
15:25 20 Jan 24
Wild West Bingo on Mondays at 6pm is authentic san francisco bar charm at its best, with an over the top drag queen hosting while patrons play to win free drink tokens and mystery prizes! Flashing lights and disco music gives a Vegas off strip appeal to the whole thing...
Dan Plumlee
23:28 14 Dec 23
They’ve got a great thing going here. Just a great vibe. And sometimes there’s music in the back!
Forrest Hall
21:22 10 Dec 23
Exactly what you would expect from a dive/sports bar. The beer on tap is excellent. Great people working too.
Christian B.
01:20 07 Dec 23
Steer clear of this bar--my experience was a disappointment through and through!! Despite my attempts to support their business by bringing in friends,...
Vira C.
15:22 26 Nov 23
Been here a few times only to learn I'm being overcharged beers are 6$ and the female bartender who said this to me was very rude afterwards .... thus is...
Christine Dong
02:32 01 Nov 23
You can meet the nicest people here!!! It has an ambiance of its own. A true classic gem of a bar....
Andysheh Dadsetan
16:32 19 Sep 23
Great dive, beautiful back patio, decent drinks
Katherine B.
10:59 17 Sep 23
This is the d*ke dive bar of my DREAMS! My girlfriend and I visited from LA and we wish we had a spot like Wild Side West there. Loved chatting and...
Frank L.
13:29 12 Sep 23
This a hidden gem in Bernal Heights. A nondescript bar from outside leads to a cozy interior with a simple bar, pool table and a four seater in the back...
Ali Y.
21:09 02 Sep 23
Cool lesbian dive bar with chill vibes. Drinks are stiff but it's CASH ONLY hence 4*s.
Diego A.
21:29 04 Aug 23
The service is very welcoming. NOT like a business welcoming, but a "family owned" welcoming. They are proud of what they have that I consider the...
Katherine C.
18:17 19 Jul 23
I am from out of state and visiting SF with my aunt and cousin (former residents). My aunt who frequented this bar in her 20s wanted to bring us out for a...
Michele Rutherford
02:30 18 Jul 23
How great is this place? Forever history. We wound up here after a hike with the dog on Bernal Hill. And YES. They allow dogs. Lots of dogs.
Devon S.
17:33 08 Jul 23
Don't know what the negative reviews are about. Great staff, laid back vibe, AMAZING back patio. Happy to support one of the few remaining lesbian bars left...
valerie H.
18:47 14 Jun 23
I used to frequent WSW in the 90's when I lived in Bernal. Many fun nights there. Recently brought my 21 yo daughter and some friends there to share my...
Ellen K
21:54 24 May 23
If I still imbibed as much as I did in my twenties, I'd be here several times a week because I love this bar. Truly a neighborhood gem and historically queer owned and operated -welcomes everyone. Super cute interior and adorable terrace and garden. The staff are lovely. Actually, no one new come here, because I want it to stay the same and wonderful always 🤣🤣🤣
Wil D.
16:11 01 May 23
Bingo Monday night's 6. Bingo night 6 pm on Cortland Ave San Francisco California..... Try the punch drink. Play bingo win free drinks and sunglasses and...
Naina S.
18:48 19 Mar 23
Wild Side West is a great local neighborhood bar with an even better backyard space. I love the patio area so much, it's like stepping into a different...
04:14 17 Mar 23
Can't play the piano because, " the lady upstairs doesn't allow it." Not that clean. Bartender not very knowledgeable. Fantastic backyard/courtyard out the back door and down the skinny stairs. Decent pool table. Interesting people sometimes hang out here.
Jen C.
12:01 07 Mar 23
Wonderful neighborhood bar ! Monday night's have Drag Queen BingoCome on down and have a gay o
Cathia S.
13:43 15 Jan 23
We were looking for a lesbian bar and decided to try this place. The people were all so kind and we even got to chat and hangout with the owner. They...
Melinda C.
06:20 30 Nov 22
Great outdoor personal nooks to partyUnlimited eye candy on the walls.Love the cool vibe. Friendly service and patrons.
