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Basement Sauna in Manchester is the go-to spot for some chill vibes and good times in the city's gay scene. Tucked away in an old Victorian mill in Ancoats, this place has been setting the bar high for over 20 years. It's not just any sauna – it's a cool, laid-back spot where guys can hang out, unwind, and meet new people.

The place is kitted out with everything you'd want for a relaxing day (or night) – think steamy sauna, steam room, and a couple of spas. And when you're done sweating it out, there's a bar that's open till the wee hours. Whether you're grabbing a quick drink or hanging out for a bit longer, it's all good.

But here's the kicker – they've got deals that'll make your wallet happy too. Different days, different discounts, especially if you're under 30 or over 30, they've got you covered. Just remember to bring your ID, they're pretty strict with the rules to keep things safe and fun for everyone.

So if you're in Manchester and looking for a place to chill, meet some cool folks, or just enjoy a laid-back vibe, Basement Sauna's your spot. It's more than a sauna – it's a community, a hangout, and a great part of Manchester's vibrant gay scene.



Basement Manchester
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23:41 06 May 24
The goodThe is place is clean welcoming and massive, mixed age range of customers, close to Manchester canal street, and friendly staffThe badThe door price varies massively, under 30, over 30, time you go and unless check website is hard understand and what price you may pay when you arriveThe annual £5.00 membership is shocking and rip-off, as visitor to Manchester once a year, I have to pay a extra 25% for entry needs to be binned, to my knowledge only sauna that does this !The website is lacking information needs a questions and answers section, does not make it clear what facilities there are, and no mention of full search before entry is allowed
Caith Loki
08:38 05 May 24
Enjoyed most of my time here, spent like three hours here, nice staff and atmosphere, but got kicked out cause I stumbled on a step of the entry after having a cig, I have neuropathy feet from cancer, every staircase is a challenge, specially after traveling for 4 days, had a discussion with the owner or bouncer (wasn't quite sure which) but did not matter, proceeded to berate me well I was getting dressed. Was told I consumed something outside they didn't give me (drugs?).Had three beers over three hours and a coffee well chatting with bar tender and patrons.I'd recommend this place just don't have a disability.
16:47 31 Mar 24
I love the basement sauna its spacious clean friendly and I enjoy the jacuzzi and dry sauna which is huge.... I used to go to the Blackpool saunas but after visiting the basement, I wouldn't go anywhere else great value for money and good range of guys too
Peter Donnelly
10:25 28 Mar 24
Where do I start after our 1st Ever Visit;Positives -Clean.Lots of play areas.Negatives -Reception, Not very welcoming, guy said you've never been before, well someone must have used your name before then, actually No, there may be other men with the same name Mr! Not welcoming to 1st timers, no encouragement when nervous, lacking in Customer Service skills.Price - £20 then told plus £5 for a membership, no mention seen of this prior to visit.Towels - too smallWe wanted this to be a positive 1st visit experience however, felt quite let down.Seen many mentions re poor service at Reception, this needs looking at as it’s quite off putting and this is the 1st site people see and if that’s not good, you lose Customers.
Edward John Lawless
21:54 15 Mar 24
It was the first gay sauna I had visited but nervous first time but been back a few times and ha a fabulous time, good atmosphere staff very helpful even when I fell asleep lolCan't wait to I vist againWell done to the staff 👏
kamal ahmed
12:45 04 Mar 24
I am at the sauna now. No heating, no jacuzzi, no sauna and still charged same price. No wonder this place is so quiet and getting quitter day by day. They don’t even deserve any star. Total rubbish. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Stefano S.
00:08 06 Feb 24
I have to disagree with the reviews, I think this is a nice place! We came here for my birthday on a saturday night, not too busy but definitely not empty. The guy at the reception was very welcoming and even though it's a little expensive, we did enjoy the sauna. The place itself it's clean and cozy and surprisingly large.My recommendation to the owners would be to provide reusable slippers (today you can buy slippers at the counter), possibly larger towels, and more paper towels, everything else it's ok.Also maybe lower the price if possible, the combination of bad reviews and high prices is enough to put you off, also the combination of prices on the website is confusing.Lucky for us we visited though, until next time!
