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Rise Bar
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Wilson Tansylim
00:35 22 May 24
We're two Asian guys from overseas who went here on a Thursday night. The entrance has 2 ramps leading up to it, which didn't seem to be labelled as being an entrance/exit ramps. We came up the right-hand side ramp and the doorman told us to go back around to the left-hand side ramp because we "went up the exit". There wasn't anyone else outside other than my friend and myself, so this was a rather strange request but we complied regardless. My friend then asked the doorman if the bar had a cover charge, which is a standard harmless question we would've asked in any other bar in the world. The doorman then responded sarcastically and condescendingly to my friend saying "does it make a difference?" What's so difficult about just answering the question with a "yes" or "no"? We were just so appalled at how unwelcoming the doorman was so we just decided to stay around for a short time given the bad mood he left us in.I also see that the owner seems to be replying to all the other bad reviews here as if to invalidate other people's experiences, but I'm leaving this here as my own personal experience. They should take it gracefully as feedback, improve, and get on with it. The owner also seems to suggest in other replies that dissatisfied patrons can easily seek out management to make a complaint. Not everyone wants potential confrontation, nor do some people have the time to deal with the potential stress of doing so--they're going to bars to have fun.
23:48 21 May 24
Hated working here after awhile, but definitely loved the atmosphere and service.Owners were friendly.Management not so much.Apart frm the minor issues as a worker, i would highly recommend still attending and trying some food and drinks! The music is FAB. The drinks are sexy! The area is fairly friendly and safe for queers.
Darren Bari
20:49 05 May 24
I had an amazing time with my friends here so the brunch 100% unfortunately when I was trying to get myself together after spending 700$ I was approached by some small man to move out of the way because I couldn’t stand there. Bad customer service and only there for the money
Emil Ura
20:55 04 May 24
Advantages: location.Disadvantages: bartender spilled out my beer all over me and didn't even say sorry. He throwed a rag on me and was very offended, even verbally aggresive when I didn't want to give him a tip after all.He also didn't react on his own initiative seeing our glasses were empty. He had to be summoned every time we wanted more to drink.Music made by women only. Very girlish.
23:44 12 Apr 24
Went for a girls night last weekend, we had the best time. The bartenders were so fun and drinks were amazing! Can’t wait to go back
Ean O.
16:51 12 Apr 24
OMG!! Great food and great service!! Amazing music and that DJ did not miss. Shout out the security making sure I got into my Uber fine.
Tatianna B.
16:46 12 Apr 24
Rise is the absolute best bar ever! I had such a great time, the vibe is immaculate! Most importantly, I felt super safe!
Jocelyn S.
16:43 12 Apr 24
Went for a girls night last weekend, we had the best time. The bartenders were so fun and drinks were amazing! Can't wait to go back
Quent Chiofalo
00:00 11 Apr 24
Who flat out shames someone for getting roofied? The weather is getting warm and folks are going out more. Barely a year after a string of in incidents where people were drugged your first thought is having a public meltdown instead of trying to reach out? We love when someone decides to shame a person who was drugged and is uncomfortable returning to the place they were drugged. The bartenders might be chill, and the music and environment are great but the owner showed his true colors.
Jonathon Olivo
23:42 10 Apr 24
I have been to A LOT of gay bars and this by far is one of the best… from the drinks (a fav is the smokey passionfruit mezcal margarita ), the food (you MUST try the loaded tator tots), the cleanliness, ambience, location (so many sexy guys in this area).. just all around AMAZING. Ohhh and the happy hour is bogo EVEN ON WEEKENDS!!! If you’re reading this go check it out…and btw the queens are fierce and the bartenders are hot too if i must mention 😉
Jackie G.
21:28 10 Apr 24
Visited NYC for a few days and someone recommended this place for a drag queen brunch. HIGHLY RECOMMEND and will def be returning.. the after brunch crowd...
Jonathon O.
16:26 10 Apr 24
I have been to A LOT of gay bars and this by far is one of the best... from the drinks (a fav is the smokey passionfruit mezcal margarita ), the food (you...
Bryan Cubias
10:39 07 Apr 24
Whoever was your supervisor or manager tonight on the evening of April 6. I just wanna say that I come here very very often, but one of your bartender was very curt at the bar with me he denied me a drink after he gave me a double instead of a single and I was like don’t want a double I wanted a single even though that bartender knew what I wanted he did not served what I wanted which was a single and instead he served me that double and gave it to somebody else, but after that he served he served me that double then I asked for a single; he wasn’t being nice with me because he was with friend someone I was talking to next to me and then he was jackass about it he did not served me after when I asked him for a single.