Marlena Z.
06:46 26 Nov 22
Had a fantastic time the other night. My family found this Lil gem. It's pretty rad Lil neighborhood bar. The patio is very cool.
10:08 24 Nov 22
Such a great little neighborhood bar! We had an enjoyable experience. The staff and patrons were very welcoming. We'll definitely be back!
Marlena Z.
02:14 24 Nov 22
Such a cool little neighborhood bar! We really enjoyed our visit. The other patrons were very welcoming. As a bartender myself the bartender when first...
hlau sf
20:42 18 Nov 22
One of my favorite bars in San Francisco! Off the beaten path, but well worth the trip. Where else can you feel like you're having a drink in a friends backyard with some soft lighting. Drinks are cheap and served with a smile.
Shawnee B.
14:44 04 Nov 22
My first time visiting San Francisco, I was excited to learn they had a surviving lesbian bar. We of course had to visit. We came on a slower night, there...
Isabel Arroyo
17:03 05 Oct 22
This is an inviting space with a talented bartender Israel. The drink he made after inquiring what I was seeking couldn't have been better. I went alone but the patrons were friendly and I spent the evening chatting and enjoying my drinks in the garden. The space is cozy, within their large garden they created individual spaces. These spaces are perfect for a date or spending time with friends. I will be returning.
Paul M.
17:48 19 Sep 22
As a non lesbian (unfortunately) I love the vibe in the Wild Side West, I'm a guy.There's always a nice little huddle going in at the bar or out the back...
Tanisha Bautch
05:34 27 Aug 22
Literally a bar you can sit and sip and not speak. Anytime I tried to sing a song I was told no and it's a bar to sit and listen. I was told to go next door to sing karaoke. Wasn't even singing loud but couldn't sing above a whisper there. Cool environment but don't go to enjoy a really fun time to dance and sing. Go somewhere else for that because that bar is not your place.
Jacqueline Lewis
21:20 13 Aug 22
This was first gay bar I went to in 1975 then it was in North Beach.I remember a women’s band that played there called BeBe’K Roche. I still have their album…
Michael Arbour
10:58 09 Aug 22
I love it here! The backyard is beautiful with little private spots to sit, and good beers on tap.
Maezy J.
10:38 04 Jul 22
i came here on my 21st birthday because i was so excited to have found a lesbian bar! i sat down at the bar and my mom (who was with me and also is queer)...
Joumana Accad
22:57 09 Jun 22
Best bar I have ever been to. Heather is a fantastic bartender and so much more!
Taylor D.
16:52 07 Jun 22
Heard about this place on a podcast! Comfy feel, nice people, good beer and amazing outside area. Will go back the next time I'm in town!
Hadley D.
09:23 17 May 22
This bar is so cute! I went in the middle of the week to have a drink and catch up with a friend I hadn't seen in years. It was exactly what we were looking...
Ashley M.
14:46 16 May 22
Just wanted to make sure people knew the hours on Apple Maps are incorrect they are only open from 3-10pm Monday through Sunday. I thought they were open...
Elaine Lee
14:56 12 Feb 22
Great stop when we are on Cortland. The bartender was nice. There were TVs playing the warriors game. During half time, we went to the back patio that also has a set of stairs leading to a garden. The garden is divided into more intimate sections with an eclectic collection of benches and tables.
David Holly II
17:16 27 Jan 22
Do damn charming and the garden. This is what I love about San Francisco. Old world charm..Great bar
Cynthia Boedihardjo
18:28 12 Jan 22
I've lived in the neighborhood for years and this was my first time visiting. Now it's my favorite new bar! The outdoor garden seating is probably the best I've hung out in the whole city. They've created little seating areas for people to group themselves in so there's nice separation from one another. Great drink selections and you're supporting a local business owner. Super supportive of the LGBTQIA community which is great for any establishment.
Tabatha Davies
20:55 02 Nov 21
I truly like this club in light of it so large and clean. . The beverages were exceptionally delicious and reasonable. I will definitely visit this spot again and bring my entire friends.