Oldham Royal Badminton club
07:37 04 Jan 24
It was my first time and last visited this place on 20th December 23. The staffs were very rude, cold showers, no heating was on at all, only heating was on where the staffs were. I’ve fallen ill as soon as I got home. Majority people were leaving and only few were having fun in the steam room. I went to the bar to get some hot drinks and some snacks, but the staff were panicking me what I wanted because the staffs were too busy talking to their colleagues, couldn’t even decide what to have. I am going to report this place to trading standards. All staffs were very rude. Definitely all the good reviews from their friends only. Whoever I chatted with all were complaining about this place.
Tommy Clark
13:55 03 Jan 24
Absolutely disgusting treatment after exercising civil liberty to walk away from offensive demand for full personal search by an offensive late night bouncer. As a loyal customer over many years and a solicitor I know how unethical and business self harming this is as I now campaign to persuade others never to frequent this shoddy and corrupt establishment
Tom C.
06:01 03 Jan 24
Absolutely disgusted by disrespectful unethical and business self harming policy of barring a loyal customer for exercising his civil liberty to walk away...
Kamzy Kammy
15:11 20 Dec 23
I was there today 20/12/23 and what can I say about this place… no heating was on at all. Freezing cold, everyone was shaking. The service was rubbish. I can’t believe this place is still in business. My last. I will never ever visit this place again. 👎👎👎
Jonathan Gregory
15:54 09 Dec 23
Went there for the first time last night and having already seen some of the negative reviews I was pleasantly surprised.First of all I was shocked they even let me in because I was very drunk. I was trying my best to be coherent and the guy on reception was so lovely. Really made an effort to explain everything to me and made sure I was ok. Chatted with him some more later on and when I left, he was super nice. I wouldn't have blamed them if they refused me entry, I should've been more sober really!As soon as I got undressed I started chatting to two guys in the locker room and I asked if they could show me around which they were happy to do. It was fairly quiet but everyone in there was super chill and friendly. I just felt so welcomed and relaxed. Also considering it was very late when I went the whole place was very clean and tidy.They had the computer room closed off and someone said they're gonna change it to a cinema room but not sure if that's true. Sounds cool.Surprised about the racism comments in some of the reviews because there were several black/mixed race guys in there when I went. Also a variety of body types and ages from 20s to 50s.The lockers aren't massive but I thought it common sense that you need to be able to fit all your belongings in the locker otherwise the place would be a mess and it shouldn't be down to the staff to look after your stuff. So don't take large bags or bulky coats.I don't really understand the negative reviews because i couldn't criticise anything based on my first visit. Can't wait to go back very soon.
19:12 30 Nov 23
I’ve been here a few times recently. The staff have always been friendly and professional. Facilities are clean and other customers friendly. Nothing not to like. I look forward to returning.
Jason Samsair
01:57 28 Nov 23
I had an amazing experience at Basement a a couple months ago. Friendly staff, very clean, busy weekday full of hot guys. Just remember bring ID to buy a membership for your first entry (valid for 1 yr) Will return next time I'm in Manchester.
Ole Gunnar Solkjær
03:32 26 Nov 23
Terrible receptionist - felt alienated moment I Walked in, I was refused entry as a 39 year old male because I didn't have ID. I tried to show him pictures of my ID but he said I could easily forge it ... I'm 39 years old! Not carried ID on a night out since I was 20. He was so rude and then treated my Muslim boyfriend that he doesn't belong there... "You know this is a gay sauna right?" My boyfriend "yes"... His response was "oh another one"What the actual hell! Avoid this place guys
Rishi Sethi
13:32 25 Nov 23
Staff are rude and dismissive. Also make blanket rules that defy common sense.You can't have your bags kept for you because they have a 'rule' that everything must fit in the little locker you get, this alienates a lot of people who are travelling to Manchester and passing through. Also what about tall guys with big coats!They charge a lot for your first visit, it's 25 quid! More expensive than even London!Also the fun and cruise part is too far away from the sauna and steam room.Only thing that can redeem this place is some nice clientèle sometimes.
