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Ambrose D.
00:45 16 Jun 24
After the show, while I was texting my boyfriend by the back bar, a tall dark curly-haired member of staff asked me to move because they were closing an...
Dustin Jones
05:43 27 May 24
Twisted Element has the building blocks of a great gay nightclub: a spacious dance floor, good drink service, and entertaining drag shows. However, in my experience, I have been disappointed by the DJ's playlist, which tends to lack new pop hits and gay anthems.
Tristan Downey
05:31 14 Apr 24
Calgarys newest and dullest straight bar...what happened to spaces exclusively catered to gay men? Never have I been so confused in a *gay bar* ....Calgary definitely needs more *Gay* spaces
08:26 09 Mar 24
Paid cover for a very underwhelming experience. I wanted to get a cup of water for my friend and had to pay $3.50 for bottled water. You would think a bar would be more than okay with giving out tap water for free...
Desirae C
16:05 18 Feb 24
REVISED: thank you Twisted for doing a better job with coat check last night! 🙏ORIGINAL:It’s a gay club so I love it for that! But it needs some serious evolving.STOP charging people preemptively for coat check. I got charged for a SWEATER!ADD more queer women to staff and shows.UPDATE your upstairs Saturday DJ. The strobing lights could be turned way down too.
Desirae C
23:44 12 Feb 24
It’s a gay club so I love it for that! But it needs some serious evolving.STOP charging people preemptively for coat check. I got charged for a SWEATER!ADD more queer women to staff and shows.UPDATE your upstairs Saturday DJ. The strobing lights could be turned way down too.
Aaron Steenkamer
00:42 08 Jan 24
I went twice and the drag shows were great but its 90% cis women in the crowd and one night they kept coming up with bills in their mouths trying to dance with the queens, who would steer them aside in a friendly way. It wasn't ladies night or anything either night. Maybe a night specifically for gay/non gender conforming folks would be good.
James B.
17:42 10 Dec 23
New owners have it open Friday and Saturday. Atmosphere has changed, they've gotten rid of a lot of their regular entertainers, and it's giving me straight...
Arianne S
01:43 06 Dec 23
Giving 5 stars for the drag queens. 1st time attending a show like this and it inspired me to be more feminine 🤣 However, bathrooms didn’t have Kleenex and the mullet headed bartender seemed bothered by our presence lmao
Mitchell Park
04:13 05 Nov 23
I’m someone who was raised in Calgary, revisiting the city & Twisted, who had a poor experience this evening at the establishment; a place where I have enjoyed experiences in the past.Stepping through the 20 minutes I was there, it began with paying $10 cover for a drag show, having arrived early around 8:45pm. The place was empty, save for a few older straight couples, a couple seated at the back windows, and a straggler. All tables, vacant, with lights shining and music blaring. I decided to acquire a beer, 1 corona bottle, which the bartender informed me was $8, to my surprise. Even given the exhorbitant price, he held eye contact with me, as he gave me a toonie in change, as if expecting I would pay $10 for 1 bottle of beer. This was after he overlooked me, initially serving the straggler as I waited, when an older woman joined me waiting for a drink.. he didn’t look at me, and approached the woman first, ignoring my presence. Fortunately, the woman demonstrated courtesy by ceding to me; we briefly exchanged words, as she asked if I was in line.I then proceeded to drink the $8 beer at one of many vacant tables for many people. Upon leaving, and it had only been about 10 minutes, with hardly anyone yet arrived for the drag show, I imagined that the doorman would at least reimburse me $5 cash, as a courtesy, having only spent a short amount of time, with the premises nearly empty, and having supported the establishment with my $8 beer. As I left, I patiently waited for the doorman to finish serving new entrances, and inquired about the $5 reimbursement, out of the $10 cover fee, which I believe is fair. He however didn’t look at me, shook his head, and said “we don’t do that here,” and continued his gaze in the direction of the door. I replied, “I thought I would ask,” and he nodded towards the vacant area in front of him, and I left, having paid for an $18 corona, the most expensive beer I may have ever paid for.
