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In our large Finnish sauna you can really work up a sweat at 90°. Our well-known infusions with great aromas take place here regularly. The smaller bio sauna offers a milder climate at around 60° for longer stays. Here, gentle sounds and slow color changes help you relax. After sweating, take a cold shower and treat yourself to a few minutes of fresh air on our terrace.

The pool is the heart of the BOILER. It is located in the center of the sauna. So you can enjoy the bubbles or the waterfall at a pleasant 33° and still have everything around you in view. Of course, we pay attention to the highest hygienic standards in water treatment: a fully automatic chlorozone system ensures perfect water quality at all times. This is regularly checked and confirmed by our staff and independent laboratory analyses.

Right next to the spa area, you’ll find a spacious area with over 20 free-to-use private cabins for rest and relaxation. Discover the underground possibilities, retreat or relax according to your preferences.

At our bar we offer you a wide selection of refreshments and small dishes. Relax here with nice men, let yourself be inspired or go directly on a voyage of discovery again.



Boiler Berlin
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José Gregorio Rovello Rodriguez
18:42 20 Nov 22
It was a really spacious, clean and with amazing people ( customers), but unfortunately I had a bad experience with the door employee who greets customers. First he was very rude, he didn't even say "hello" when I entered and because of his attitude, I thought the place was going to close and I asked him if it was closed yet and ironically he said "no, I'm here for fun" and then he asked me if I wanted to wear flip flops and I told him my size and he made fun of me saying my size was only for Women or small children and that he would give me the smallest he had to see if it would fit me. If this is how they receive all customers bullying them, they should change that, because they have a great place but terrible customer service.So that's why I'm giving it 2 stars.
Pali Varga
14:23 07 Nov 22
Probably the best (public) gay sauna/spa in Europe. Particularly for being the only one (alas, still) doing things differently - it does not look like the average template gay sauna. It does not try to imitate that shabby/seedy 1980s sauna standard so omnipresent elsewhere. It is modern and minimalist in design yet cozy and rich in possibilities in the same time.I appreciate if the gay sauna (like Boiler) is a sauna (functional from technical perspective) in the first place - and one can have a proper relaxing experience there - everything else that may happen being a pleasant bonus. There are even Aufguss ceremonies in the Finnish sauna regularly - some more mechanical, some more lively and social. Cold water showers and hoses - with sufficient strength. But that is the minimum I'd expect.Then all the rest - the phone charging inside the lockers, spacious locker room, U-bahn sound to the toilets, internet space, yoga space, quiet sleeping rooms, bar with a choice really, friendly staff, outside garden to cool off, the steam labyrinth, the transparent pool, the sitting-and-socializing space in the middle. This is really a place that makes it possible to meet people and talk to people, besides "everything else".Consistent quality over the years. Just beware of the big city events (Pride, Folsom) that may cause 1.5 hour long waiting queues. But that's Berlin.
windy woo
13:45 30 Sep 22
Our first visit to Der Boiler, and we were REALLY looking forward to the spa facilities🚿.Despite the saunas and hamam being great, the jacuzzi was lukewarm, almost cold, and overall, definitely NOT worth the entry cost, an excessive amount of money for the experience.We hope you will take our feedback into consideration 🙏👭It would have been 5 stars if the spa facilities were excellent.
Brayan Andrade
00:28 01 Sep 22
I went on Wednesday (foam party) and it was busy. Peoples from all ages but that day mostly between 20/25.Every hour there is a ritual with different aromas in one the sauna, it would be great if they announce it also in English. In general the sauna It’s very clean and huge. Nice terrace to chill out, good installations. I’ll be back for sure but then on Sunday, (they’ve said is the best day)
08:14 13 Aug 22
This is one of the best saunas in Europe. It’s huge, very clean and installations are kept in excellent conditions. There’s a bar and an outside area for drinks. They have cabins, a jacuzzi, showers and several steam rooms. I have to say the staff were always really friendly and helpful. The price (€25 at night) includes a towel, but flip flops have an extra cost.
13:40 28 Jul 22
A great place. A little more expensive when there are events otherwise normal prices for a European sauna. It is clean, the personnel is nice and professional, you can eat and drink over there. There is enough space to do whatever you want. There can be queues but so what?The Parisian saunas should take example of the Boiler. I will go back there if ever I come back to Berlin. 🙂
Andy Cummings
11:33 09 Jun 22
Best gay sauna I have been too. The design and layout is very modern and high spec, its a bit expensive but the decor justifies it I think. Lots of play rooms, 2 sauna's of different temps, 2 steam rooms one of which was like a maze which was very inventive. Overall a great experience, there is a lovely outside, garden room type space too. A nice amount and mix of people there so caters for everyone.
Alessandro Balbi
10:30 10 May 22
few minutes after 10pm, I paid cash and ain't got a receipt 🧾. I tried to ask the receipt when I left the sauna, but they told me that it was too late and it was my fault that I didn't ask immediately... if the client doesn't ask, they won't give it, they said... I know at least of another guy, an English guy that I had a chat with, that he paid cash few hours before me and he also didn't get any receipt. Overmore, price was around 20 euros and the Place was empty. I understand it was a Sunday night, but I think the prices are really outrageous and this will backfire with time. Anyway, even if they told me during the afternoon was better, with 25 euros entrance I think it would be easily the most expansive gay sauna in Europe. In any case, it's not worth to wait until 10pm for the discount on Sunday!!
22:31 05 May 22
I will be visiting soon. I am from Canada and what are the COVID restrictions? Our QR codes from Canada don't work in Europe! Do you still require German QR code? If so how we can get that. We are fully vaccinated and have the paper copies.Thanks