Asian Reactions
13:44 22 Oct 23
I went there, this week, really bad experience. I had a rucksack bag, I needed and extra space in my locker. He wouldn't at all give me a second locker for my belongs even though it wasn't agents, their policy or allow options to put my bag behind a counter for safe keeping. He wasn't helpful at all, nor did he want to help me. And he looked at me like I was a filthy person. This is why people or society, stop going to those places. Even gay treat gay wrongly or disrespectively. No wonder people or society hates gay people.The manger here, bands you from using the service if you put your reviews and your experience here on the site. Usually ethnic background is a target for banning. It may look like they are not racist, but discreetly they take you out of the visit. So be careful.
Asian Reactions
12:58 15 Sep 23
I went there, this week, really bad experience. I had a rucksack bag, I needed and extra space for my locker. He wouldn't at all give me a second locker for my belongs even though it wasn't agents their policy or allow options to put my bag behind a counter for safe keeping. He wasn't helpful at all, nor did he want to help me. And he looked at me like I was a filthy person. This is why people or society, stop going to those places. Even gay treat gay wrongly or disrespectively. No wonder people or society hates gay people.
Abdul Sharif
15:04 10 Sep 23
Extremely rude staff! As soon as I arrived the receptionist had already racial profile me! When challenged he stated that I shamble in and I was drunk and I was not allowed in….. when challenged further him and the black security guard stated that they were four black guys in their…. To make matters worse they even drugged of the customer(who happened to be mixed race) to show that the sauna was inclusive.Two white guys came in after me and they were allowed in to whom I saw them in the bars heavily drinking prior to the visit to the sauna.This place is far away from inclusive, talking about LGBT plus community! Shocking behaviour really! Not again.BLACK GAY LIVES MATTER!
Rishi Sethi
22:23 15 Aug 23
This is a nice place, deserves at least a 4* overall rating. The guy on the door was a little grumpy but not all the time, sometimes he was a lil chatty.Plus point is the clientèle. I had more fun here than I normally do in London, and there were some hot guys here too.Place is generally nicely decorated and lit. Staff are generally friendly-ish but I'd expect more friendliness from the north! Haha.Knocking one star off just because the fun area is so removed from the sauna and steam area which is normally nicer if they're closer together for more inter-mingling of fun between the areas.But all in all thanks for a nice time and I'll try and be back!
14:49 23 Jul 23
Went there yesterday for the first time. After feeling nervous for the first 5 minutes the staff made us feel so welcome. Everything was explained, and the bar staff where class. Very helpful and very welcoming. If you are thinking of going to a Sauna for the first time I would say do it here. We really can not praise this place enough. We will be back again next month. Thanks again guys we had a blast.
Usman Ajmal
11:03 12 Jul 23
Extremely rude and racist staff, especially their is healthy guy with glasses on main desk is so rude and racist. Their Business is going in loss that's why they reduce the Business timing. But whatever customers they getting staff is extremely rude and unhelpful with them . Business owners need to take a action against them otherwise soon Business gonna be closed, staff need to understand that customers they are getting paying their wages so be nice with them , I was do disappointed. They are not helpful full at all . Please give them customers service training.
Harry Pseftelis
20:54 03 Jul 23
Best sauna in the uk . Always clean and great atmosphere. You should consider opening the same one in Leeds . There's huge potential here.The current one is rubbish
Andrew Canham
10:52 29 Jun 23
I have always had fun in here at anytime of the day. A very mixed sauna and one I personally Love very much. Never come out without a huge smile
Scott Kennedy
22:00 10 Jun 23
Very clean gay sauna loads guys in there won’t some fun modern style best one in Manchester definitely be coming back staff very friendly recommend them feels homely thank you so much guys 5 Stars 😁👌🏳️‍🌈
Jay Slater
12:56 13 May 23
Worse sanua I’ve ever been to.Staff are rude. And the customers are worse fussy and picky Many people in there was judgmental. No one looks at you, it’s like ur a ghost or something, never Again, I’ll stick to Mansfield and Leeds sanua only £10 to get in there.Worse £25 I spend.If. I could get 0 stars I would
Josef William Gardiner-Jones
06:10 05 Mar 23
Personally find all the staff friendly and welcoming. The facilities are superb and always finding staff cleaning continuously.Never found a reason to complain.
k m
10:24 13 Feb 23
Me and my boyfriend were racially profiled and refused entry. Staff said we looked drunk when we were only tired after a long bus drive. Two guys after us got in and they were clearly drunk.