Saskia Skulmoski
16:09 22 Oct 23
Wonderful staff that are helpful in uncomfortable situations however, over the last year the typical twisted night has involved a lot more older creepy straight(?) men assaulting groups of young women. The staff are always extremely helpful, understanding and quick to kick them out however it still ends up ruining the night. This bar is slowly becoming less and less of a safe space for queer women. Twisted is doing all they can to stop this from happening and I don’t know what the solution is. I am slowly feeling the queer community become less and less of a community and individualism take over.
Patsy Tuba
20:36 08 Oct 23
My first drag show!! Took the Sunday Brunch!!! So great! Loved the performances!!! Great weekend experience 🤩the queens of the day were Angelina Starchild, Avanna Kedavra, DOGIICHOW, Rip Em and Dani Phantom. Can’t wait to be back ‼️
Omega Trans
18:39 08 Oct 23
This club does not feel like a safe space for LGBT people. The club is invaded by straight women and their sulky boyfriends. It’s not okay to let herds of straights into our spaces. And shame on all those straight women who want “to dance with the gays”! We are not your pets and you are not our allies when you objectify and tokenize us.
Jade Sinclair
13:54 29 Sep 23
Never a dull time, I sometimes come with friends and we love the dance floor. Also been hit on a few times and made out with guys when I got a bit too drunk but all around a good time. I’ll always come back for more
Mr L
14:32 18 Sep 23
Hello, tonight I went to a drag show, AND you have Violet & Gottmik what? Awful, empty bar, and these drag queens are amazing.When a name brand of drag race can't bring a croud in Calgary, the Calgary queer community should be embarrassed. This over charged show should not be blamed on the performers, however the promotion was terrible. #emptybar. Does the cast of Drag race really deserve this? Is this bar the right location? I'm tired of this played out space that has let me dwn every time since 2017. "Disappointment" has been the front performer of this location for far to long. WE SHOUOD NOT SETTLE, Calgary needs and deserves a better queer space/club, we have so much talent in this city. Call me when you really want to capture a market. Fail after fail, there is a STRONG community and you clearly miss it every time. The crowd got less and less every song. I want to apologize on behalf of the folks of Calgary to the Drag Race folks.
Alexis Martinez
00:33 18 Sep 23
Went here on a Saturday night and had an amazing time. The drag show was incredible, the venue and the atmosphere was really nice and clean. The bouncer and all the staff were really kind. The drinks were good and not watered down.
Krislyn Jagt
03:54 16 Sep 23
I come here frequently, and have never had an unpleasant time with staff or patrons. Bathrooms are clean, staff is friendly and helpful, and the music is always good! I've come here alone, with friends, and always have a blast! Great gay bar in Calgary. Haven't tried the food yet, but I can't imagine it's anything less than great! 10/10 would recommend. Thanks for a great time every time Twisted!!
Michelle Langelaar
16:03 09 Sep 23
Wow...just wow... came to have a good time. One party had zero ID at 50+ years old. NO entry. We clearly look 50. GET OVER YOURSELF!!! Would not even let us use a picture of ID. Don't waste your time going here. So judgey... NOT INCLUSIVEFunny - you want to try to explain away your behavior. Nobody was threatening, maybe asking you about getting in. But reply what you will to clear your conscience.
Brayden Martindale
08:10 02 Sep 23
My friend and I went for our birthday, we went outside for a cigarette after two drinks, each. The security refused us both and told us to leave and if we don’t like it to call in the morning, I walked past him and talked to the owner they had no issues and let me in but accused my friend of being too intoxicated to enter. I said that’s impossible we just flew in an hour ago I bought her two single drinks, allowing me and refusing her, we left and our friends left with us, the security came and apologized and said “sorry I was in a mood you can come in now it’s okay” for a $30 cover and mostly empty club that’s absolutely ridiculous, we refused and left. Not very inclusive if you ask me…. I’m from Vancouver and never have these issues back at home…
Citrus M.