Tommy S.
06:22 03 Apr 24
This is a fun place to go to dance in HK. I really enjoyed my time here and the drag queen line up is outstanding. The bartenders are doormen are really...
Michael Demone
12:26 14 Mar 24
Miss this place. Rude bartenders. Watered-down drinks. Boring crowd. There are so many other places in the city with a better vibe, polite staff, and stiff drinks.Read the comment from owner below. That should give you everything you need to know about this place. Wow.
Yash Mistry
02:53 28 Feb 24
The Ultimate Start to the WeekendThis gay bar has become my go-to spot to kickstart my weekends, and for good reason it's simply one of the best in town. The vibrant atmosphere, coupled with an awesome crowd, sets the perfect tone for a memorable night out. What adds to the allure is undoubtedly the presence of a hot bartender who knows how to mix a mean drink and keep the energy high. From lively music to great company, this bar truly has it all. Whether you're looking for a place to unwind after a long week or to dive into the weekend festivities, this establishment never disappoints. It's a gem where you can find everything you need for a fantastic night out.
Elena N.
14:00 24 Jan 24
Date: Wednesday, January 10th, 2024Time: around 7:30pmGroup of: 5*Hot Cider ($10)*Glass Cabernet ($9)*Glass Merlot ($9)*Coke ($4)*Samurai Old...
Michael Demone
03:35 14 Jan 24
Miss this place at all cost. Rude bartenders. Watered-down drinks. Boring crowd. There are so many other places in the city with a better vibe, polite staff, and stiff drinks.Read the comment from owner below. That should give you everything you need to know about this place. Wow.
Ankil Shah
06:46 01 Jan 24
The bartender claimed to be the mangers husband and was super rude he had tummy tuck and was very insecure about himself. Such a shame. He doesn’t belong there. Almost homophone. I am sure he couldn’t find a job anywhere else and ended up here I feel sorry for him.I still stand by my review stop being passive aggressive he was rude I have no desire to give you my business. Grow up!
Julian De La Paz
23:35 24 Dec 23
Rise never disappoints! It’s truly one of the best gay bars in New York City, but let’s briefly discuss their drag brunch, as it is outrageously fun! Holly Box Springs and Egypt are a complete delight, and they made our Christmas Eve brunch so unbelievably special. The food is always such a treat, and the mimosas are just right. I never miss Rise on a Sunday, as it is the place to see and be seen in this city! 10/10 recommend to all who read this.
John S.
12:23 07 Nov 23
Clientele at the bar was rude. Ppl not considerate of space when enjoying the music with friends; will literally just push you aside and snip at you for...
Michael Demone
03:29 30 Oct 23
Miss this place at all cost. Rude bartenders. Watered-down drinks. Boring crowd. There are so many other places in the city with a better vibe, better staff, and stiff drinks.Read the comment from owner below. That should give you everything you need to know about this place. Wow.
Brad Trump
11:58 14 Oct 23
Might as well be called ‘Toxic’ bar. I have never had a good experience here. I personally find the bartenders to be particularly rude (with the occasional gem) and the vibe to be overall stale. It’s a staple that I know speaks to some in a lovely way, but I can’t say I’ll be supporting this place outside of a social obligation (i.e., a birthday, going away, etc.) There are several other LGBTQIA+ bars that provide better overall camaraderie if that’s what you’re looking for.
Prarthana Ranjit
07:43 01 Oct 23
PICK POCKETS- had my phone and wallet stolen from the dance floor - It was crowded and I felt a pull on my handbag and within 2 min my phone and wallet were gone- Also my friend had her phone stolen same night! HORRIBLE - please BEWARE
Matt Conlin (Matty)
05:39 09 Sep 23
The only complaint is their recognition of accessibility. Their security accepts drunk able people regularly but they argue about disabled. They don’t recognize that disabled people at the same level of awareness deserve access and disabled access is only okay when it’s not annoying
15:16 01 Sep 23
Just your average gay bar, very trendy and very tense. I wouldn’t really come expecting to chat with anyone but if you do like getting glared at from across the room, this is your place. Happy hour is very good though. Solid place to take friends but not to go alone if easily intimidated by the mean gays.
Mitchell W.
20:46 22 Jul 23
I'm so gay. It's true. Service is sexy. Like, they got no shirts. Ambiance is great, so many "young" men.