David Moore
03:53 04 Feb 23
this venue has to be the best sauna i have been to in a long time. live in blackpool travelled down for the day . the staff or so helpful and friendly plus the venue is warm clean comfortable .my friend had a problem and the staff were so fantastic and looked after him . this place is brill and when next in manchester.cant wait to return
Nigel K Thomas
02:02 24 Jan 23
I’ve been to this sauna, but it would be at least 15-16 years ago. After reading a number of reviews I plan to go again; and I’m hoping I can add two more stars! We’ll see.
Rahul Rahul
01:48 14 Jan 23
ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL customer service. Been here a few times didn’t wanted to come back coz of rude behaviour of specy tall bloke but luckily today there’s a guy called Marius working. I Hv got no words to describe how polite and professional he is. A perfect person for the job. Highly recommend if there’s staff like him. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Dar Cyg
13:48 13 Dec 22
Horrible sauna...and even worse service. On Saturday evening I wanted to be nice and smiled at the employee at the reception and he thought I was drunk .. but he let me in. I was sober but so what. There are generally no people in the sauna, no people at all. Most of the people I met there were the same faces I know. The entry fee is very high. I do not recommend this sauna. Especially to young people
Aristotle Go
13:11 29 Oct 22
Great space for fun. Areas are clean. Two jacuzzis so plus points. Very friendly clientele. I'm loving Manchester so far. Steam and sauna. Rain showers. They have a sling, an X-cross, and a simulated prison cell. It was relatively quiet at the time so no one was using them. There's a few Internet stations. They close at 9pm except on Saturdays.
Ahmed Hasan
08:49 30 Aug 22
I AM NOT GOING BACK THERE AGAIN,REASONS——I have been going to this place since this year 3/4 times a week, all the staffs are miserable, always moody, always rude, no respect for customers, rooms don’t get clean properly at all 1/10, noticed they looks after very well when their friends comes in. Noticed that only KAYON smiles and friendly with all the customers. Most of the time cold water in shower. On 27/08/22 I asked for a towel and been asked to pay £1 without any notifications on my entry. I hardly use 2 towels. I was talking to other members about the charge, few said they got towels which not been charged. So the staffs don’t see all customers in same way. VERY DISAPPOINTED
Rodger Deyn
14:54 29 May 22
Accompanying friend, who last attended around 5 years ago, is highly impressed with the sauna's improvements, increased space, new black tiling throughout that is sophisticated looking and visually appealing.Excellent sauna well worth a visit to freshen up, relax, enjoy a snack while watching TV or going online and enjoy all the other facilities of a fantastic men's health club.
Karime Bouguerrouma
13:20 29 May 22
Disgusting staff. Dirty. Rude customers.Many times the toilets do not work and especially often the tubs are out of order and when you pay the ticket they do not tell you to warn you. while professional people should make you pay half the price and notify you first if there are any disservices in the sauna so that the customer can choose whether to enter or not. Sometimes the dark room are closed for work and they never tell you that too. Showers same,sometimes work sometimes not. Unprofessional staff .. Dirty and negative environment. I do not recommend this sauna to any potential customers
Rahul UK
23:42 27 May 22
Absolutely disappointed 😞. I traveled all d way frm Newcastle to Manchester just to visit dis place. There were 3 staff members with Absolutely zero customer service skills. the guy there on reception on Saturday night 21may wasn't for dat job. They jst didn't wanted to help. Such places do require good looking camp guys on reception with sweet smile and polite voice with a welcoming attitude. D bar guy wasn't in d bar most of d night. People wanted to eat and drink something but sadly there was nobody to serve. Many saunas make good money from their bars inside but there the kitchen was like never been used. As i been up all day had no sleep or rest for like 20 hours. I fell asleep on sofa by mistake didn't realize how and when. The tall specky bloke who was in d bar literally screamed on me. I was knackered didn't knew anywhere or anybody in the whole city. Was jst waiting for my coach in about two hours. Couldn't find any point to book hotel to sleep for 2 hours. 1 star for mixed races and ages I got to meet there otherwise zero efforts from the team to make visitor's experience unforgettable. Another thing not everyone visting ther is frm Manchester originally. Some people come from work and some people are just visiting So not everyone get prepared before get there. There should be hand jet in toilets for people to get prepared for bottoming.
lover sex
15:54 23 May 22
How can I communicate with those responsible for this place to find a way to communicate via messages.