08:52 30 Jul 23
this bar used to be so great a few years ago but honestly the music has been so bad lately that it's not even worth it for the overpriced drinks. It's only...
Haydn R
23:29 22 Jul 23
Came here for my first queer bar experience last night and the music and dancing was so fun. At the end of the night, an employee named Shane informed me that some men my friends and I had danced with were following us without our knowledge. Shane kept an eye on the situation and then walked me to my home nearby. I can't explain how grateful I was to realize they were looking out for us. I'm really glad I can go there and feel safe. I will definitely be back. Thank you again, Shane.
A. Johnsen
14:33 22 Jul 23
I had so much fun. The burlesque show, then drag show had me laughing and cheering the whole time. And then it seamlessly turned into the night club. It definitely felt like a safe place. And I thought the drinks were reasonably priced.
Francis Brake
18:25 09 Jul 23
Iconic gay dance club. I love the staff - they are all so kind and welcoming. The music is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 and they regularly have a lot of amazing guest performances. You can feel a sense of community at Twisted, which is very important to me as a queer person. Thank you Twisted 🌈
Michael Cameron
17:34 25 Jun 23
Come to twisted, to get your drink spiked. I had like 6 drinks all night, spent 30$ at this place. Blacked completely out and can't remember anything. Definitely not enough to black out. Last thing I remember is them refusing to let me back in after I went outside. Woke up in bed. I've blacked out before from drinking, but actually drank alot. This was not one of those times. Careful there people....lucky my bf brought me home safely.
Melina Slade
07:35 31 May 23
Edit for owner response ***If you read my review you would see that I HAVE stepped in your facility and it would have been around 2013/2014 for pride week and then again in 2019/2020 after Bianca was doing a show in Calgary. People were judging and rude even then. I don’t need to know the context of a review but I sure can see how an owner respond to these situations. Which is unprofessional language and just straight up lack of defusing a situation. You also said in one review “are you even a patronage of the community we serve?” I don’t know what this means but doesn’t sound right.I just had to say how the responses to these 1 star rating could be handled in such a different manor and yes can impact how someone wants to go to a facility.I came to read through reviews to see if this place is worth while as it’s been a good few years since being in the facility. After reading the owners responses to many complaints I would not go. There are other ways to be professional and seems like the owner needs a course or 2. Also don’t speak on behalf of the whole lgbt community. You do not speak for me what so ever!! Sounds like you talk like what we the community has been fighting against. So sad.Will never enter this establishment but according to his reviews he doesn’t care anyways.
Faith Gyori
16:03 28 May 23
We had a really tough situation go on and they were so unsympathetic! The management was so poor and I’m truly disappointed in our experience. We arrived half hour early and they gave our seats away because we had an emergency and had to step out for a moment before the show even started and still made in back in on time. They would not provide a refund for giving away our seats, and told us to stand. The bartender yelled rude comments at my friend when we were just trying to figure out why they gave our seats away. They did not try to remove us, but we decided to go else where and when we got to our next location find out that they put a bar ban on our id’s simply because we were unhappy with how we were treated. A truly shocking experience.
Shaylan Zecchel
19:26 14 May 23
Amazing drag performers! However, we went with a bachelorette party and we wanted the bill split. When the bill came it was wrong which was no issue at all the server was very nice and fixed the bill. At the end of the show we took a picture with all the drag queens and the guy (I am assuming the manager) came up to us and said we were very confusing for the server and that if we wanted to come back to the establishment we would need to be more clear and mindful of the server. The brides food was wrong twice and we did not complain. Absolutely the most inappropriate thing that has ever been said to me. Also the food was stone cold and disgusting.
Kassy M.