Katie Ardizzone
21:57 24 Jun 23
Rise bar is amazing! We are a group of Deaf people and they were immediately accommodating and accepting to include us in the show with an amazing interpreter. Would absolutely highly recommend this place! It was a great drag show that we will remember forever!!
Erin Hk
19:25 24 Jun 23
We were the last people served and the food was Luke warm. I was completely disappointed in the service and attitude.Show and performers were amazing, but maybe skip the brunch or eat before
James D.
12:25 24 Jun 23
This place is racist. I came with my good friend and we were served last. And we were here before a lot of other people. If you are Black do not come...
Revelations Production
14:33 21 Jun 23
Some of the staff are unprofessional, rude and extremely unfriendly making this a hostile environment for certain people.Drag shows were horrible!0 talent!The music was so bad no could dance to it.This is very bizarre place to go...it's almost as if you're not in NY.Patrons smash their way like savages through other patrons to get their drinks as if they are going through a mosh pitt.If you're interested in having a good time without any conflicts?This is not the place for you! Looking for a sophisticated intelligent crowd?This is not the place for you!Want to take home a savage with 0 manners? You can get lucky if you can survive the bad service and the Zombie like patrons and the one little white boy staff member that was angry that he had to clean. He loves throwing away your things while your back is turned and there are only 10 people in the venue. It doesn't even have to be packed for him to go through your things and throw them away. Do not turn your back from your things!If you have girls that are friends do not bring them here because some of the gay guy patrons including a gay employee that cleans up will let the females know that they are not welcomed by behaving like neanderthals. I met up with other women that shared their horror stories with me about this place and the discrimination they faced! You've been warned!Have fun reading the 1 star reviews ladies and gents!They even steal coats and jackets here!Go anywhere else and save your money and good vibes for another business!
Boris Rodriguez
20:43 19 Jun 23
Came to Rise for the first time. Beautiful bar! Drinks were good. Ordered our drinks from tall bartender. It was early and he was the only bartender working. He just did not seem like he wanted to be here. Unfortunate!
Marco Lopez
07:32 30 May 23
2nd time visiting for Drag Brunch and such a great time! Our hosts were very entertaining and overall a fabulous time. Check it out. 🤙🏽
Danielle B.
10:55 22 May 23
This is my go to bar with my friends, and we always have fun here! The music is great and the ambiance is so fun! I've done karaoke during the week with a...
Joseph B.
18:51 04 May 23
The door man is rude, disrespectful, and obviously hates his job!Due to his insulting attitude I can never recommend this bar.
Donald J Barnes
19:44 10 Apr 23
Went here for Sunday Brunch and me and my table were bummed about the experience. First off it's really expensive especially for what you get. You have to pay a $3-5 per seat fee on Open Table. Then if you get the bottomless brunch (w/entree) that's $60. Add tax and tip for the Server and the Queens you're looking at o/a $100 per person. I've seen Holly Boxsprings many times and she's always solid but the pairing with Egypt was kinda dull. Holly talked for 30 mins straight which I assume she was covering Egypt's costume change. It wouldn't have mattered if the patter was interesting but it wasn't. The food was ok. My friend got the Chicken and (mini) Waffles and it also came with a salad and hash browns which was an odd combo. The drinks were terrible!!!! I have never tasted a Mimosa that bad. It was like watered down Tang. How can you mess up a Mimosa??! We tried all the drinks as with the unlimited you could switch it up. We finally settled on the Blood Orange which wasn't on the menu. The staff and servers were all very nice. Took a while to get a drink in the beginning but Ethan was super sweet. I am writing this with the hope that it improves.
Hannah S.
13:21 01 Apr 23
Great ambience. I got the chicken and waffles which was amazing. The Queens made a super fun show with a lot of laughs and a great time!!!
Misha C
19:01 26 Mar 23
I went with my buddy here on a Saturday night, the bar was packed and had a fun energy. About $10 per drink (we had vodka crans), it's Manhattan so it's about what I expected though on the high end. For comparison at Hush it was about $7 per basic drink. The bar is split into two rooms with a bar in each and also space for dancing. It was a bit hard to move but I never felt like I was about to be crushed to death 🙂 They were playing good music (for my taste) that you could easily dance to (all the gay classics and idols like Rihanna, Ariana Grande, etc.). If they could tear down the wall in the middle and open up the dance floors together it might flow a bit better but otherwise pretty fun bar.
Tony R.
18:58 11 Mar 23
The service was really good and so we're the brunch drinks. The down side for me was the food. Based on the lighting you may not be able to see that my well...
Tomas D.