Ray (Bingo)
16:00 31 Oct 21
On my first official visit, it appeared to be a kinda hole in the wall little bar from street level. However, what makes this place great is the friendly come on in cordial staff and local neighborhood patrons who frequent this place! Unbeknownst to me, I discovered a really cool plush green rear yard where you can chill and enjoy the amenities. If I'm ever going to be in the area, I'd visit again. Drinks and spirits are available at all bars, but it's the people that brings you in.
C T.
12:46 16 Oct 21
I've been hanging out in Bernal since the early '90s, but I never had a chance to hang out here before, so I was pretty excited when I went there last...
Nomi Gome
06:26 28 Sep 21
I have been to this place three times and each time the bartenders have been rude and unfriendly. The drinks are generous. It’s still a cool place, but some of those bartenders need home training in basic customer service!Not sure I’ll be back anytime soon though.
Nomi Gome
18:57 25 Sep 21
I have been to this place three times and each time the bartenders have been rude and unfriendly. The drinks are generous. It’s still a cool place, but some of those bartenders need home training in basic customer service!Not sure I’ll be back anytime soon though.
Alex De La Garza
04:58 22 Sep 21
First place I've ever truly felt at home. The owner did make you feel a little over watched but I'm sure it was in good heart. Beautiful back area. Bring a little blanket or jacket. It gets a bit breezy in the back.
Ryan Paredez
18:24 18 Jul 21
Awesome bar with an even better patio. Tons of greenery and little semi private sitting areas. If the weather is nice, the patio would be a great place to be chilling having a tasty beverage.
Ella K.
19:22 12 Jul 21
Usually adore & love going to this bar but had a scary experience with a staff member. I took my last sip of a plastic solo cup as I walked out of the bar &...
Carlos Solorio
22:01 05 Jul 21
Nice neighborhood bar with crazy, loyal and original regulars who can be cool as ice when people are respectful to this one of a kind establishment in Bernal
Lorraine Mautner
12:57 24 Jun 21
Such a unique local hangout! The backyard gardens are so funky.
Evan Worthington
02:39 15 Jun 21
lovely little lesbian bar. been going here for years. cheap, strong drinks. plus the outdoor space is absolutely gorgeous
Nancy Myers
14:16 10 Jun 21
The back patio is magical, staff is awesome.Just dress warm, it gets cold when the dog rolls in.
Angie A.
18:56 03 Jun 21
The bar looks cute , especially outside. It's a little dingy and smells like a urinal. My biggest qualm was that the bartender wouldn't serve us a Long...
Chris Wedeles
07:14 08 May 21
Every once in a while you discover a local gem. This place has the location. The garden gets a strong 5 stars. The drinks, a meager 2, the bartender, a 5. The bouncer and other staff? A sturdy negative 512 stars. Honestly, I want to like this place, but it feels like…….nothing I have ever experienced. I left my table and was shouted at. Went outside to take a call (because I wasn’t able to leave the table…and was shouted at upon my return. Other people seem to like it a lot based on reviews, so maybe it was a bad evening.
marlene stoeckl
01:44 03 May 21
Can't believe I've never been to this wonderful place before! The outdoors seating is wonderful, secluded, fun, bar tenders/owners? very friendly!!! Will def be back
23:09 28 Apr 21
Absolutely amazing atmosphere and staff. Will visit again!
Andrea F.
10:38 30 Nov 19
Was in here early on a Friday night to grab drinks before dinner. It was a bit of an older crowd at the time but had a good vibe. I appreciated that they...
M P.
22:35 13 Jul 19
Not sure why all the reviews here are so bad! I love this bar. It's a local staple with tons of history. Most of the patrons are regulars or live nearby....
Jeremy Laurin
05:29 28 Apr 17
Lovely lesbian and everyone bar! Had a delightful time catching a drink and watching a few old movies. They do play sports when a good game is on! Plus they have a pool table and a neat outside chill spot! If you're in the area, stop in!

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