Mark P
14:07 27 Apr 22
Thank you, thank you, thank you very much everyone who work in BOILER to make your guests feel happy!I have been visiting this sauna for many years, and I would say that this place is one of the best places for a gay men to visit. Everything is well organised. The place is large and 100% clean. Many thanks for everyone who work or have ever worked in Boiler! Guys you are AWESOME!Wish you all the best! LOVE and PEACE!
04:54 26 Mar 22
The sauna is beautiful, clean and large, the staff are polite and kind. Is just one tiny thing, no many young people. But I definitely recommend to visit this sauna.
Michael Bermingham
19:29 23 Mar 22
One of the cleanest saunas I’ve been to. Nice staff too.
abdulhameed Alshammari
10:02 19 Feb 22
HiI used to come here every time I visit berlin to this amazing placeI have one inquiryIf im visiting BERLIN ( im not residence of EU )I have vaccination certificate ( 2 doses - last one was in last may )And I already validated in the pharmacy)Can i enter the sauna ?And if I can’t what do I need to enter?Regards
Andek K
21:44 07 Feb 22
I love this place! Clean, friendly staff, nice mixed crowd! Definitely worth the price!
Enrique S.
21:05 07 Jan 22
It is a beautiful and fun sauna with beautiful guys from all over the world. However at this time vaccine cards from the USA are not accepted just the...
Diego A. T.
16:54 30 Dec 21
I called to ask if the sauna was full and you have to queue before enter. They answered „not queue at all“. As I came 10 min later the queue was huge. As the queue didnt move for a while we called again to ask if they still are letting people in or not. They answered thats not our bussines, they cant say whether they are letting people in or not. After one hour waiting I gave up. Not happy how they treat us
sultan Sultan94
01:14 11 Dec 21
I once went to this sauna.Great sauna - very nice serviceI will gladly come next week
egar montiel
17:12 28 Nov 21
It is the first time that I go to this sauna. I was disappointed, the staff working is very unpleasant, when I have paid I have asked for the payment ticket and they gave a nasty look. After being closed for so long due to the Covid, they can already be more friendly and sympathetic to customers.The prices are very high to stay only 6 hours, if you spend this time they charge you € 2 per hour.I think it is very expensive for 6 hours. In other cities in bigger, more famous saunas they charge € 22 but for 24 / h.I also have to say positively, the Covid security regulations have it very well controlled, congratulations on that. The facilities are very good, everything is very clean, very adequate.
D K.
19:27 14 Nov 21
November 2021 Update: Sadly, American and most foreign tourists cannot visit Boiler right now. Boiler is back to only accepting the EU digital pass. So only...
Marco Scarzello
18:59 12 Nov 21
Nice sauna with a beautiful mix of people. Tall moustache bartender absolutely adorable
a Abh
10:06 06 Nov 21
HiIm visiting Berlin this week and I would love to visit my favorite sauna ( BOILER )Unfortunately i read some reviews that you guys are not accepting any vaccination certificates outside of EUIs there any way to allow me to enter ( validation of my certificate or any other way ) ?I would really appreciate itI’ve always visiting Berlin specially to come to your saunaRegards
God My Savior
15:16 03 Nov 21
I was there yesterday nov 2 2021. I went with my friend. We have been traveling all over Europe. This is my first time a place denied my entrance because my vaccination proof was from the United States. The front counter person was totally closed to even read the notation next to the barcode which shows we have been vaccinated three times. We were lost and cold and on top of that he referred us to a pharmacy?? At 8pm??? When every pharmacy was already closed, SERIOUSLY? This information is not posted on the website. I will not recommend people to go thru that or even go to this place at all. There are many other places and choices where they accept the vaccination from USA, no problem.
Karl Dunn
13:37 18 Oct 21
This is a question, but I'm sure many foreigners will want to know. If you are a foreigner, non-eu resident, and have a vaccination app certificate from OS, you WILL accept that? I'm referring to another review where you said "We can only accept foreign certificates if you are a non-eu-resident." I love your sauna and would like to visit while I'm in Berlin. But don't want to trek all that way and turned away.
11:20 18 Sep 21
Hi, im coming to berlin tomorow and i would like to know if its possible to keep my hold suitcase for the afternoon, thank you.
20:34 20 Oct 20
I know Boiler for many years and for me it is one of the best saunas in Europe.My 5 stars review, resume easily all the good things I could write about your sauna, but this is easy to do 🙂 so I prefer to use this space to detail the ONLY critical review, and it refers to its corporate image (I work on advertising).Boiler is a very international sauna, with an extremely diverse audience.It has its official calendar of special days (for example, its Younger Day) but it also has "unofficial" days and hours as, for example, that day of the month when bears and cubs go there; those early hours preferred for older people to meet and chat; how very welcome is the FTM trans collective... and many other examples.With all this diversity, why the advertising (web, brochures, menu, posters, flyers) shows the same kind of standardized man?Why has Boiler fallen into the same error of most gay magazines?Where are the different human races*, the different bodies, the different ages?You have the ability to make a difference.You've already done it so far with your sauna, just need to do it with advertising.I'm not stupid: know it's a huge risk, but I'm also sure that people's response can be amazingly wonderful.*except for the black boy at the flyer on the bar.
Jackson Z.
10:49 16 Nov 19
Nice and clean very large and busy. Lots of areas and even a nice hot tub. The cruising area was drafty and not very busy. I think some nights are mixed....
Marco P.
17:03 30 Jul 19
One of the best bathhouses I've been. Period. The end. There are resting rooms, yoga rooms, 2 dry saunas, Steam room, whirlpool, restaurant, computers with...
Spncr P.
15:30 17 Aug 18
Visited on a Thursday evening around 2230 and made it in time for a sound bath session in the dry sauna. Totally unexpected, but welcoming. Been to a...

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