08:23 01 Mar 23
Beware of the Latino scam artist at Rise bar got robbed twice.They are two main guys a short Cuban and a tall Mexican extremely effeminate both. They will...
James H.
14:06 03 Feb 23
Pretentious crowd and overpriced drinks. Lots of other bars out there. Would definitely avoid.
Garrett P.
21:03 26 Dec 22
TWENTY DOLLARS for a double Tito's? WHAT A JOKE! Make it $17 so the staff gets tipped.
Konstantine Svanidze
01:59 25 Dec 22
A week ago somehow I managed to lost two of my passports. Next day I emailed them about my case. They responded so fast and my passports been found. First of all - when you enter inside- security is explaining to everyone about safety and importance of to watch your drinks. Nowhere in NY is happening this and trust me it’s very important for everyone.After entering space you have a choice of two different times of music and so much choices of drinks. Happy holidays to every single person who works there! Thank you so much! Strongly recommended place!!!❤️
Hadi M
22:41 22 Dec 22
I have been to bars all over Hell’s Kitchen area and I have to say this is my favorite and it has become my home bar. The staff is amazing and the drinks are really good. The owner is super friendly and if you have any concerns she actually sits with you and hears your feedback. Tracy thank you for making rise an amazing bar.
Serge K
03:19 21 Nov 22
We went for a drag brunch. Person at the door was very friendly. It was a bit of waiting time before we’ve got seated.Performance was great with good music.Food and drinks were good, I honestly based on my previous experience in different place didn’t expect that. Highly recommend
Eugene W.
18:45 10 Nov 22
After a long absence, I decided to visit this bar again. I normally just go in look at the the crowd then leave. But this time, I noticed a new bartender...
Kevin McDaniel
03:16 10 Nov 22
Great expansion! Clean, fun atmosphere, sexy bartenders. Jacob makes incredible margaritas!
Barbara Lopez
20:27 30 Oct 22
Hello good afternoon my name is salma I am a transgender woman.And this past Friday. Me and my brother had a little problem with manager Tracy !!!!First the little problem we had was not with other customers was with her..!!!We have a lot of time coming to that place and we never had a problem With anyone!!But the truth is we feel a little puzzled!!The way she looked at us and acted towards us!!!And were drunk . I think we told her something that maybe s he didn't like or maybe wasn't right. We were drunk. I totally understand!! But they way how they took us out. Was not right it was not professional!!!! She treated us like we were fighting with everyone inside.!!A little argument was making her big. To make us look bad with all the people that was not right!!!!My humble advice. For the next And don't do something small bigtime she have to be more professional!!!!! That’s all sincerely miss Salma❤️😘😘😘
Adam Harris
01:02 18 Oct 22
Rise Bar is a great place, definitely well worth a visit.The staff and customers are very welcoming and friendly too.A big shout out to the bar tender Nick who made us feel very welcome and served us well and made us feel at home. He is a credit to the establishment for sure!Definitely 100% would recommend this place, other bars that fly the flag around here are not so good at all! 🏳️‍🌈This is the best place by far!!
Julio S.
16:52 26 Sep 22
Great job with the renovation. Too bad some of the staff don't look like they want to be there. Especially the bouncer taking IDs outside. He couldn't be...
Rochelle Anne
12:40 16 Sep 22
Yesterday one of my dearest friends went to RISE and was denied entry and told he would not be permitted to enter if he was wearing a mask. As someone with an auto immune disease, I find this behavior to be repulsive and perhaps illegal since it would exclude people with medical conditions. After he posted about this experience on social media, RISE replied with lies saying that he refused to lower his mask and that they were just checking his ID (like TSA). First off, to deny entry due to a mask is just wrong. Second, to lie about it is especially wrong! Own the mistake and make shifts to be better would have been the proper response. What kind of people are running this place?
Steve P.
16:37 20 Aug 22
I feel that as a gay man I should like gay bars. I don't. They're pretentious, the beer selection is awful (corona and heineken are not premium beers) and...
Pedro M.
16:19 19 Aug 22
Rise discriminates against and judges its customers. It's pathetic that the loser queens who work there can only exert their authority by deciding who gets...
07:34 16 Aug 22
Great music, two separate sides, plenty of bar tenders so no significant wait. Drag performances are entertaining. Great spot to start or spend your night
Brian M.
18:39 13 Jul 22
Just had a racist experience with one of the bartenders - really? Hopefully the owners will do a better job screening their employees. After reading other...
Sabrina G.
23:59 09 Jul 22
Generally like this place but beware of the bartenders charging inconsistent prices for the same drink. I'll gladly pay for drinks but I have major...
