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Tawan Bar - The famous A-go-go men bar in Thailand, established since 1987. By that time, a number of gay bars were opening gradually. Consequently, the executive tried to make its different from others by promoting Tawan as a center of muscle men bar in Thailand. It has gained fantastic feedbacks so far. So you can find more then hundred of handsome muscle men, and enjoy the erotic shows every day start from 10.45pm onwards.

Tawan Bar located in the heart of Bangkok gay scene at Soi Tarntawan, Surawong Road (opposite The Tawana Bangkok Hotel). Tawan Bar celebrated its 30th anniversary by re-decorating for new look must modern and gorgeous.



Tawan Bar
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chan ngai chung
07:26 08 Feb 23
Too old, not good experience, keep asking for tips
07:10 01 Feb 23
Two visits in 5 yearsThere is no progressive performance show.The process is boring and perfunctory.The price has also increased a lot.The name of the store has changed.I feel uncomfortable when the space becomes smaller.I won’t come again in the future.Lemon Fanta doesn‘t taste goodWaste of money consumption
Jerry Ziertman
09:16 13 Sep 22
Great muscle men gay bar with exciting erotic shows nightly at about 10:30 pmDrinks are consistent and a bit pricey.
Arm Athit
03:47 01 Apr 21
Work work work
Surjit Nayak
05:26 13 Mar 20
Ok ok
Matt Cutting
08:34 28 Dec 19
Fantastic food. And cheap.
Wellbeing 491
20:27 16 Nov 19
Extremely pushy management and overpriced drinks and then these muscular men are obviously only interested in your money and the tips without any quality service or time on you. Most of them are bored and are on their phones, opening their t shirts like some sort of favour to you before putting them on quickly. One already drunk elderly muscular guy working for the club came over and started pawing me while a younger guy started with a shoulder rub, without asking me and then expected me to buy him a drink which I didn't and then tip him, which I did. The elderly guy stuck around and then started negotiating his price and pushing me to take him with me. I actually bought him more drinks, which he happily fell for my scheme to get him more drunk, giving me the chance to escape. The entire episode was quite hilarious on hindsight, but a bad experience if you take stock of the situation.
Vinod Kumar
02:20 20 Oct 19
Expensive place to visit. 400THB for the show and just one beer/drink. Was abit too much for me to handle, my boyfriend tricked me into visiting this place. If you're into older muscular male performers, this is your heaven.
Evan Ingle
18:18 08 Jun 19
Great place. The guys are really friendly and the hosts aren’t pushy like at other places. They put on a memorable show. A must if you like muscular or beefy guys.
Brian James Bagay
09:34 01 May 19
Sort of stumbled at this place after refusing to see ping pong shows streets over lol but it was 500 baht on a Saturday night around late 11 something and I think they were finishing up their show..but what I saw.....i enjoyed. If you're into muscular or thicker guys this is the place. A bit of BDSM, some fruits were involved... and if you dont want to get "shot" in the face stay in the back row. The ticket price also includes a drink. Minus one star because when we arrived we wanted a whiskey with coke. The guy said NO. And we were confused, apparently you have to pay extra for coke?!?! I didnt understand that but I wasnt there to argue with him but to see the main show. And because I think we were towards the end of the show it seemed quick. The hours said they're open till late, and it was still "early" for a party night and I asked the guy if theres another show and he said no. Then I asked if theres anywhere else we can go to see something like this or guys to recommend and he kept saying NO. Ughhhhhh, I wish they brought him on stage and shot him in the face lol. I would go back again, maybe sit a bit closer even. Ahaha
Wayne Lim
15:05 12 Jun 18
Didn't manage to take some photos there. Overall is still fine compare to other bar. If you like muscular guy or wish to discover more about them, do pay a visit with 400baht entrance fee (include 1 drinks). There are some guys of selection from lean fit to bear, not limited to 1 preferences. Treat for a drink (cost 400baht) if you spot any guy you wish to have him by your side for the night. Take it as an experience.The show is just fine to me. I'm just putting my sight on other hotspots of entertainment.
James Peter
05:15 07 May 18
Visited here for the first time last week. This is where you will find the straight muscle boys and bodybuilders available for private meetings at home for an agreed amount of money. Beware that most of them are straight, even though host says they are gay. Not that it matters, or it didn't matter with the 2 that I hired..

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