22:21 28 Apr 23
Such positive vibes i love coming here! everyone is so accepting and non judgmental. Made a few friends 🙂
Kat Lub
15:06 24 Apr 23
I have been refraining to make a review until after we received our photos from the most recent MEET and GREET event.. however according to the website it says we should see our pictures within 2 weeks, and its now been 17 days without any of the photos on the website.Also, coming from someone who has shot drag performers, burlesque, ect... the professional photographer that worked the event on April 8th was the most unprofessional and rude I have ever witnessed. Its sad because this was an ALL-AGES event so there were kids that were performing. I was sitting in the back and I overheard the photographer scream loudly "ITS TOO EARLY FOR ME TO BE HERE" and storm away and at this point it was noon.. I felt bad for the child performers who deserved professionalism while doing their performances.We paid for meet and greets and were rushed through by the same photographer, hardly got two words in with the performer I came to see.With a heavy heart, I probably will not be recommending this place to my friends due to the rudeness I saw from your photographer, along with the fact that I have called numerous times to ask when we will be able to see our photos from the event without any response from anyone who works there.The performers and front of house were amazing.
Allie J
18:13 16 Apr 23
After over 8 years of living in Calgary, I FINALLY checked out Twisted Element last night. Mama, I'm home!Staff were all smiles and very welcoming! There were no canned beverages that weren't carbonated, so the bartender recommended a drink for me. It was so good! Thank you!Although I didn't stay too too long, I had such a fun night dancing and making friends. I didn't know I was going to check out Twisted when I left home in the evening, so I was just in a band t-shirt, comfy black pants and boots. I didn't feel judged once - something that is important to a lot of us in a club/bar setting.I truly can't wait to come back and check out some events. Thank you for everything!
Shae Vincent
22:59 10 Mar 23
The new owners are amazing. Cover charge has stopped the homeless from coming in and doing drugs aswell as brought in professional paid entertainment. Place is much cleaner , drink prices are a bit higher but I'm willing to pay for that because of the good entertainment
23:14 04 Jan 23
Genuinely one of my favorite spots in all of Calgary! Twisted is a great place to catch a drag show or dance with your friends. It’s very safe and welcoming (unlike *ahem* a certain 🤠 themed establishment) and always has such a great energy. There’s always something to do, and they always get some great performers in the city. It’s a great space for lgbtq+ people and allies of all ages, and the community is very welcoming and friendly.I don’t remember their name, but the coat check person was especially friendly when I went to see a Thursday show last week! I always make a point to visit when I’m back in Calgary.However, the music is a little too loud for my liking, especially the bass. Next time I come I’ll bring some earplugs, but no other complaints!
23:23 30 Oct 22
I have been at the club regularly the last few months and am always impressed by the warm welcome and accepting atmosphere the staff provide. The performers always make me laugh and the bartenders are always happy to make me a delicious new drink. I have never felt as safe and as included in a space ever. Thank you twisted element.
Julieann Austria
05:47 14 Oct 22
Having to have several disappointing mean experiences at this place, its time for this review.Front door security staff we’re rude and mean. I asked what the “theme” for the music for the night and the door person answered rudely by saying “I don’t know… gay!” and walked away to talk to the other front door people to make fun of me for asking such question and they all laughed like mean girls. Even some of the staff are not friendly and seem miserable working in this place when asked a question.The place is not as welcoming, inviting, warm, loving and charming like they used to be. Reading other reviews; seems like its the most common complaints. Very disappointing as this place suppose to promote an environment where you’re suppose to feel welcome and safe.Great ambiance, reasonably price drinks and food . The drag show is top notch! Amazing talented performers! will just be supporting them at different venues such a Betty lous with better customer service.
Erik Tierney
22:26 18 Sep 22
This is one of the only clubs I feel safe and welcomed in. The staff are great, it's in a great location, and they don't placate to people just because "well that's how other clubs do it"Twisted isn't other clubs. If you are queer and look for a fun space to let loose, great drag shows, and a great night of dancing, I highly recommend.