Steven H.
11:04 08 Jul 22
Come for the 2 for 1 drink tickets and you know what? If you can't use it this time then use it next! The expansion to the next door stall is more graceful...
Calogero Torretta
22:58 06 Jul 22
The bartenders are always condescending and rude. First time I went I asked if they could use a specific red bull flavor and the bartender snapped at me. Very mean. He's brunette, glasses, tattooed. Most recent time the blonde with the long hair was curt.
Tim B.
20:53 22 Jun 22
Door man made me move aside when I approached the door to enter the bar. He was more interested in talking to and letting in a cute straight woman, who...
Zach L.
09:41 17 Jun 22
I went to Rise last evening and had a horrible experience. Both bartenders were unfriendly and seemed annoyed at me asking for drinks (major chips on their...
16:27 06 Jun 22
Clean, cute, great music. The bartenders are extremely nice (and handsome!). special thanks to Matt behind the bar for being so helpful xx
Christian Butterworth
18:19 05 Jun 22
Such a wonderful location in NYC. We felt so welcomed by all the staff and the other guests! The drink measures are strong (so Brits beware, a single measure will get you a UK double!). The bar felt busy, but not crowded. Drinks prices were in line with the rest of NYC. Would recommend. 🏳️‍🌈
Allison Galland
21:42 18 May 22
Had an absolutely fantastic time here! The staff were wonderful and welcoming, and the bar itself is spacious! Though I came for a popular event and lots of people were there, it was comfortable with enough room to see the TVs (we were watching Eurovision) and comfortably move around. EXCELLENT drinks and drink specials! Fun, friendly crowd! We loved the show by drag performer Svetlana Stoli! Thank you for a great time, Rise Bar! Looking forward to my next visit here!
Allison G.
14:44 18 May 22
Had an absolutely fantastic time here! The staff were wonderful and welcoming, and the bar itself is spacious! Though I came for a popular event and lots of...
Emmy Guerrero
03:14 18 May 22
Well I went to this place last night with my couple for a drink after a long time. We decided to come in and enjoy a drink guess what drinks are over price I paid 52 dollars for 2 drinks plus tips I ended up paying $60 for 2 regular drinks. The drink are way over price since they opened another sección they want to make the money quick please they are others options of places with better crowd. Please go to another place
Pavel Pavlyuchuk
04:12 15 May 22
The bar is great. Love the expansion, ppl can stay there all night long and still feel like they are in two different bars. Music, bartenders and overall management is wonderful.
Ellen G.
00:24 14 May 22
Music is ass. Go to 626 in jersey city for better prices honestly. Not worth it. The over priced music does not make up for it. This place is stuck in 2010 bye
Konstantine S.
23:12 03 May 22
Stop hating, bullying Ukrainean and orher peace supporters for wanting to See performers who supports Ukraine Let Easter Europeans have right to say -...
Teddy Cohen
03:41 03 May 22
Quintessential NYC gay bar. If you’re looking to live your best gay fantasy rocking to queer culture classics and upbeat dance music, this is your go to place.Wether you’re starting off your night or ending it, Rise offers good vibes and great service all night long. Want to see first class Drag shows nightly with New York’s Drag elite? GO TO RISE!Looking for day drinking? Best happy our in the city!!RISE is where it’s at. Thank you for constantly delivering!!GO TO RISE
lanie galland
02:04 03 May 22
This is an absolutely wonderful establishment, promoting love and support and acceptance. They (AND THEIR HOSTS AND PERFORMERS) deserve all of the support we as a community can provide.
Nicholas Ruiz
01:20 03 May 22
Been a patron of RISE for years. Love the Monday night drag show with Jasmine Rice LaBeija, Pissi Myles, & DJ David Serrano. Always a great time with friendly staff & gorge interior. I appreciate the attention to detail and love supporting this gay owned venue. Five stars!
00:55 03 May 22
Drinks are always good (heavy poor) and the entertainment is fun most nights. Lots of good Kate night food options nearby. New expansion has made the place double in size and double in fun
Chad R.
17:46 02 May 22
Great bar and always loads of fun! If you want to see some of NYC's finest performers, this is the place to go.
Charlie A.
