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Your Kinky Bear Bar in Lisbon



Woof X
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23:51 10 Apr 24
love this small bar, Luis is so friendly.
Saul McEwan
03:33 04 Mar 24
This place has turned into just another drugs pushing hole. Barman drops GHB in his drink in front of everyone. There’s a dealer selling near the toilets and they even smoke inside by the dark room… AVOID
02:55 19 Nov 23
Great bar, friendly crowd, nice bartenders, and a darkroom for fun. Only thing that would make it a perfect bar is if they took cards and if they had a little more lighting in the darkroom so you could see who you’re playing with.
15:37 22 Oct 23
A nice little bar with a great and handsome bartender!
Emmanuel Bruyère
07:08 06 Sep 23
Little gay bar where you can meet locals, can be really hot also 😉
João Faria
11:57 22 Aug 23
The bar gets a bad rep for the limited space it has in the main area but the atmosphere is friendly and the location is great. Open and inclusive, the bartenders are super nice. I went there with my friends many times and have always had a good time, didn't event need to go to the cruising area.
Saul McEwan
14:39 12 Mar 23
Probably the best cruising bar in Lisbon. I've never been to this place without having had some fun. Non-smokers may wish to avoid it though, despite the aircon, it gets smokey. FANTASTIC venue. Frankly, I'm way too busy to notice what they play on TV! But I sure have heard alternative house techno and trance in there, including ASOT, and I'm not sure that comes under "Britney". This place is all about the "backroom" (dark maze) - that's where all the fun happens 🙂
Paul Richard
01:36 03 Nov 22
For those who are complaining about Britney Spears… there’s a straight bar next door xo
Steve Brinduse
18:27 30 Sep 22
Small bar with backroom. Britney Spears videos in main bar. As mentioned elsewhere lots of smoke (it’s Portugal after all). Mostly locals who know each other and are there to socialize, not for play. A large man basically blocked the entry to the back room chain smoking and pretty much eliminating possibility of action. Went home disappointed.
Dan Leiner
05:51 14 Aug 22
Small place. They allow smoking inside which is pretty gross. Did a drink with a call liquor but I don’t think the bottle contained the actual brand.
Jesus Rodriguez
21:28 04 Jun 22
It would be a great place, BUT all they play is Britney Spears. Everyone smokes inside the bar, GROSS!!!!!
Romain Colson
07:07 27 Apr 22
Nice mini sex bar. The barman was sooooo nice and funny! Liked it
shiraz khan
21:24 20 Sep 21
Great small little bar the allowing people to smoke inside the confined space makes it almost impossible to stay long and when you leave you and your clothing absolutely stink
Freitas Isac
19:18 04 Sep 21
Friendly but I don't like about it is allowed to smoke in a close area.
Costantino Matteo Muschio
18:57 12 Aug 21
Little bar with Little dark room. A lot of movement! 👍👍👍
Eljon Sathwe
14:02 07 Aug 21
Could be a great little place. Sweet bar and a bit of dark room... But smoking inside makes it impossible to stay. I never thought I will see anything like it in XXI century again.
Daniel Diaz Munoz
09:50 30 Jul 21
Fun 😉😈
08:50 24 Sep 19
Cute neighbourhood bar, with backroom. Bar tender was friendly. If you aren’t a smoker, you may not stand it. I was there for almost two beers being a social smoker and couldn’t stay for longer. Never been so glad for the non smoking laws in North America.

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