Victor Marichal
19:49 20 May 22
I give 3 stars simply because of the staff and cleanliness, I received an aggression in the sauna by another client and although I immediately went to the manager everything remained in words, no type of aggression by anyone should be tolerated, neither verbal nor physical, then I continued with my own but always aware of my shadow in case the same person did something to me again, the staff helped but I think that aggression should not be tolerated. The prices are expensive and it's not what it was years ago, maybe they should innovate a little more because people go on Sundays when it's busy and they don't come back anymore.
Chris jackson
17:49 08 Apr 22
Can't get with the negative reviews. Place is clean, friendly staff. On the couple of occasions I've been, had a good time 😉
Szatra Szatra
18:54 03 Apr 22
Had a good experience but was missing some essential things; like having more showers with warmer water, water fountains, and a place to get ready. I visited on Sunday afternoon, and it was fairly busy. Even though the place is massive, it lacks some key features that are kinda expected
Aurélio Godon
14:19 09 Mar 22
Nice place, busy on a Sunday afternoon, mainly older/mature men. (That place look much brighter than the photos they posted on here). Big space with loads of corridors to cruise and lots of cabins. Felt very clean everywhere, thank you!!Only down, two tiny sachets of lube given at the entrance when you pay £24 to get in, condoms available tho, but no lube in the cabins, that's very disappointing.
The Manc
01:11 08 Feb 22
Basement seems to have shot itself ​in the foot with the price hikes. I have been three times since it reopened last year, once on a Friday night, once on a Saturday night and once on a Sunday daytime on all three occasions the place has been considerably less busy than pre price hike. It's too expensive and until this is addressed unfortunatly I can't see the place enjoying the amount of custom it used to get The place itself is fairly decent, and clean but at between £15 to £19 it's very steep. If you compare with saunas in Europe which have similar prices yet much more facilities you can see why people are not returning as often. The price is putting people off, especially local guys who used to use the place regularly.
Ashley Bogden
11:22 25 Jan 22
When I came to this bar a while back meaning good few years back I was banned for life for falling asleep I can understand I was abit knackered from my night outing but banned because of it was appalling and far as am aware am still banned from there which is real shame as I use to love going to this place in the sauna and everythink else to go with it and staff that were once there or if there still there were very rude! And that’s why am rating it 1 star unless I was to change that but no questions there I don’t think be any time soon
David Hemingway
18:02 13 Nov 21
I love coming Here And the staff are nice to me when I come here And it's always very clean And pleasant
Dan C
10:16 30 Oct 21
The guys are really nice 🙂 A lot has changed. Sometimes there is an internet problem with computers. Anyway, It is clean and tidy. The sauna works very well. Relaxation area after renovation. It's good that you can pay the card at the bar (before the pandemic you had to cash back at the reception). The problem is that not many people come here, even at the weekend there are few people, and during the week it is very quiet.
Florian Ilinca
17:53 24 Oct 21
The best souna EVEEERRR🙂
Rick D.
04:10 29 Aug 19
Not too bad! I recently visited this venue for the first time ever on a Sunday afternoon / evening. Was a bit hesitant at first having read some bad...
Leslie H.
05:52 29 Jul 17
No ResponseTired calling them 5 times and the phone just rings.sent e-mail and no response to that either. So not a good place to visit if it is your...
Mark J.
08:08 22 Dec 13
This place used to be buisy but when they increased their prices lots of people stopped going the last few times ive been in the place has been dead
03:28 30 May 13
The staff have never been rude to me, though I've heard reports of this. The place is pretty shoddy though. They don't supply paper towels and waste bins...

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