16:48 02 May 22
Nothing but love, acceptance and good vibes at RISE always!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait for EUROVISION hosted by SVETLANA
Thad Castle
03:28 02 May 22
Came here with friends after having a few drinks at another place previously. It was nice, the music was loud and good, and the waiter with the pink hat was quick with our orders and polite had a great time until I went directly to the bar to get a second drink.The bartender asked for payment after making my drink and I told them I had a tab open. They asked who it was with, and I pointed at the table we were at directly next to the bar. Then they asked who my waiter was and honestly this was my fourth drink of the night so I didn't remember every detail of what they were wearing so I just said whoever was serving at the table we were at.This wasn't enough for the bartender and they started grilling me and getting snide about who took my tab and at which bar (did not even know there was a bar aside from the one you see on the left when entering). So I said to let me see if I can point him out but the bartender kept grilling me, still. Finally, I agreed with the bartender that it was the waiter with the pink hat and he said "oh like I just said before?" Then after all that he just asked for my last name anyway to confirm the tab.I know it was a late sunday night and maybe I should've remembered who took my card but that's no reason to be so snide and snippy especially if you apparently knew who was waiting tables in that area to ask me if it was the person in question, it was very rude and unnecessary since I saw that you ended up asking him about the tab anyway after this whole exchange.tl;dr remember what your waiter is wearing if you're opening a tab I guess unless you want to get shaken down by the bartender
Erika Foster
19:39 01 May 22
This place supports Russian aggression. Change the Eurovision host!
Kevin Cross
18:29 01 May 22
It’s crazy; they ask the russian host to present Eurovision 2022 during russian fascism in Europe. What are you doing guys?
Jim C.
21:35 22 Apr 22
$20 drinks at a crowded not so great bar? That's insane. I'll be disputing with my CC company. Advice: ask the price for a drink first.
Lucas Smith
03:17 20 Mar 22
Rise bar … if you can take down the last post on the instagram. Uploaded 5 hours ago. My identity it’s there and i don’t want to be exposed. Thanks !
Pedro M.
13:09 19 Mar 22
The last time I was here the waiter ignored me the entire evening while providing outstanding service to other patrons. Why? By chance, I met a man at...
Matthew D'Amore
06:37 13 Mar 22
Nice priced drinks for Manhattan and def a gay croud, but this dj they hired "Eugene" should stick to barmitzvah music. Had to leave before I heard another 2003 black eyed peas song
Luis Angeles
23:25 12 Mar 22
Not my first time coming here just it is my first time leaving a review. I have to say the crowd is amazing like always, a bit of shade with some great drag shows. If you want to get good drinks this is the place. Now for dancing it is crowded just a bit of wiggle room you can manage dancing. All and all I want to give a shout-out to Tim for being a great bartender and having impeccable friendly strict customer service amazing guy.
Keremy Jucharek
19:18 10 Mar 22
Rise gets my vote for the hottest guys, alongside maybe the Q. It can get a little packed but Tracy and Matt are awesome and the drinks taste great. I do run into some characters here and there but it's nothing atypical from the rest of the scene here in Hell's Kitchen. Definitely worth checking out!
Amir H.
17:16 25 Feb 22
Racist bar. I had a bad experience there and my friends witnessed it and saw some ethnic man being harassed by their female manager, (or maybe shes a trans)...
Jorge Z.
13:28 21 Feb 22
Bouncer is so nasty and so rude. I've experienced it on many different occasions. 3 strikes, ure out
Pavel Pavlyuchuk
06:11 13 Feb 22
The bar is great. The crowd sucks. People are very rude and inappropriate and don’t know how to behave in NYC settings.
Daniel B.
05:45 12 Feb 22
What a total ripe off. The bar is way over charging for well drinks using top shelf prices. 20$ per drink is a total scam. Never again.
Amir H.
12:47 03 Feb 22
I witnessed a racist experience there, around Halloween weekend, from an Asian female manager and a latin bartender, towards an Indian/Arab individual (all...
Michael Sinatra
15:58 29 Jan 22
Charged me $25 for a tequila soda. I asked why it was so expensive and the bar tender said "its a double." Well, I did not order a double. Apparently they did the same to my friends. Charged me $6 for the coat check. I thought it was $3. The coat check guy said "per item" because my coat had a liner. Seems a little ridiculous. Went for the Drag Race finale a couple years ago, had to pay about $60 for a table reservation--for more than half the show the audio did not work. The video kept shorting out. I understand technological problems can happen, but I asked if they would offer a refund at least for the table reservation fee. They told me they would contact me tomorrow. They never did and when I reached out they ultimately would not refund.
Nathan Byrne
14:03 16 Jan 22
Dumb. Don't come here if you need a coat check. Provided them with initials, jacket tab number, brand of jacket, and they stolemy coat still. Told me they need the physical tab. Told me I have to wait until close or the next day when its -5 degrees outside. Outrageous and never again. Miserable. Don't come.