Julieann Austria
06:31 12 Sep 22
Having to have several disappointing mean experiences at this place, its time for this review.Front door security staff we’re rude and mean. I asked what the “theme” for the music for the night and the door person answered rudely by saying “I don’t know… gay!” and walked away to talk to the other front door people to make fun of me for asking such question and they all laughed like mean girls. Even some of the staff are not friendly and seem miserable working in this place when asked a question.The place is not as welcoming, inviting, warm, loving and charming like they used to be. Reading other reviews; seems like its the most common complaints. Very disappointing as this place suppose to promote an environment where you’re suppose to feel welcome and safe.Great ambiance, reasonably price drinks and food . The drag show is top notch! Amazing talented performers! will just be supporting them at different venues such a Betty lous.Wishing this place the best for the future.
05:39 07 Sep 22
went here on the saturday before the pride parade, pretty fun and i'll definitely be returning. only complaint is the folks at the door taking cover payments were a little rude, but i understand they have a lot of people to deal with. drinks are a bit pricey but i think that depends on the bartender. drag show was fun and the music was alright, there were a lot of people on the dance floor which made it a fun environment!
Rayanne Ward
06:32 04 Sep 22
My friend got double charged a 20 dollar cover charge because I went into a seperate line and paid cash for myself. There were 2 men taking cover charge and the one man would not let my friend just pay 1 cover fee. Drag shows were great but loosing 20 dollars to a man who wouldn't listen to reason ruined the night
Julieann Austria
20:57 21 Aug 22
Having to have several disappointing mean experiences at this place, its time for this review.Front door security staff we’re rude and mean. I asked what the “theme” for the music for the night and the door person answered rudely by saying “I don’t know… gay!” and walked away to talk to the other front door people to make fun of me for asking such question and they all laughed like mean girls. Even some of the staff are not friendly and seem miserable working in this place when asked a question.The place is not as welcoming, inviting, warm, loving and charming like they used to be. Reading other reviews; seems like its the most common complaints. Very disappointing as this place suppose to promote an environment where you’re suppose to feel welcome and safe.Great ambiance, reasonably price drinks and food . The drag show is top notch! Amazing talented performers! will just be supporting them at different venues such a Betty lous.Wishing this place the best for the future.
Naomie Poirier
02:14 15 Aug 22
Went for a drag brunch. The murals are amazing, the place has a nice atmosphere. Staff is very efficient and friendly. The brunch food was excellent and the prices were very reasonable.
jenna cameron
23:12 09 Aug 22
My friend Tyler took me here as soon as I moved to the city. This place is amazing and so friendly and welcoming. Wonderful environment of people
Arin Hasific
21:52 06 Aug 22
Always a blast, staff are very nice. Last time I got pretty sick and the staff helped me and my friend get home safely. Thanks everyone 🙂
03:52 14 Jul 22
Super fun!If your style is to complain about the drink prices, or, staff, or, the DJ, or, transohibia... Look at yourself; maybe you are the problem? Twisted accepts and adores every customer, and treats everyone equally. Be yourself and have fun. That's my experience. I hope this helps someone to come out?
Anh Nguyen
21:24 07 Jun 22
Fun club! There’re a good mix of people dancing on the floor. Everyone seems to be having great fun. The bartenders are quick to serve.Be prepared to bring cash to buy drinks otherwise you’ll have to withdraw from the ATM inside which took foreverrr and there’s a long line of people. I don’t go clubbing often but this is a pretty nice experienceI kinda wish the music was better tho. It was mostly remix of pop which is fine. But i wish they played more disco or funk or sth like that. I would dance way harder lol
John Just
07:46 29 May 22
Its just another straight bar: There were no gays to be found tonight. Straight Girls are 98% of the clientele these days. One proudly straight patron said they come here, "to avoid annoying straight guys in the straight bars." lolAs a table of five, middle aged gays, we decided never to come back.Anyways: Staff are phenomenal. DJ was great. Sound system is phenomenal. Drag show was decent. Prices are realistic. Its just too bad gays have been displaced by self-entitled straight chicks who have nowhere else to go.Ten stars for the establishment. Zero stars for the straight girl patrons= 5 stars.
Alex B.
