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Xkboys Paris, previously known as the Bunker, is a renowned BDSM sex club in the heart of Paris, celebrated for its inclusive and diverse atmosphere. This club is a unique destination in the gay community, offering an array of facilities that cater to a variety of interests and fantasies. It features 38 well-equipped booths, complete with slings and St. Andrew's crosses, among other amenities, providing a comprehensive and immersive experience.

The club is known for its welcoming environment, attracting a wide range of visitors. Its appeal extends across different age groups and physical appearances, emphasizing a culture of respect and inclusivity. This aspect of Xkboys Paris makes it a popular choice for individuals seeking a safe and accepting space.

Xkboys Paris is dynamic in its offerings, with themed evenings that offer diverse experiences to its patrons. These events are well-publicized on their website, allowing visitors to choose nights that best suit their interests.



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g1 cheyne
16:50 16 Apr 24
What’s all this nonsense about cranky staff. I only witnessed smiles and cheeky tomfoolery from both the gatekeeper and the guy in bar. Reputation for what goes on here was not exaggerated.
David Bøsse
17:00 22 Mar 24
Oh, if you want to experience the sheer bliss of feeling like a wide-eyed child surrounded by endless candy choices, then this is the place for you! Sundays after 4 p.m. are the golden hours, where you can revel in the sleaziness, the frenzy, and the oh-so-glamorous sweatiness of it all. Forget about subtle fragrances or boundaries – it's a no-holds-barred playground where you better bring a resilient peach/eggplant. And sure, the patrons might not exactly be in the running for the Friendliness Prize of the Year, but who cares? It's Paris, darling! (Bring cash)
Matt F
13:54 12 Mar 24
I have been to this place several times now, and always have fun. Sunday afternoons are packed, and recently by 6pm they were sold out of lockers and were on a wait list to get in. The downstairs festive area is very well laid out, with a place for everyone, and anything. My only complaint is the lack of toilets. They have ample urinals downstairs, but only 1, (one), toilet in the entire place. It has a douche hose, but is poorly set up, and the line to use it is lengthy. My only recommendation to them is to add additional toilets, with better douche facilities. I'm sure everyone would appreciate this ! 😉
Mario Dupont
23:41 21 Sep 23
The best place in paris , clean, respectful, great ambiance and different styles that suits everyone. Could easily be visited many times.
Cal L
23:10 26 Feb 22
This establishment is tourist-friendly.The entrance fee is €12. However, I believe the price is not fixed. There are selected days and hours where the price can increase or decrease. The website has more details.The staff can speak basic English, it's enough to communicate basic information to the non-French patrons.Once you have paid the fee, you will be given a key to store your personal belongings at the locker. Clothing is optional; it's best to go with the crowd.The ground floor is where you hang out and get a drink. The basement is where the action takes place.The cruising area is spacious with plenty of private rooms. They appeared clean when I visited.The age group of patrons is between 30s-40s. They are mature men.The premise is discreet, and I don't believe I recall seeing any business signage. Push open the door, and you will see a counter on your left at the end of the walkway.A good nighttime point of interest for the curious men. Highly recommended. The price is affordable, and the area is big plus clean too. It's worthwhile to make a visit.
Nero Bello
20:52 17 Mar 19
Nice cruising...very good people...mixed ..most beautiful gay place in paris!
Denny Singh
15:11 03 Oct 17
Went there in a Friday and it was dead. Also the fact that they don't sell alcohol was kinda disappointing. Location itself seemed to be big and clean and the bartender was really nice.
Stephen Stephan
10:53 16 Jan 16
Well they don't mess around here. Loads of action.

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