Nathan Byrne
07:13 16 Jan 22
Dumb. Don't come here if you need a coat check. Provided them with initials, jacket tab number, brand of jacket, and they stole my stolemy coat still. Told me they need the physical tab which no bar does. Told me I have to wait until close or the next day when its -5 degrees outside. Outrageous and never again. Miserable. Don't come.
Louis L
07:15 09 Jan 22
Great bar, but 20$ for a gin & tonic? Really?Also the lights need to be adjusted - notSo nice to be constantly blinded all night.
Gustav R.
22:30 08 Jan 22
Great music great crowd everything was amazing I can't rave more about this place check this out if you are visiting
Сергей Шептун
05:47 08 Jan 22
Great place for drag shows and dancing all night after!
Edward L.
19:26 02 Jan 22
This needs a new management team. Rise is not running a coat check on January 2nd. Winter coats are essential and expensive and i don't want to lose them...
Ayden Férdeline
05:53 31 Dec 21
This venue is dangerous. Staff and patrons do not wear face masks in the middle of a pandemic; vaccinated people can of course catch and transmit Covid! I wore a mask inside and the bartender on the floor told me he “couldn’t hear me” when I spoke through a mask and said I should take it off. I declined and he just walked away, not even taking my order! I think this is so rude. Wearing a mask should not be discouraged — especially in the midst of an Omicron surge where New York City is the epicenter!
Jess H.
19:19 22 Dec 21
Eh, the boys behind the bar could use a little attitude adjustment also $20 for a captain and coke in any reality is over priced. I wanted to go to...
Alexander Salis
05:45 28 Nov 21
Was there with a friend who was sitting at the bar. My friend got up to go to smoke outside and told me to sit in their seat. The bartender told me I couldn’t sit there as said friend was sitting there. I explained that I was with the person sitting in the seat and they were just outside and told me to sit there but the bartender didn’t want to hear anything I said and just ignored my existence. I felt uncomfortable so stood up again but the bartender would still not even serve me and had to be served by another bartender who was thankfully extremely kind. My friend also felt terrible for the situation and was extremely apologetic despite them not being in any way responsible.Another friend with us then sat in the seat but the bartender didn’t say a word to them. So felt very singled out, uncomfortable, and unwelcome, all over a silly seat.Really strange and peculiar experience.
Joey C.
07:01 25 Nov 21
Not even, literally, 1 minute before I sat my bag on the chair and started to take my jacket off, Aaron T, with his diva attitude already pushing an order...
Mirage H.
09:34 18 Nov 21
I love it how this bar ended up deleting comments of my friends, Kate & Paul, but kept mine and Ayesha's comment and didn't even reach out. I wonder why...
Adam C.
17:04 12 Nov 21
OMG the Queens of Hells Kitchen are unsurprisingly overly critical of Rise Bar. The talons are out. My experience was generally positive. Plenty of light...
Paul R.
16:36 02 Nov 21
I'm truly appalled at how my best friend was treated recently.. I believe the lady was a mgr. I truly can't believe how my friend was treated based on his...
Ayesha G.
09:12 30 Oct 21
I stopped by to meet my friend & saw an Asian lady treated my friend very rudely & was racist towards him. I would never want to associate with people of...
Mirage H.
08:30 30 Oct 21
That Asian lady manager there is racist as hell. I heard her screaming to a patron "you have mental problems. Go back to your wife who doesn't know you are...
Michael Dean
05:19 30 Oct 21
Rise bar amazing! The shows, the dj’s, the lights, the entire staff. Absolutely amazing every single day!
Marianne R.
14:10 24 Oct 21
It's not bad, it's not great. Good music, but almost no one dancing when we went. Drinks weren't a bad price to be honest though...
andy zheng
19:54 04 Oct 21
Decent bar. It’s a niche crowd. Music is ok.
Walther Fantola
17:16 26 Aug 21
Love that bar but Jesus 32$ for 2 vodka sodas that is crazy. 16$ for a « cocktail » on a plastic glass full of ice… too bad few bars in Hell’s Kitchen are charging that much (Rise & The Q)
Spencer J.
19:54 19 Aug 21
Was great fun with DJ 2Face until the drag queens interrupted and drove out 80% of the crowd. Why do they let them ruin their business? Would have been a killer dance party but instead became a pathetic scene with only 17 people left after an hour show down from 100+ people at the start. Also: why do you have to project your name RISE on eight screens? It’s overKILLL
Jessica L.