02:11 15 May 22
Had an amazing time here! Felt so safe, everyone was friendly. Lots of bee friends made
Christian Rosas
04:05 08 May 22
This bar is amazing. Brittany Bobbi is the absolute best bartender. She was so helpful and friendly and took care of each and every person who came to her bar. One of the best places in the city
Valentina Mendez
02:27 08 May 22
Fun place. Drinks were great. The show had amazing drag queens. 10/10 come here all the time.
Raymond Repka
02:19 08 May 22
Brittany was our bartender and they were AMAZING! Fabulous service, great staff, reasonably priced drinks.. Doesn’t get much better than that! 😌
Kaeleigh Reesor
01:27 08 May 22
BEST NIGHTCLUB EVER! What a time! The shows are unreal! Pop up hot men in the shower! What an experience! Plus the staff is so fun and welcoming! Brittany bobby…. I’ll be back just for you alone!
Darian Meunier
07:05 07 May 22
Amazing service and amazing people. Especially the bartenders, top notch! Love everyone
20:43 10 Apr 22
Due to the ignorant response I received, I mist clarify that it was my first time at this bar and so I googled it and clearly it states that it OPENS at 7:00pm. So being new, I assumed they would UNLOCK doors at 7:00pm. I arrived around 6:50 but gladly waited. I got hatecrimed at 7:00 or even later, NOT EARLIER. Since it was now open according to google, I expected the doors to be unlocked at that exact time but they weren’t. Because of this, I got hatecrimed instead and had to wait before I was let in and helped.I was TRAUMATIZED and in SHOCK of what had just happened to me so I could BARELY SPEAK which is why I wasn’t able to properly tell the man what really happened. He assumed I had an accident and I was too shaken up to correct him and so in fear, I agreed to everything he assumed. Did I mention I have social anxiety? Of course I would have trouble telling him about something so big. My social anxiety is also the reason WHY I couldn’t fight the man that hatecrimed me.I don’t entirely blame this bar for what happened to me, I am only replying to the ignorant response I received on my last review. At least TRY to be understanding. I expected better.
Samantha Neufeld
05:17 25 Mar 22
What a disappointment. Where to, start, from the impatient ding dong working the door yelling at me to relax my wrist and yanking on my arm when I was getting stamped, to the pillar I stood behind all night blocking my view of a show I had been excited about seeing for over a month, I genuinely would never recommend this venue to anyone. I've always loved twisted and I have been going for years, but the kornbread show was a truly awful experience. I'll never understand why a venue would fill the front of the stage with seats.. I guess other than to make a couple of extra bucks. It would've been so nice to be able to see the show, and tip the performers. I don't recommend anyone go see a big show there, they go way over capacity for what they are capable of delivering. Total ripoff.
Venus Vi
05:38 06 Mar 22
Apparently folks forgot how to set a EQ system. Bass was set so high. My friends and I left mid set. Wanted to dance. Pocket full of tips for my favorite Terri, Teresa, Devery and Stephanie.. But left hurt the eardrums from the pressure. Checking out Leblonds maybe it will be more suitable
Courtney Mcdougall
19:48 23 Feb 22
Loved the show Absolutely amazing!!!!!The show was outstanding!!Show deserves a five start review!Service not so much
charlie meier
00:35 22 Feb 22
best night club in Calgary!! all of the bartenders and other staff are super friendly, super fast and super welcoming!! twisted is my favourite place to go on weekends!
Noah Alexander
04:37 09 Feb 22
Was a great place for happy memories with friends but poorly run management and political staff push customers and friends awayYou're not allowed to have your own opinion in this community you have to follow by them
Jayden Drummond
06:23 30 Jan 22
Brittany is fantastic! She was on top of her game all night, and made sure we had everything we needed! Absolutely amazing!! 10/10 we love her!!!
Spencer H.
23:12 28 Jan 22
My name is Spencer haddow. This is a great place to hang out with other gay pals... i really enjoy the atmosphere here and everyone is nice. Good service...
Galaxy Pig
01:27 16 Dec 21
I came in ridiculously early and was treated with the upmost kindness! Two people came over to check in on me while I waited for the show to start! Excellent, above and beyond customer service and an incredible atmosphere!!