22:12 03 Aug 21
Subpar cocktails . Friendly staff. No usb for charging or charging behind the bar for iPhones
Jack Soriano
23:06 30 Jul 21
Great bar. Why is that dancing bar maid deliberately ignoing me? Rise, you know who I mean. 😀
Mitchell P.
13:09 30 Jul 21
The ownership is really trying to keep HK alive. Please support local, mom & pop businesses like these.
Josh Feldman
05:06 28 Jul 21
Always have a fun time going to Rise! The drink prices are great!
Ja'my Williams
06:20 06 Jul 21
I have never felt so welcome in my life! Bartenders are really kind and super considerate. Music is modern and the crowd is relaxed.
Ali Almurtada
04:10 28 Jun 21
Perhaps this is rather Manhattan thing and not exclusive to this place, but its apartmenty feeling makes it tough for a clubbing experience.There was a long line to get in which is okay, but introducing a cover fee last min which increased every ten mins or so wasn’t a good touch. I also paid $15 for a single drink which I thought was a bit much.Overall, it’s not too bad and I’ll probably be back!
Austin S.
06:56 22 Jun 21
Came here with the squad and just sat outside. It's labeled gay bar but they have mexican food. Food was delicious but all drinks came in like plastic to go...
G Tenewitz
17:01 27 May 21
Show your excelsior pass or vaccination proof and you can wander about maskless. The nice waiter there said that next week (we were there May 26) that vaccine proof will be required and social distance will no longer be required there!! Overall, a real nice place, clean and modern interior, one of the better in HK. Interesting mixed crowd age-wise, young to middle age. Mostly local crowd on weeknights, and probably due to less tourist. Great outdoor seating.
Christian P.
12:31 25 May 21
Rise can be fun. Is it always? Well that depends on what's going on. I just went this past weekend and due to Covid they are still seating everyone at...
Jackson Neil Abarilles
06:18 22 May 21
Update 05/21: Met the Apparently “Rude Asian Manager” tonight and you know what... she’s not. She was so friendly and she treated me like a human being and made me feel welcomed! So, shout out to her and will definitely be coming back very very soon!!!We sat there and the tables that were sat next to us after we were given a table have already been helped and got their drinks but we were left out. Waiter was cute though and the gentleman at the door was really nice. But being there and sat down just to be ignored while the tables around us was being helped and us just looking foolish was not the night we planned on having. Moving on. Maybe next time will be better. Shout out to the door guy for being awesome! We will definitely come back and give it another try.
Andy Shave
00:42 18 May 21
No single spots inside but going to the restroom a number that are there! Clearly, and I understand it they only want groups for their Buisness. I supported it during lockdown but that means nothing. I stopped coming for a reason and being here tonight reminds me why
Michelle S.
10:13 13 May 21
Went on a Wednesday night and it was so lively!!! The entire experience was great. The bouncer was friendly and so were the hostess. We were seated promptly...
Stephen Torres
03:48 07 May 21
Friendly staff and great energy. Love this place. Will always come back
Jackson Neil Abarilles
21:20 05 Apr 21
We sat there and the tables that were sat next to us after we were given a table have already been helped and got their drinks but we were left out. Waiter was cute though and the gentleman at the door was really nice. But being there and sat down just to be ignored while the tables around us was being helped and us just looking foolish was not the night we planned on having. Moving on. Maybe next time will be better. Shout out to the door guy for being awesome! We will definitely come back and give it another try.
Viktor Aleksiev l
20:24 03 Apr 21
For 2 drinks I paid $33( vodka tonic). Also we have to ordered food which never came but was on the check $12. The lady which plays to be manager there is so rude. I am not sure did she knows what customer service means. She was reminding us every 20 minutes about the time we have left. Very annoying and rude woman. In general: expensive drinks,poor customer service.
Caryn Russman
11:31 29 Mar 21
Stopped here the other day and had a drink with friends outside. You have to order food with your drink and there are no vegan options. Mainly stuff like hot dogs or pizza. It would be nice if they sold chips or something so I’m not throwing money away. That said, the waiter was very friendly and drinks came out pretty quickly.
Vanessa Y.
12:31 26 Mar 21
yes the bar does have quite a line but we need to support our local businesses - my wife and i waited on line and ultimately, enjoyed the wonderful shows. check them out
Alizee Acenova
01:15 10 Feb 21
You will pay for two drinks even though you order one drink because “that’s how they serve drinks”. A wine + a gin tonic in plastic cups = $36 (excl the mandatory food charge for outdoor dining).

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