Robbie Rousson
01:15 07 Dec 21
Love twisted element, the club is always so fun. They get great shows and have amazing local talent. Support them so we always have a great place to feel at home at!
Nicole Betts
00:23 04 Dec 21
Had an awesome time at a Canada's Drag Race viewing show with the one and only Kendall Gender. Amazing performance, and made all the better by one of the best servers I have ever had. Alexis, you are a rockstar! Every drink you recommended was amazing, those Christmas shots were to die for and you were the absolute best! Amazing service, super quick and polite. 10/10 server, will definitely be coming back and hope to get you as my server again!
Cordelle Oesch
23:25 18 Nov 21
They got a nice set up but I have seen better
theo hendricks
21:07 04 Nov 21
Halloween weekend the Drag show was spot on perfect. What i didn't like was the rude un welcoming staff.the bouncers at the door were rude not welcoming at all. You have friendly bouncers at a straight club these days. But the Drag show was perfect i like it very much.but i won't go back because of the rude and un welcoming staff... that includes the bar tenders..when twisted fix that problem then I'll think about going back.twisted should have realise its not only white people that will visit they're club visible minoritie like to go out to and spend money..But just so you No the Drag show at twisted was watch the show you have to put up with the rude behavior of the staff that work there
Benjamin Maisey
19:33 22 Aug 21
I had a really good time my first time here and the manager was super friendly. We were going to do the shower but it ended up not being crowded enough for that and we were a bit too drunk… (We will go next time though) Thank you guys for everything 🙂
Harrison Montgomery
19:26 22 Aug 21
I went here with my two friends and we had an awesome time. The management bought us shots since we were there so early which was the perfect start, everyone was super friendly and there for a good time. Knoxville’s was my old favorite club but if our second visit is as fun as our first Twisted will be my new #1
Yujin Kim
15:16 18 Aug 21
The basement shows are incredible. I had a great time here! The staffs were so nice and fast. The dancefloor music was not my favorite - nothing I could dance to (only specific genre of music like house or electro pop. I wish they play more Soca)
Adam Thurston
18:46 14 Aug 21
Be careful of their hidden ticket policies. Arrived for a show 30 min before it started and they had already RESOLD my 4 tickets to someone else! Was told sorry if you aren’t here 45 min before we have the right to resell your tickets. Within 15 min you are already reselling, really. No where on the tickets did it say you had to be there 45 min early. When I booked it said to arrive at 10 PM. They couldn’t even show me where this policy was. If you didn't arrive by like 5-10 min before a show I could understand reselling. A total cash grab! Can’t believe that in a time when small businesses are struggling and you try and support them that they are taking advantage of customers like this. It is shameful and won’t be coming back.
Emily Clark
12:45 14 Aug 21
My friend and I went on Friday the 13th for Lemons show and it was AMAZING. The staff was super friendly, we had Brittany serving food and she was so kind. Unfortunately I forgot our servers name but they were helpful, they ended up doing surprise me drinks with us and the choices were not disappointing. Facilities were also very clean.First time there, definitely will be back!
Jesse Orman
23:15 29 Jul 21
Great atmosphere where you can go have some good prices drinks, tons of guest DJs, two dance floors on Fridays and Saturdays. And if you are looking for somewhere to eat they have a huge patio and serve great food! Definitely check this spot out if you haven't.
Bria Kadej
19:29 12 Jul 21
Best club in Calgary, this place has been my favorite bar for years and it's always amazing. One of the bartenders Brittany Bobby absolutely kills it everytime, absolutely stellar service!
06:33 08 Jul 21
This was the first time I went to a bar / nightclub, especially to one so immersed in the local LGBTQ+ culture and community. It was an absolute delight for my first experience out!Everyone --- especially the waiters & waitresses, the servers, and the performers --- was absolutely fantastic and so, so friendly! The server who served my friend and I was so caring, kind, and considerate of us. They understood that it was our first time out at a bar and upon our request for their recommendation of a drink that a person new to alcoholic drinks could enjoy, they made us lovely, refreshing drinks that were to our taste. Throughout the whole dining experience, the server was always looking out for us and ensuring we had a good time! I truly enjoyed their company and service, so thank you.I ordered a Mac 'n' Cheese with a side of fries for $14, and I was pleasantly surprised as it was delicious and well-prepared! I did not expect the dish to be as good as it was. I appreciated the depth of flavour the dish had and how elevated it was from what you would expect from the homemade or the typical, store-bought mac 'n' cheese from the box (which should be expected as you are out to eat rather than going to the store, I guess, so I apologize if this was an obvious observation). The fries were also delicious and crispy! Overall, the drinking and dining experience was great!After we finish our meals, we head downstairs to watch their "Twisted's Got Talent" event that was happening that Wednesday night --- it was so lively and entertaining to watch! The drag queens, kings, and other performers we saw perform were so talented and the performances they gave were delightful and entertaining! For the work they do in entertaining us, they deserve much praise and tips, and a thank you from me for making my night a fun and memorable memory!However, there was one other quality to this establishment that truly made the experience memorable and worth going back to: the sense of community and love. Throughout the whole experience, not once did I feel disrespected by the staff and other people. In fact, I felt welcomed and at peace! Even in the ways the performers, hosts, and staff treat their customers and/or each other, you feel a sense of a loving and tight-knit community. It makes you want to also join in on the fun and to take part in the community. Everyone is celebrated, embraced, and uplifted for their individuality, their identities, their ways of self-expression, their personalities, and you can be yourself here with no judgement. That is how I felt throughout this lovely experience.Thank you, Twisted Element, and I hope I get to come back again soon!
Maher Jebara
00:13 08 Jul 21
Huge club two stories usually open. Great music selection on main floor and downstairs is more chill music. Well enjoyed and lots of space to dance. Open to all
Fallon S.
23:31 24 Apr 21
WOW! Ordered from skip from this place because me and my bf were hungry and I wasn't sure how it was going to be since it was so late but let me tell you-...
Nimo Kali
13:07 11 Apr 21
Spent $22 to get a steak and salad, and the steak was literally 3 oz. The smallest steak I've ever seen, without exaggeration. What a joke of a place. Would never bother again. Advise you to look elsewhere, where you won't feel robbed off. If I had known this I would have just made a steak at home instead.
Ashley Sloan
23:54 30 Mar 21
With Covid its been really hard on a lot of places! However Keon, Eric and their amazing staff do fantastic!! They are so focused on cleaning and keeping to the rules! They make sure everyone has a mask on and that no one is more than 6 to a table! If I was to trust any place with my safety its Twisted! Also the food is delicious! They are very accommodating for someone like me that needs things removed or substituted! Wonderful staff and wonderful place to eat!
Fergita Pepita
01:45 26 Mar 21
Wow. Best $10 steak sandwich ever, (on special on Thursdays apparently) wish I would have taken a photo but take my word for it, delicious.
Cale Corbett
04:18 21 Mar 21
Covid is really hard but Twisted made it work! Fantastic food, fantastic service! Eric in particular was amazing!! Best shafts I've ever had! This bar definitely can double as a nightclub but also a great place to eat with such an amazing atmosphere!! Will definitely come back!
G Fak
18:56 17 Mar 21
Things Rot from the head down. With a manager like Keon one must expect the that to be just as true. I will never give over my hard earned money to this place. I suggest the same to anyone reading this. Incredibly rude wait staff also. All the "pleases" and "thank yous" we tried couldn't make up for his terrible attitude
D D.
08:47 10 Sep 20
Stop patronizing this bar. The manager has a history of HIV shaming patrons and employees of their competitors
Smara E.
22:38 11 Jul 19
so.. I like this place because it's the only gay club in calgary. not because it's great or anything... but because, well, a queer space is a queer space....
Sergey S.
07:32 04 Mar 18
Safe space, that is what Twisted is, first of all.Besides that, it is a rampantly loud, blatantly bold LGBTQ dancing club - with a mandatory drag show,...

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